Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The secret kohorts #2

The Cult ov the skull is getting stronger! 🤘💀🤘
It's strong enough to face such a monstrosity as most terrifying nepharite of Demnogonis!

Another trio of worshipers has just joined (modest) ranks of the secret kohorts. I tried to use more-less the same color combo like before to make the squad as much coherent as possible (it was good idea to note them down). Although this time robes look more red then before. It's probably because I didn't use this silly "rapsberry red" wash from Vallejo line.

I like the final look. Metalics should be more shiny, but these are just gaming models so I can sure live with that. What I don't like it that not planned red "hue" on random elements (gloves, shoes). It's not any attempt of object source light or weird shading, but simply screwed masking. including characters there are still 7 models from the range to go, so I have to be more careful with airbrush and masking tape next time. 

Dark gods don't like their cultists spreading death and destruction while wearing dirty robes...

These 6 guys are just enough to form small unit which might be included in the coming Warzone game, so there's a chance I can finish piece of terrain (statue of the Dark Soul 😈) for battle report. Fingers, hooves and horns crossed for that!

Monday, December 12, 2022

The secret kohorts #1

Since my Dark Legion finally got the proper leader I decided to support him with with mob of trusty followers. Trusty but also maniacal and absolutely ruthless that is...

During many years spent in the hobby I've managed to collect some models from Dak Legion secret kohorts range. I got them pretty randomly so these are mix of acolytes, initiates and characters. These models are nothing special in the field - these are basically necromutants, but alive (what a shame... 😒). The sculpts are also definitely not the best old Warzone had to offer (my taste that is) but they are very distinctive and they wear robes, so they can look very striking on the battlefield is painted right.

Looking at my Warzone force I can see mix of rust, dark metal, rotting olive and dirt. Shouldn't expect anything else from Dark Legion, but having some contrasting unit on the battlefield wouldn't hurt. 

Robes is most of these sculpts so decided to paint them more-less red so squad looks striking on green battlefield. All in all I like the final result, but it's not what I really had in mind when painting started. I used lots of red wash from Vallejo range but it turned out it's just different color compared to paint from few years back. It's rather "rapsberry" then red... 🙄

For other elements the basic plan was to use dark metalics and dark tones for uniform (green or blue). White masks was Tymon Ultraa's idea (thanks for the tip mate!). I didn't even consideded it at first but all in all these faces are just great eye catchers. Because of white masks I also applied some ridicuous old white skull decals from Imperial Guard and Chaos infantry. You get the point: Algeroth, war, death, skulls - shit like that.

There sure will be more of these guys. To prevent getting bored too fast  I split the mob into 3-men squads, There will be surely some color differences  between whem but they should look just great assembled alltogether.

So here they are: cult of Algeroth facing dirty servants of Demnogonis (must say robes look much more red on the pictures then in the display case, guessing it's the matter of light):

Monday, December 5, 2022

Skeleton guard

A while back a friend of mine asked me about stuff I paint. One thing led to another and in the end I agreed to paint another souvenir piece. Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎅

So deader below is simple rank and file piece from Wargames Factory, equipped and armed to fit bronze age setting. It's was fun to get it done - painting skeletons is always fun actually. The lean back pose was kinda accident at work. To get paints set faster I used hairdryer but I put it for bit to long and bit too close and suddenly model started bending. But the pose turned out just so natural I might give it a try while assembling / painting more deaders.

Merry Deadcember! 💀

PS. I gotta get myself brighter backdrop - this one seems to suck colors of the picture... 😒

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Alakhai the Cunning

Alakhai is well over seven feet in height. His armor is forged of petrified human souls, it's surface etched with runes telling of the atrocities he commited to acquire such protection. 
His piercing eyes cast a fiery glow across his thin lips and sharp teeth, which are always visible through his maniacal smile. 
Always accompanying Alakhai onto battlefield is the Meat Wolfer, his huge battle sword...

Well that shit freaks me out! 😱
And those tiny guys on the pic below most probably have already fouled their panzer pants after they noticed it's Meat Wolfer's feeding time... 🥶

Anyway I've finally done it - after all those years my Dark Legion got worthy commander!
This model is kinda special (most of Warzone models I have are kinda special): 
official Paul Bonner's artwork was one of my very first Warzone pictures I spotted back and on that very moment I just knew that was it. That second I was sold to the Dark Soul...

No matter how cool the artwork is, model is just... Well - oldschool Warzone style: maybe cool but also kinda goofy. Color choice was based on "official" paintjob I spotted in Mutant Chronicles zine. The plan was to add more red elements (like armor edges) but dropped it - I am more then sure such thing would look just flat. Red cloak is test piece: I want to add unit of acolytes wearing red robes. They should look striking especially on grass green battlefield. The final result is ok, but next time I'll use violet instead of dark brown the shading.

Like most models I have this one is second hand. I got it slightly damaged - the rim on right back shoulder pad. The top of the horn was also broken so I cut it off and replaced with greenstuff prosthesis. I made it bigger then original horn: it makes Alakhai even more badass and besides we all know what do girls say about nepharites with big horrrrrrns...

I'd love to ask the sculptor about the gem on left knee. No idea what was the idea behind it but my guess is round piece of greenstuff was left there by chance. Accident at work. On the other hand - old Warzone sculpts were specific and gem on knee ain't most weird thing...

And since this one is painted it's time to modify army composition for the coming game...