Monday, October 30, 2023

Back to western front

Last Saturday is turned out I've finally came back to Bolt Action gaming. Operational gap was over 1,5 year wide but I must say rolling out trusty G.I.s against zee nazis was pure fun.

Not only game was fun but I got opportunity to test "Battle of the Bulge" army project in action. Recently painted infantry set was painted for this actually. All in all Americans did good job and that selector is far from overboosted. At this moment I am also waiting for some plastic heads for field surgery and it turns out I need like dozen or so infantrymen repainted winter fashion and I can move to working of vehicles. Looking forward for more field tests - gotta check if M7 Priest is the best support for the boys.

Post without pics doesn't count so here are some random and uncut pics straight from the battlefield:

Monday, October 9, 2023

US infantry (winter war) #2

After dealing with recent Warhammer Slaanesh Vampire I came back to western Europe WW2 front. Back days I was just so tired of painting everything green but now, after taking a break for fantasy stuff, working on Bolt Action stuff is just refreshing.

My trusty U.S. army hasn't found new owner yet, so decision was made to refresh the boys and repaint them in winter fashion. A while back test squad has been done like that and must admit I really like the result. I'm guessing it's the matter of contrast between uniforms and snow. Would really like to see tanks painted long time ago re-done for winter fighting, but that's not gonna happen until I get enough G.I. to field full winter selector army.

While waiting for the undercoat on infantry is dry and ready for painting I decided to adjust one of old Dodge 3/4 transporters to winter conditions. I don't really like the muddy effect on the car, so some field winter camo supported by artificial snow should improve the look.

I think after the second half of the squad is finished I might come back to terrain building. I was hoping to rebuild piece of forest we use during the summer, but somehow it was pretty busy period. Maybe long autumn evenings can provide better atmosphere for such stuff.