Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One more OOP plague marine, full scavvy gang + bit of summary

New year is coming so it's time for the very last post in 2014.

But first something more interesting: painted stuff!
For starters - my response for Rob Hawkins converted skeleton archers.
This guy definitely saved the model from being forgotten forever in small box in the darkest corner of my cellar, together with some more old and mutilated hobby junk.

Although paintjob is nothing special I am pretty satisfied of the conversion - it was fun and easy. I should check are there any other old undead in the lead pile, maybe it's high time for me to get Mordheim gang? Or I could try to assemble mixed regiment of skellies and zombies - blocks of troopers always look effective, especially dead ones...

Another one is the second classic plague marine model.
I said it before - those old sculpts are just great, full cooperation with painter! 
Bunch of servants of Rotten God will sure look great on the battlefield especially supported by minor demons, spawn of beast of Nurgle. Or all of them!

As for the marine it was painted using more less the same color palette as for the previous one (earlier post) but I tried to achieve stronger contrast. Still not exactly what I wanted so there's another one (the cult leader - mr Fabius B.) to improve. Hopefully.

And the boring part - annual summary.
The chart says most of it - this year I painted 43 models - more than in the year before but on the other hand we played few less games - 17 only.
I want more - both gaming and painting but I also know real life can fuck just everything, especially such a fragile and precious matter as the miniatures hobby.
On the other hand I should be happy I can constantly play with toy soliders: I know some poor souls which cannot get even close my score.
Poor unfulfilled hobby souls - here's the candle for you:


The reasons remain the same: my family life, some more work to do, my opponent's studies and of course - he got married so now he has to negotiate leaving the nest for quick game every time with his second half. Congrats again, bitch... ;-)

This time I tried to avoid setting some big, long distance goals to achieve to avoid disappointment in the end but if turned out I finally managed to paint all models from the Scavvy family. Sure, some of them were finished few years back but they will be getting fresh paintjob eventually. Probably after acting well on the battlefield. The first candidate is definitely Deadeye - the only scavvy with autogun:
2 games back he managed to deal with 3 pit slaves using only gun's butt and teeth!!!

Which reminds me - we managed to find 2 gamer - candidates recently. They seem to be optimistic about whole gaming idea so there's tiny little chance to play BIG match in the coming year. That's what 72" x 72" game table was built for! Fingers crossed for that.

As for any hobby plans for the comig year - not much really.
I hope to finish some models staggering on the desk, build another photo background (the "vault entrance" is cool but I want some change), play more regulary and maybe start another gang - Ratskin Renegades or Redemptionists.

That's it for 2014, seeya next year!

Monday, December 22, 2014

OOP plague marine, Necromunda and bit more just before xmas!

That's quite unexpected for me but it turns out I managed put some more models on The Painted Side! Looks like coming annual summary chart won't look as crappy as I was thinking.

So what's this time?
First: pit slave model. My opponent runs the gang based on cephalyx slaves models so I got some spare parts, built another ganger, did some paint slapping and another guy is ready to join the ranks of Underhive gladiators.
These fuckers are just pain in the ass to confront in close combat, huge pain in rottin' scavvy ass! Especially when you realize a single successful hit with shears can instantly kill your beloved models, no roll for serious injury!!! ><

Painting this one was nice change after zombies and chaos stuff. It took me about 2 late evenings but I like the result. My opponent should too - especially it's the only painted model in his war party...
As for conversion the only modification here was head swap and adding axe. I know pit slaves can apply same amount of damage with bare fists but I decided the gang begs for bit of variety: cannot stand 10 unpainted models looking more less the same charging scavvy - lines. Shooting them is just like doing them a favour.

These PP guys are slightly bigger than original Necromunda minis which I found a problem first (pic below - guy compared to swarming plague zombies). But when I saw how easily they can run through flesh and bones with buzz saws, drills, shears and everything else then managed to get in Obi I found the idea of overgrown, steroid - driven gladiators quite acceptacle.

Which reminds me - last weekend Aarseth* managed to lead successful rescue mission so the captured scaly came back to the team. Such a loss would be very severe: that fella got nice a advance skill but also costed quite a lot of credits and as we all know - scavvies usually are just beggars.

There is something more painted, something I wanted to see done for a long time and something I am quite proud of: classic plague marine.
When I got the miniature there was a plan to build small chaos warband, more 40k than Necomunda but still something skirmish-like. I got some parts, did some conversions but all in all all parts were sealed in the box and put away for a long time.

No idea why really...
Last week the seal was broken, model was cleaned and about 3 evenings later was placed in the display case among Heresy blights. Me happy.
It the first true plague marine I painted evah, sure - I painted some placcy marines back days but let's be frank about it: only metal counts. As you can see the model was slightly converted so it fits Necromunda better. I really like the idea of Plague Cleansers: corrupted outcasts / cultists supported by some daemons. This should be very powerful NPC group to encounter during the campaign.

Color scheme is nothing original - initially I wanted to paint it with more striking tones (like bone white armour, blackish or striking orange corroded metal parts) but all in all classic color choice won the casting. The next one will be painted probably similar way, I might increase the contrast and test some oxidation though.
I tried to paint some texture on flat areas of the armour but since the pics are bit overburnt it's barely seen now. Lesson learnt: more contrast on this part next time.

You saw the nice pics so now something extra:
my painting desk with some canidates for getting painted - hope to see 2 more finished this month.
On the left - lovely mutie raider from Gorkamorka. I really regret I never had a chance to play the game of get some more models (which reminds me - let me know if you have some spare / unused GM stuff). These fellas fit our ash-wastes-munda perfectly so I hope to add NPC characters to make campaign even more deadly and enjoyable.

2 guys on the right are plague marine buddies of the painted one: another original oop model (once again - if you have some unused oldie plague marines, you know what to do) and converted one. Don't remember the idea standing behind the conversion but it's based on ork body, terminator gear and some junk. I like it much less that back days so lets hope the paintjob can save it.

The last piece for today: skeleton standard bearer.
I wouldn't think about bringing the piece on the desk without Rob Hawkins bloggy. The guy did just excellent job on converting bowmen using old metal models so after I read it I realised there was one heavily mutilated skeleton model in the junk box so the decision was made to make it get up from the hobby grave.
There were no arms and legs so I added placcy legs from skeleton box, old metal arm from skeleton standard bearer (yes kids, in the old days there metal bits added for command group in box of placcy soliders). Remaining parts are: chain, oldie spear and chaos marauder weapons. You can even see wip stage of banner on the right.

I don't think painting this deader will take much time or effort but it should be fun - Undead was my first true Warhammer Fantasy army. I would like to see unit of skellies in the display case one day - too bad I have no gaming use for them.

That's it for now, take care and try to not to step on tox bomb jar!

* da boss of my Scavvies

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Karloth Valois has came back!

"The Redemptionists searched the Abyss for weeks looking for any evidence of Karloth's remains but found nothing. But, as every Underhiver knows, nothing can be found in the Abyss which does not wish to be found..."

That's right:  the anti - pope of the Underhive has emerged from the Abyss where he was thrown by those which - burning bastards so the time of revenge is close!
He is mean, bad and ugly which will make the vengeance even more devastating!

Especially because monsieur Valois is not very happy about paintjob recieved (fastidious bitch... ><). But he's at least a bit right - I am also not sure I like the final effect. It's the second or third attempt to paint the piece but it stays as it is.
The idea was to give him nice and fancy ritual robe so every Scavvy knows who's the big boss but I've always had problems with painting decent purple. Maybe adding stronger red hue would be good idea?
Too bad - wanted to use purple theme for my Redemptionists but I think I'll stick to bone white as the main color. At least it will contrast nicely with guns and other shit those holy drugs driven maniacs bring for the crusade. I can smell flesh burning...

Anything more to write about the model?
Not much apart from the fact I am very happy another Scavvy left gloomy dimension ov ye unpainted pile. Although the final effect is far from my expectations working on this beautiful sculpt was just a pleasure. I didn't have better idea for creating bigger contrast that's why the staff was painted the way you can see. Distracts attention from flat purple.

But there's more!

Another scavvy!

This cocker was painted just before Karloth Valois and it was the last spare plague zombie I had. Since I cannot field more than 6 zombies all doubled models were used in other projects (like Zombie Dragon base or this standard bearer painted for Vikotnik). 

As for this one - after the last game during which my Scavvies were torn to pieces* by pit slaves gang and their fucking buzz blades and shears I decided I need a melee monster to respond to the slaves where it hurts the most! 
Yeah... I bet fresh scavvy wielding close combat weapons can make the difference...

The conversion was quick and easy, which is something I like the most: the bone was replaced with chainsword, backpack was added and as a bonus: crux something from terminators sprue put on the chest. I regret I didn't replace the head but I thought about this just after sword was added - there was not much space to perform operation without risk of damaging the sword.

This guy might be cool to use in the field: it could storm enemy ranks together with plague zombies flock supporting them with:
1. superior weapon skill
2. superior weapon
3. grenade!
So without further introduction... Here's monsieur Karloth Valois and his trusty berserk - servant: Barracuda**:

*one of scalies got missing after the bloodbath so there's recon & rescue missiion ahead
** that's right, every member of my gangs has the name

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Demons to some, angels to others.

Hey again, 

I didn't expect to paint as much this month (yeah, yeah... 4 models is pretty much paintjob for some) but apparently miracles happen sometimes. Not mentioning I had not much appraisal work in November.

Anyway I didn't plan to paint anything particular after the griffon so I simply chose oldie metal EE ghoul. I was supposed to be painted a'la feral ghoul from Fallout 3 - reddish, radiation burnt and pain in the ass. I liked the effect so another one got some paint slapped on so I could add them to the Scavvy gang. So there were 2 slaves but no master. Luckly there was metal haemonculus model from dark eldars which was just perfect candidate for such a role (strongly inspired by Hellraiser movie series if just not a rip off - which would be quite funny in case of GW).

I must admit that sculpt was so underrated it took several years for me to even try to paint it. Whoever was the sculptor (any ideas please?) he did marvellous job: the piece is just packed with spicy details and with the alien head it's just perfect for badass character. I am considering repainting other ghouls I have to fit those below so I can have alternative boss for the gang and some close combat scavvies (who need a gunner with BS2 while I can get 2 melee cockers instead, right?).

I remember there was a plan few years back to build Slaanesh cultist band using some Warhammer models I liked (among them ghouls and haemonculus) but all in all they ended up in the string bag. There are still ork based mutants and a daemonette or two (ugly ones with overgrown claws) which might be converted and painted when I find any use for them in Underhive / Ash wastes conflict.

So hope you like this small addition to the still growing gang of the worst you can meet in the Underhive. I have no idea what will be the next one but I think something from oldie Warzone or Necromunda range is the most certain candidate - we're having the game tomorrow. 
Speaking of which - we got another gamer!

Hell yeah!!! 

So there are 3 of us for gaming now! 
All those years have finally paid off! Not sure is that a reason to laugh or cry though...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And now something completely different: hipo-griffon

Hey again, long time no see!

Past time was pain in the ass for me - work issuses and flat renovation (4 bloody weeks...) managed to keep me away from the hobby but I hope to be back at least for a while.
Or for painting some zombie models... 

Nevertheless there's been something going on:
first of all I sold most of my Brotherhood models from oldie Warzone - bit over 60 pieces. I got probably whole army few years back but all I did until now was opening the boxes. I am glad they found new home. That lead pile would never see any paint in my place.

Buuut since there always must be balance in cosmos and in the miniatures hobby I also got myself dozen or so minis. To compensate suffering caused by the renovation... And because there's always some room for more zombies.
First bunch was some old Warzone models from Dark Legion - nothing fancy but they were just the missing bits. I also got nice discount for Heresy models: blights and zombies. Always like them but never got any solid reason to get them. 'Till now =]

And finally - pictures!
I mentioned some time back I got second hand griffon* model from Empire range. Never played Empire but those old sculpts are just fucking sweet. The model was sold with no rider though so I decided to put Dogs of War character on it. Suleiman al something.
Fitting the rider onto the beast was bit tricky but with little help of greenstuff, Dremel and frothers the operation was successful.

Long story short - I decided to made it leaned forward so it looks more aggressive, like just about to attack. Also because of new pose rider has a chance to hit the enemy (the last pic) and doesn't look like trying to chop griffon's head off. The pose was also the reason I had to add all those bloody rocks on the back of the base - without additional weight model was falling on the beak non stop.

As for the color choice I had some ideas (also very stupid ones like starting small Border Princes army, led by corrupted character) but all in all I just wanted to see this cool sculpt painted and marked off the list. 
So I chose natural palette for the beast and purples for it's master - just for the contrast. That model is not something I like to paint most (haven't seen zombie griffon yet btw) but I am very glad to see another piece from old Warhammer Fantasy range behind glass of my display case.
Hope you like it as well!

*all in all it turned out it's not Empire griffon but Bretonnian hipogriff...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Something painful straight from Innsmouth

This time it something like blast from the past.
The reason I decided to drag this corpse out the closet* is nostalgy for the unfinished project.
Once again.

I thought since I managed to finish oldie zombie dragon at the beginning of the year and chaos dragon recently maybe I could mark another project off the shameful list.

And as always there's a story standing behind the thing.
Few years back (hard to believe it was so long time ago) I spotted something uber-cool on Lead Adventures forum: it was Grimm's Innsmouth based baming board made for Tactica event. When I saw it I was just fu*king pressed into the chair, it was just awesome!
And I deeply hope it still is.

In fact seeing that piece is one of 2 reasons for me to visit Germany.
The second is seeing Nosferatu: symphony of horror black and white (!!!) gaming board built by Vikotnik for later Tactica. Another chair-pressing thing. Come and see:

I am not going to spoil everything so you can see whole thread dedicated to the Grimm's project here. Definitely worthy clicking!
So after recovering from coma after looking into Great Ancient One's eyes I knew I want such thing at my place. I also knew there's no space for full scale project and there's no one here to play such game. But I still wanted it so the only acceptable option was to build small piece of Innsmouth, big enough to tell a story yet small enough to fit the display case.

There were several options but all in all I chose fragment of Innsmouth docks.
There's always something going on in the docks, especially in Innsmouth!
I did some planning job, gathered required materials and shortly after the main construction was done. The story behind was something like: deep one priest and his minions are reclaiming Cthulhu idol statue (more than sure magical) when suddenly priest's one true foe - the detective supported by a policeman or two are stepping in!
Deadly fight to thE death is just about to start aaaaand... CUT!
This is what you should see.

I had some good time building that terrain piece, 3-4 years back it was really cool challenge. There was a plan to add some spicy bits like a skeleton wearing "concrete shoes" with arms tied in the back (now barely visible) and some others later.
That time I was experimenting a bit with artifical water. What I learnt already was this: decent water ain't cheap. Which was a problem because I needed quite a lot of the stuff to sink the dock properly.
Guided by still unknowk hellish force I went to trusty store with... chemicals for home etc.

You can open a beer and bring some popcorn because the funny part is coming.

That stupid bitch... the lady behind the counter was always quite helpful and was always selling me proper stuff when I wanted to paint some furniture, some wall or clean the pipes.
I was quite surprised she said there's transparent resin available, and it was damn cheap compared to Andrea's stuff. I thought it's probably because it's polish product, the price factor has just turned off any reasonable thinking.

I opened the jar and still remember I wanted to test it on something less valuable but according to the note the resin was getting hard after ~48 (iirc) and I didn't want to wait so long. What could actually go wrong?

I built boards around the docks using really solid plastic - it was 5mm thick, just perfect to prefect resin from leaking out. All gaps were sealed, resin was mixed and poured.

After a while I decided to move it into some safer place (I had 4 cats at home that time) but it turned out that thick plastic is just fu*king hot! Really - it was SO hot I barely dropped the piece! That moment I knew things went just wrong direction - there was styrofoam and other fragile materials used...

About days later I dismantled placcy boards and you can see below what I got: it some bits were melted, resin was cracked, didn't turn out transparent and all because it was resing for fixing car body!!! That day I put the project away, it's been just gathering dust for past years but now I think I am mentally ready to give it another chance.

I want to:
1. clean it so you can see original colors
2. cut off the base with the damn resin shit
3. re-base it: it will be 2"-3" lower but it will be easier to store and I won't need so much proper resin
4. finally paint dedicated models - since the accident I just lost any desire for painting Cthulhu themed minis

So here's the current stage, hope to share pics of the renovated piece yet this year.

Ia, ia Cthulhu fhtagn!!! 

*Bottom shelf of the display case, let's be frank about it

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Egrimm van Horstmann - finished! (let's say...)

"When Egrimm van Horstmann was ordained as Grand Magister of the Order of Light he was acclaimed as the youngest and most gifted wizard to rule over a magical order. As he knelt down and swore allegiance to the Emperor, no-one guessed that his loyalty had already been given over to another, far more sinister master.

As an Apprentice Chanter of the ritual bound Order of Light Wizards he served under Master Chanter Alric, the Saviour of Apesto, who taught him many of the order's ancient secrets. But all the time he served the Order of Light, Horstmann prayed to the gods of Chaos for the power to defeat his peers. His progress was rapid. By day he studied Light Magic, and by night he pored over ancient manuscripts devoted to the lore of the Chaos gods. Daemons of Tzeentch whispered their timeless secrets into his sleeping mind and Egrimm's evil powers waxed strong..."

So it looks like I can finally cross another painting goals off my short list:  
one of my favorite models ever is now considered painted therefore it's sealed and placed in the comfy glass sarcophagus.

All in all I am very happy to know I won't have to fu*k with it anymore but just like in case of my beloved zombie dragon I know I should've spent some more time on finishing the beast. It's the thing I hate the most in such models: they have tons of character, they were sculpted the way I like the most (~5th ed Warhammer) but they are also nightmare to finish properly:
- assembling is pain in the ass
- manipulating is pain in the ass
- there's lots of surface to paint so waiting for the result is (for a change) - pain in the ass.

Apparently I am just way too lazy git to give such models paintjobs they truly deserve nevertheless I felt stings of remorse painting the dragon the fast, just to take it away from the desk. There was much more fun painting marauders, the sorcerer and minis fighing in the tunnel below. And this is another reason to bitch about:
once again I was trying to make model tell the story. The idea was to show ye corrupted Olde Worlde where mighty servants of Chaos march proudly through Empire of men, and even very guts of Earth are being consumed by chaotic ratmen.

Now watching at the piece I think I should've probably dropped the tunnel idea, even tho I had some fun making it the dragon is just too tall now. Oh well, at least I tested sculpting mushrooms and spinning spiderwebs - these should be more than useful on the next big (dark and necro...) thing I am planning.

So with no more babbling:
here's the official, minblowing paintjob...

Egrimm van Horstmann

Here's the sarcophagus...

And here's the piece itself.
Oh yeah, taking the pics was also pain in the ass! ;)
Hope you like it!

Monday, September 22, 2014

First try on 15mm scale stuff

This time it's something quick. And delayed on purpose.

First - I finally decided to give a try to 15mm scale minis. Some time ago I got some scavengers and mutants from Khurasan Miniatures but sadl they have just been stored in the sarcofago. Until now.
The reason for digging them out were latest posts on Tales from far point bloggy:
the guy started sculpting stuff based on classic Warzone game! And since I am suffering from serious Warzone fever I simply could not resist!

So there was no other choice for me but trying to paint at least some of 15mm tinies from the junk pile. I had no special bases for the minis so human sized ones were put on small washers (?) while super mutants on standard 25mm round bases. Looking at the pic below I am seriously considering getting some 20mm round bases though...

I took the pic with Warzone nepharite of Algeroth for the scale purposes.
When I placed models next to each other I realised what the charm of small scale gaming really is:
1.you can carry whole battlegroup in the pocket,
2.standard size battlefields provide way more space for manoeuvres,
3.large creatures from other games grow now into huge monstrocities!

And now the reason of the delay: zombie!
But this one is bit special (well every zombie is special for me in some way): the model was sent to Vikotnik in exchange for some goodies I got a while back. I waited with publishing until the model reached the destination.

It was a nice change to paint a classic piece from Necromunda range. 2 models like this are already members of my Scavvy gang so didn't need much another the very same sculpt.
The zombie has been very slightly modified: right arm was repositioned so I could add a banner, I also added bit cloth on it to hide the cut.

Paintjob has been sealed with solid layer of matt Revell varnish, so it should arrive safe and sound. That is of course some frenzy driven postman decides to stomp on the parcel or something... I mentioned it before - Revell makes really brill sealer but it just ruins any metallics. I gotta find some other stuff for metal parts - satin varnish should do the trick.

Till the next time!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

This time it's something wet and nasty...

But before you get some miniature-pr0n here's something much less juicy: Capitol hero.
This ugly... eee... I meant classic piece of sculpt was painted as another member of the Doom Troopers team I'd like to see sometimes in the glass case.
I tested different camo colors here and it's acceptable for my rotten taste. There's no punisher blade on the back because I fu**ing lost is somewhere: I had just a single blade, got it primed and the next day it was gone. Main suspect is one of my cats but since there's no evidence so far...
I will find that piece or find some replacement shortly.

It was nice to cross that model off the 'uuge-junk-pile list, and it's always pleasure to see Warzone model painted. After I find the missing piece model will be sent to one of guys we started the whole Warzone deal here. The old chap was once wargamer and RPG player and now he's a monk =|

And no - nothing cool like monk from Diablo game. Oh well...

Now it's tome for something nasty and for adult wargamers only!
That's right, tell the kids to watch tv, play football or just get out ^^

I felt bit weird while starting painting the Carronande.
I know some old Warzone models look silly or funny but this one is just one big, fucking disaster. The only bits I like are original crewmen - they are now part of another undead legionnaires squad.
The cannon spent many years in the junk bucket since our Warzone group fell apart so I feel even bigger satisfaction it's finally painted. No matter how ugly it is. As you can see I replaced original wheels with resin ones. Despite my whole tolerance for ugly... eee... CLASSIC (gotta remember about it) minis I just couldn't stand the original parts.

At first I wanted to paint is similar to original artwork (dirty browns) but since the obvious reference to penis of Algeroth I decided to use more organic choice of colors. So here it is - ready to bombard mortal armies with pure semen of Evil.

And since there's never enough hobby pr0n here's another something.
Wet and nasty something which should probably come from Ilian (Warzone speaking) but which actually came from Navarro - if you ever had anything in common with Tyranids you should hear about the guy.

Some time ago I was trying to build a drop pod for my pretorian stalkers - according to some unofficial rules we use these guys can start the game deployed behind enemy lines. Since my sculpting-fu is really weak I asked Navarro for some advices about creating alien tissue - there was a cool article about it on Chest of Colors by the way.
So after exchanging some emails he offered to send me his drop pod, which was Santa visiting me in the summer!

What I got was a cast of pod sculpted for Secret Weapons. And it even came painted!
Check this and feed your eyes.
Thank you Nav, thanks a lot!

Till the next time!