Monday, September 6, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

(I will post pic here)

Hello all - with the delay!

This post is kinda pathetic but it's still better as it is than posting nothing - again...
I definitey owe you explanation wht no shit hasn't been posted for recent weekends. The reason is pretty lame and obvious: I was busy.
In fact I was damn busy...
First of all since a few weeks there's more and more work with 2 more sites I administrate: the store and recently added tutorials section.
Which is another news material - Plinth Country has finally got articles panel!
I moved there basing tutorials already posted on the blog but also added new text about building sci-fi base.

(I will post pic here)

And that takes us to another update:
Because operating html code on blogger is slightly different than on Plinth Country I decided to post articles only on PC site and put links here. The reason is only my laziness - you have to forgive me (or not ;-) )

But apart from being busy by operating sites there was much more going on - which distracted me from spamming here.
The most important thing was my brother visiting home - he couldn't come last spring because of eruption of the fuckin' volcano buuut he managed to come now. In fact he's been here for a month and is leaving today. I'll be seeing him on Xmas but already miss the guy - there's never enough of party-time ;)

What else?
I've been painting and assembling models - at least a bit.
The most important thing I have (almost) finished is science - fiction socle from the tutorial:
which means soon part 2 of the article will be ready for revealing. I don't mind painting stuff for article purposes not writing text but uploading it and posting is such is pretty time consuming for me - which is why I prepere tuts so rarely...

(I will post pic here - promise)

Another thing (almost) finished is Sd. Kfz. 222 model - it's only nearly done because I want to wait with weathering and final painting touches untin it stands on the base. I want to use the same colors and tchniques on the vehicle and base so whole piece is as much unified as possible.
As for the model itself - it's from ICM and I must say there's huge difference between ICM products and Italieri - which I painted before.
After assembling the piece I am sure it is worth to pay a bit higher price to get much better quality model: Italieri's stuff has much better details quality and the plasic models are made of is kinda "hard", not "rubbery" as ICM or UM.
As for base - I will use the same shape and size as for AB 41 but this time it will be very dirty and muddy winter base. And of course I'll try to take some work-in-progress shots so I get material for another article! :)

(I will post pic here, I will post pic here, I will post pic here...)

The last thing - yesterday while painting ork's display base I also started painting Nurgle dreadnought - as you can imagine it will be green'n'olive (so that's not realy a surprise) but it will be painted only for Ebay purposes so I cannot prepare enything extravagant - players, collectors and bidders have own, specified demands when it comes to getting painted model ;)

(I will post pic here)

Take care!!!

PS. PP hasn't sent me my No Quarters issues yet so I don't like these guys anymore