Saturday, November 12, 2016

US infantry support

That's not exactly support for my infantrymen but should get some attention.
Anyway the previous post was dedicated to oldie Necromutants and thick bushes but since the ordered models fucking FINALLY arrived I decided to slap some paint on Atrizan Designs sculpts.
I am very beginner to Bolt Action but no matter how cool the game might turn out I know my time limitation - I don't even dream about playing large battles so decision was made to assemble small force based on cool sculpts: 100% metal (apart from vehicles that is...).

I've already got Warlord paratroopers - they are fine, but also wanted to include some ordinary troopers - backbone or US force. I've realised Artizan Designs produces really cool line of WW2 miniatures.
I do not know were they sculpted by Mark Copplestone, but in my opinion those sculpts strongly correspond to his works. Which are actually one or my fav models ever made (especially Scavengers gang or cannibalistic Savages - both from EM4 line).

Copplestone or not - those models have that "thing": they are well scaled, they are realistic, models carry only what's necessary so there's no painting useless crap on models.
Thanlk to all above painting single trooper takes about an evening, watching some WW2 documentary and having a beer. Very painter-friendly result.

I tried to heeppainting simple and easily repeatable so trousers and jackets are based on same color palette. The experiments are about getting proper mix or tones.
As you can seethe dude on the left was painted with some chalks but I  don't like that dirty way - cleaner models are more striking and all in all should look better on the battlefield.
I hope.

I also hope to make up different background for taking Bold Action models - this printed wall seems to be bit too distracting. Waddaya think?

And that "other thing"...
Recently my wifey brought some resin pieces and asked me to paint some of them - 3 bits are supposed to be xmas gifts for some of her friends.

All in all I got 7 pieces to choose from: 4 severed heads wearing Santa's hat and these 3 monsters. I like zombie models from most manufacturers but those heads wouldn't be anything pleasant to paint, so I went for lesser evil.
Working on those was nice change from 28mm scale - hope recipients will be pleased.

 And the field test - bits are hanging merrily on the string:

That's it for now, laters!