Monday, October 26, 2020

Mordred the Damned

After painting two rather chilling models decision was made to work on something much more warm. This time I excavated supercool sculpt from Brigade Models - Mordred the Damned. 

It's the second (and actually the last...) model in my collection from the Celtos line. Don't know why this game was never popular here - the sculpts are simply gorgeous: nicely detailed and full of character, perfect for gifts. And this is the reason I chose it:

My son is getting 9 years old in a few days and because he likes playing with miniatures I try to encourage him to get little deeper into the hobby. 

Yeah, yeah... Daddy's gonna turn the kid into miniatures addict... 😅

It's the second b-day model I've painted for my firstborn - the first was Aragorn from Lord of the Rings (kiddo claims he still has it and it's still not broken! Huzzah!). 

Since it's a special occasion model I put it on plinth instead of standard, gaming base. Besides there is much more space on the bottom for some birthday wishes. Here is is:

As mentioned before Mordred is the second model from Celtos I've painted so far - the first was Cernunnos which was finished just before moving to the previous flat, over 6 years ago. The model still stands proudly in the display case (it even made it into Brigade Models gallery!) and I still like it enough to give it fresh photos - old ones got f#cked by Photobucket... 😠

Happy birthday, Georgie! All the very best from your oldschool dad! 🤡

Friday, October 23, 2020

Soviet bunker


Last time I mentioned winter was coming?
It's here already so you better find some warm socks before getting into trenches...

Here's little side project: more modelling than gaming piece actually. 
After finishing KV-2 tank I got spare KV-1 turret. Decision was made to turn it into gun emplacement. Some time ago I built dug-in Sherman Firefly, now wanted something more bunker-like. German army has Pantherturm at disposal so tried to build it's soviet version.

All in all it's simple construction:
piece of styrofoam, PVC sheet to cover it plus turret on the top.
The most time consuming part was making plaster texture but the result was worth it.

Here's the result, ready for Operation Typhoon:

Thursday, October 22, 2020


Winter is coming...

And no, it's nothing related to Game of Thrones. Last month I've almost finished WW2 soviet monster and last week I finally got some artifical snow to get it done properly. I use mostly Vallejo products so I wanted to see Vallajo's snow in action but since is was unavailable I tested Citadel stuff. No complaints about it really:
easy to apply, looks nice dried. Demi approves 👍

So here it is: 52 tons worthy solid 300 points of the coming soviet army.
Those pesky nazis gonna regret stepping into Motherland!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Ogre mercenary

After painting some more-less modern stuff time has come for something I wanted to put a brush on for a quite a long time: classic MIDDLEHAMMER OGRE!!! 🤩

I wanted to slap some paint on it for a looong, looong time but was kinda afraid to screw it - such model simply deserves to be painted decently. These ogres in my opinion are the essence of Middlehammer which I consider the best Warhammer period: vibrant colors on official paintjobs, supercool sculpts.

Back days, when I was starting hobby adventure, such models were totally beyond my reach: not menioning the money, there were no hobby stores or hobby community where I lived. Now, when I finally got it done it's like a time travek back into mid 90's...

This ogre is painted as an ally for Middlehammer Undead Army project - the vampire lord is going to use some help of those creatures so you can expect rest of the unit sooner or later...

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Cthulhu investigator #2


Recently fearless investigator left my painting station and it turned out it was so much fun working on it I decided to paint some more. 
As mentioned before I plan to make my players use low-class characters so this time it's a thief / robber (Grave robber maybe? Veeery cthulhish!) from oldschool EM4 line. 
The model is part of Dunitch Detectives pre-painted set but just like in case of chaplain - it was washed off and got some fresh colors. Now I'm looking proper model for a drifter...

And some pictures:

Getting into wrong cemetery:

Digging the wrong grave... 😅

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Cthulhu investigator

I'm bit ill so trying not to get any worse I am sitting home painting some random stuff. Painting and patiently waiting for that damn Vallejo snow effect for KV-2 tank... 

Anyway a while back if turned out my buddy from legal training it also Cthulhu worshipper... Eee... Eee... Meant: Call of Cthulhu player... Yeah... That's correct... 😈 

He didn't know there's whole range of Call of Cthulhu dedicated miniatures so decision was made to paint a little gift. The model comes from West Wind Productions line: a while back I got some models for CoC diorama but somehow that project hasn't been executed yet. 


So here he is: brave investigator confronting horros from beyond:

"Hello, Wilbur! What are you hiding in that shed?"

About to bring some corrupted Dagon cultists to justice:

And accompanied by other "classic" investigators: chaplain and redneck moonshiner:

I want to play Call of Cthulhu so badly right now...