Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Fiend of Slaanesh

The very first, freshly painted member of the upcoming Chaos army of Slaanesh has just arrived: 75 points worth (according to 6th edition rules) chaos spawn upgraded to (potentially) deadly fast fiend of Slaanesh. I wanted to paint some miniatures from that daemon-line for a long, long time because the these were models (well, among some others...) which lured me into Games Workshop tar pit trap. 

I saw it for the first time in WD #218, which was birthday present from my bro. At that time Chaos army was getting new sculpts and until now I consider most of them simply brilliant (most of beastmen line for example). Daemons also got fresh toys, but during whole time wasted... eee... spent in the hobby I've never managed to collect even a single daemons unit and field it anywhere: 100% metal based army was just way over my budget. 

Until now I got just some random models from daemon army - mostly in exchange for other stuff or painting service, and that's how I got this stingy bastard. Wasn't sure about color choice at first, but I am really glad decision was made to make it look more "natural" instead of super-colorful. It's just more convincing.

Claws and sting were supposed to be more red instead of orange (again... πŸ™„) but all in all I like the final result: I might use something similar for chaos knights armour. Just have to practice is and note down color combo. Right: time to start searching parts for the second spawn/fiend so the Rare section of army is ready for action 😈

Last but not least: whole that 6th edition project was caused by random chat with Piotrek G. - thanks for pushing the right buttons, Chaos Gods won't forget about you 😁

And scale shot compared to lil' ungor: that shield doesn't seem to make any diffetence πŸ˜‹

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Slaanesh Warriors army project

A while back I had a little chat with my buddy about old Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Middlehammer frankly). It was overall about supercool line of models back days but mostly about f#cked up rules, which in my opinion made the game simply discouraging (I totally forgot about it until Oldhammer Weekend 2022).

My buddy mentioned about 6th edition of WFB, which in his opinion totally changed the game, made it balanced and simple - made if fun. 

So because of this stupid talking I started checking if my oldschool Undead army could be adjusted to meet 6th edition requirements. Well it couldn't - I need too many models... πŸ˜’

Buuut after browsing contents of pile of shame and display cases if turned out I am like 1000 points ready to start Chaos army. Chaos warriors was my very first army ever - it was really small: 3 units and 3 characters only which were sold long time ago. Since half of the force is already under my command I thought maybe it's high time to do the job right and finally gather playable detachment. It's Chaos so it's relatively small therefore whole army could get one large display base a'la Jakob Rune Nielsen's ubercool Khorne Warriors army.

Here's what I have in mind. Normally I'd choose Nurgle but since I have daemon prince done and some demonettes and fiends of Slaanesh waiting for painting, there'll be Slaanesh army: chaos warriors led by daemon. Sounds just f#cking badass! 😈

No idea what is it's battlefield efficiency though - I put there models from the glass case because I like them and the general rule is: if you like the model it should see the battlefield! Slaanesh magic number is 6 so tried to make most units 6 (or it's multiple) - models strong. Hope to make some minor changes to make 6 or 12 models in warhounds unit.

Standard (Chaos) [1,999pts, 7 Casting Dice, 5 Dispel Dice]:


Exalted Daemon [365pts, 4 Casting Dice, 3 Dispel Dice]
Selections: General, Level 2
Profile: Exalted Demon
Hero of Slaanesh
Selections: Master of Mortals, Sporofic Musk

Exalted Champion of Chaos [210pts]
Selections: Gaze of the Gods, Hero of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, Sword of Might
Profile: Exalted Champion, Steed of Slaanesh, Weapon: Hand Weapon

Sorcerer of Chaos [190pts, 3 Casting Dice, 2 Dispel Dice]
Selections: Hero of Slaanesh, Level 2, Power Familiar
Profile: Sorcerer, Weapon: Hand Weapon


Knights of Chaos [345pts]
Selections: Champion, Chosen, 5x Knights of Chaos, Musician, Regiment of Slaanesh
Armour: Heavy Armour, Shield, Profile: Champion, Knight, Weapon: Hand Weapon
Standard Bearer
Selections: Rapturous Standard

Mounted Daemonettes [180pts]
Selections: 6x Daemonettes
Profile: Daemonettes, Mount of Slaanesh

Warriors of Chaos [265pts]
Selections: Champion, Musician, Regiment of Slaanesh, Shield, 11x Warriors of Chaos
Armour: Heavy Armour, Shield, Profile: Champion, Warrior, Weapon: Hand Weapon
Standard Bearer
Selections: Banner of Wrath

Chaos Ogres [234pts]
Selections: 6x Chaos Ogre, Light Armour, Two Hand Weapons
Armour: Light Armour, Profile: Chaos Ogre, Weapon: Additional Hand weapon, Hand Weapon

Warhounds of Chaos [60pts]
Selections: 10x Warhound
Profile: Warhound


Spawn of Chaos [75pts]
Selections: Fiend of Slaanesh
Profile: Spawn of Chaos

Spawn of Chaos [75pts]
Selections: Fiend of Slaanesh
Profile: Spawn of Chaos

And here's my painted ~640 gold coins worth Chaos force. There aren't too dark but Slaanesh like vivid colors. Some close ups of Daemon are here while ogres - in these posts. Surprisingly the unit hasn't got group shot yet... 

Hope to see any progress on the project soon... 🀘🏻

Sunday, May 21, 2023

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. #2

This time there'll be no dong-swinging - we're back on Earth. Postapocalyptic Earth... πŸ€–

Last year after reading MichaΕ‚ GoΕ‚kowski's "Stalker" novel decision was made to paint a model from post-apocalyptic range. I had only 2 pieces like that so just before winter the first of Stalkers left my painting station

That one was placed in winer scenery, but since there's summer just ahead I thought it might be good idea to finish whole post-apo line in my possession (short line of 2 models...πŸ₯Ί). 
Just like before I had lots of fun working on this rad-dude. 1/35 scale brings lost of cool details and such models are just great display pieces. Which reminds me - I think I might place small display case into my office, in order to make it look less like a mortuary and to distract attention of any clients which might stagger into my trap... Errr... Office that is...

That's it for now. Thank you MichaΕ‚ for bringing rad-zone to our homes 😁

And the group shot of rad-brothers:

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Dong ov Doom

Since I am still on Warzone wave and we've already had 3 Warzone games this year ( 😲) decision was made to pimp my trusty Dark Legion force a little bit so further battle reports pics are even more juicy. Apparently one of the most evecatching models from the old range is Unholy carronade. Yup - that's that self-propelled evil penis artillery.

My current version was painted 9 years ago and must admit I still like it (apart from the fact photos were fu#ced by Photobucket), but there's no weapon which cannot be improved by my loyal tekrons. After all - it's been in under my command for 9 years! 
Last time apart from fresh paintwork I changed original silly skulls-wheels for Ramshackle games set but now I wanted it to be more all-terrain vehicle, so tekrons put it on tracks.

At first I wanted to use solid, tank hull, to make it look even more serious, but then I found my buddy had spare Bren Carrier model from Bolt Action range. It turned out using this model should make Carronade keep original size (more less). Besides those slim, tiny tracks make whole piece look cute and goofy, so it fits old Warzone line of models just great.

It's been a while since I painted any vehicle from WW2 range so the hull got camouflage based on Jagdpanzer 38(t) and 38.M Toldi which were painted for Axis Hungarian army (sadly - I haven't painted anything else for this force). The cannon itself was slightly damaged while dismantling, so I decided to give it fresh paint. Extra bits come from WH40K Chaos vehicle sprue - for even more demonic goofyness.

Looks like it's high time to prepare new army list, roll out that beast to the front line and spit some seeds of doom over enemy army... πŸ‘Ί

And here with the mandatory crew. Hope to repaint some old undead legionnaires next time I bring Warzone stuff on the painting station, so fresh gun has fresh operators:

And for everyone who thought I might've used my very own dong instead of Algeroth's one for the clickbait photo - you were pretty wrong. You pervies... πŸ™„πŸ˜