Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Seether (Cryx) - trade / sale

After preparing several different army lists for my Cryx decision was made to unify paintjob on models I have in my disposal. Over 2 years ago Seether got fresh, experimental colors, but looking at the model now I don't think it's what I wanted to achieve πŸ€”

If I remember correctly this model has already been washed off 2 times and don't really do it again - destroying own paintwork always hurts a bit. So long story short - I'd gladly exchange it for unpainted version + something for the paintjob. I could sure purchase another Seether, but taking care of second-hand models is kinda like adopting pet. It seems just proper 😊

I know it's a blind shot but who knows, someone might be interested in the deal. 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Necrosurgeon (Cryx)

Looks like I am still on Warmachine painting wave. Last week some mechanithralls got prepared for combat and now I decided to boost their morale and survivability: 
the boys got hot and saucy nurse to fix their wounds during heat of the battle 😍  

The model comes with 3 assistants - stitch thralls. These little fellas were painted quite a long time ago (apart from bases - these were refreshed to fit new mechanithralls), but until now I couldn't find enough steam to finsh the surgeon. Which is strange actually. Before I started painting I was sure all those details (like nasty medical tools) would cause lots of trouble but in the end it took me only 2 evenings to get work done 😳

I really regret I haven't done it earlier - this sculpt is just brilliant! It's surely one of the most characterful models in Warmachine range - in my opinion that is. The sculpt turned out way better then artwork. It's just so cold and evil - clearly reminds cenobite from Hellraiser series or Dark Eldar haemonculus. Just look at these empty eye sockets! 😡
The "human" part is pretty frail - not like most of Warmachine models so it was a chalenge to paint it with brushes I use (in fact for quite a long time I've been pretty sure the sculpt is underscaled). I'd gladly paint another one armed with better tools and bit more patience.

Here it is anyway - together with her grateful patients πŸ‘©‍⚕️

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Mechanithralls (Cryx)

So after getting chariot #2 and chariot #3 done for Middlehammer Undead army I decided to take a short break from Warhammer and painted some deaders for Warmachine... πŸ€ͺ

A short while back we were talking about metal Warmachine models and that brought the conclusion it was just supercool game: fast, dynamic and unpredictable. So decision was made right away to take old models for a walk.
I really like Cryx helljacks but as in any other wargame it's large infantry units what makes army look great on the battlefield. And mechanithralls fit this role very well:
-    reliable,
-    dead,
-    hitting hard,
-    dead,
-    cheap,
-    did I mention dead? 

About 2 years ago half of mechanithralls I possess was painted, but for the coming game I need some more cannon fodder so another has just been prepared. These are deaders so painting wasn't complicated: for flesh you can use almost any color and as for metal elements - anything fits. I chose rust because itΔ…s quick, easy and looks nice from the distance.

So here they are, ready to spread death and destruction in the name of Toruk!

Nekkid necro-butts!!! 😱

Whole machinethralls family. You can see 2 converted brute thralls in the mob. I have another one used for No Quarter Magazine painting challenge, but I consider dismantling contest piece to make thralls gaming pieces again.

And the 25 pts force prepared to kick some steel Khador butts next week! πŸ’€


Sunday, May 15, 2022

Undead chariot #3

Looks like iron... eeee... bone fist of my army is finished. It's pretty funny something causing only Strength 5 damage is called "heavy hitter" but it's Undead force after all.

After getting the previous chariot painted I decided to give a try to different color scheme to my skellies. Back days, actually damn long time ago, there was supercool Vampire Counts army presented in White Dwarf. Models were painted like just left their graves - lots of green tones, lots of modelling flock, static grass and dirt everywhere. Very inspiring stuff.

Obviously my latest war machine ain't that dirty. Instead it's more like corpse slowly decomposing nice and slowly in a forest - that's the reason of olive / green coating, moss etc. Such painting also gives nice contrast to the dusty base - the chariot surely has been summoned somewhere else and now it's crossing dusty plains to meet it's master. Something πŸ™„

Once again I used Wargames Factory skeletons for the crew - these are pain in the ass to assemble, but they can be posed many ways so it's worthy spending some extra time building models. That's it for now. Time to excavate the mummies or wash off the hipogriff...

Necro-family ready for road trip through the Old World:

-    this time the banner turned out too big,
-    this time the banner turned out not enough wavy,
-    I definitely need Undead dedicated backdrop, display "wall" or something. I am quite sure that grey thing messes the colors somehow πŸ€”

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Undead chariot #2

It took a little while since I painted the previous chariot, but now my deaders got another wheeler. As most of miniatures from this range, this one brought me back and I'm really glad I got opportunity to work on it. The chariot is really old piece and I got it recently in exchange for goblin wold riders set - never had any use for greenskins so I consider it great deal. 

The model I got was painted and was mostly complete - scythes were missing and there was only one crew member so I added 2 more skellies from Wargames Factory to make the platform more crowdy. Speaking of which - I really like WF sculpts but assembling those bony models is just pain in the ass. Bony ass that is! πŸ’€

I really like black and white stripes banners idea so the chariot also got one. Shambling horde of undead marching under banners like this should look supercool. Haven't decided yet should army standard should be the similar or maybe I should make up something else.

And all undead "heavy hitters" together. Looks lije there's one more chariot and Arkhan the Black himself yet to be done...