Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Couple of wips

Hey again,

This time it'ssomething slightly different: wip only post.
I would like to focus painting on these so I can see at least one group finished by the end of the year. It's no painting masterplan, schedule or anything similar for sure: every time I try to organize a bit long term painting nothing works.

So what do we have here?
First: slowly growing Nurgle combat patrol. All models I am going to use are here, except for the last blight. You can see 2 models placed on square bases: they were painted some time ago when I was still hoping for a Mordheim game.
I think I will put these two on round bases and add some sci-fi gear to make them fit better Necromunda, like chainsword for daemon and some grenades for warrior.

Another thing to consider is choosing the pet for gang leader: the candidates are oldie beast of nurgle (right) and metal chaos spawn (back).I want place whole group on the display base so there'll be not enough space for both monsters. The spawn looks better but it has no right arm so I'd have to re-sculpt missing muscle tissue. We'll see.

Now it's time for some sweet stench of burnt heretics!!!
Oh yeah, I've always had warm heart for these frenzied maniacs but hey, how can you resist hoods, chainsaws and gasoline?

Scavvies are more-less finished so I can give a try to these fellas. So far I painted like 3 test Redemptionists but none of them was something worthy keeping. The latest plan is to paint them as Cult Of Purple Hand (you know, The Enemy Within WFRP scenario):
white / bone rags and purple hoods. Rather striking color combo, huh?  

And the last group of old minis: greenskins Mordheim (yeah, right...) band.
Few years back my buddy phoned and said: I am cleaning my old hobby shit, if you don't want what's left from my old orcs and gobbos army - I am throwing them away.

Shortly after several dozens or minis (mostly one pose orcs and goblins) were added to the unpainted pile. I've always loved goblins army: funny rules, cool fluff and fucking sweet sculpts (around Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition that is). As mentioned earlier - don't think I will ever play Mordheim but these models are way too cool just to rest in stringbags so decision was made to choose several representatives of greenskin races and here;s the mob.

Looks like there's a lot to do in 2015!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts!

Ia! Ia! Ia! Nurgle fhtagn!

Ekhm... Sorry... 
Well I don't think I can keep the secret anymore: this time it's about Nurgle once again. But not only about it. So let's start with the other thing, which is bunch of very cool sculpts from West Wind miniatures.

I got those several years ago, those times I still had enough time for Call of Cthulhu (well at least in theory: during studies my players used to spend most of spare time drinking, and I was way too stoned to do anything productive), so my idea was to add some miniatures to RPG sessions. West Wind sells lots of models perfect for CoC 1920s, I remember it was very hard to resist getting much more of them, so all in all I got dozen or so minis.

Those below are from "evil cultists" set + a detective from other blister. They were painted and based to fit a scenario I was preparing. It's just sad but the only thing left from big game plans was this mini-drioama. Since that time models were locked in the glass case, getting dust and nothing more. I was sure models were very sad to be hibernated for Nurgle knows how long, so last week I decided to find them new home.
It was a success thank to Lead Adventures Forum - absolutely the very best place for such type of toys. Just like 3 days after advert was placed it turned out models will have to cross and ocean (very cthulhish) and get to the land of OZ. Deeply hope the buyer will like them and of course - that models will like the new master.

I think I will be selling some other spare and unused models shortly so if you are interested in some painted goodies - stay tuned. And in the meantime...   

Rot time!
Since the last post I got seriously hooked by paining Nurgle stuff, I think when it's done coming back to Necromunda will be pure pleasure. This time my chaos patrol has been supported by 2 more daemons: additional Heresy blight and oldie plaguebearer - I got this one slightly damaged so the upper arm has beed re-pinned and the plague blade was replaced with placcy cleaver.

I gave a try to some brighter flesh tones - my 3 years old kid suggested I should paint the last one black. I must say that is actually a challenge but the final effect may be worth whole effort.I am pretty happy of the blight's final look (will probably add some darklining around guts to separate it stronger from the flesh) but screwed a bit highlighting on plaguebearer.

It's actually not about painting which was acceptable until the varnish dried. Revell varnish. Revell super matt varnish which always reminds you to paint  strong highlights before sealing your models. I forgot about it so my glazing work was mostly wiped off.
Oh, well, shit happens in toy soliders business. I am leavining this rotting cyclops as it is so it reminds be about perils of the sealing phase.

Fhtagn once again!

Friday, January 9, 2015

More Nurgle! More Scavvy!

Welcome back!

Hope you are all fine, also hope your pets survived somehow those fuuked up fireworks during new year's eve. My poor cats were freaking out during the bombardment. Again.
I wasn't freaking out though, as for me - new year started pretty fine for the hobby.

First of all I added the first Heresy blight to the painted side. Really cool sculpt - perfect replacement for original plaguebearer - the sculptor had great idea with top of heads blown off. The one here will be part of small Nurgle force, NPC characters I mantioned earlier. His fellas will be paler - pale olive and white / pink, which should fit these disguisting (in positive, nurgly way ov course) sculpts perfectly.

The other thing campaign - related: we've already managed to have Necromunda opening match! It was cool game involving 3 gangs: my Scavvies, my old opponen't Pit Slaves and new player's small Goliath patrol force. 
The fresman apparently liked the game 'cause te next day after the slaughter he ordered own gang. From what I know these are some 3D renders but better this than nothing.

As for the game itself - the scenario played was Loot and Pillage (something) from Outlanders book. All loot counters were placed in the central area guarded by the slaves, so that was place where most of action happened.

I was desperated to scavange as many loots as possible to feed all rotting mouths in the gang so scavvies were storming fast (most of my gang members have developed sprint skill, ha!). Unfortunately one of the guardians was the boss of opposing gang - total badass in melee. I saw it coming so the idea was to pacify him him with several tox bombs and them finish off with gun salvo at close distance.

Yeah, right... That bloody bastard shrug off all radioactive clouds he was hit with and charged Reznik and Smoothskin inflicting a wound on second one*. No idea how but he screwed rolls for wounding Reznik which gave me 'nuff time to get there with 3 more gangers, but the killing wasn't easy: ordinary scavvies were just unable even to scratch Mr Bruce Fuckin' Commando Lee, so one of scalies had to do the job. And did it well.

Cannot remember 5 gangers engaging a single model in melee but in case of pit slaves it was totally reasonable act.Worthy taking a photo for post card.

And the last for now: another Scavvy joined the gang!
But this one is rather special:
- it's placcy (booo!!!),
- it has no green hair,
- it's based on idea spotted on leadplague bloggy.

Some time ago I gave away almost all spare gnobblars I had therefore I was extremly happy I found slightly damaged one which was great base for the conversion. Apart from gnobblar torso I used some spare bits from WFB and WH40K + Mantic Games head.

Since it's the only placcy model among my Scavvies I gave it different hair color and during paint process it got own RPG background! It's cool enough for becoming NPC or even special character in campaign game. So without more babbling: here's Po Jun!
Yeah, laugh about "Vanquisher of Armies" - that terminator was also laughing until Scavvy-samurai cut his head off**, skinned it and put on the banner taking crux for the trophy. Time to cleanse some pit slaves off the face of Ash Wastes...

* Who was definitely killed in the post battle sequence

** The Underhive rumor says that terminator somehow managed to survive the fatal wound*** and one day will appear in our campaign  as another converted model

*** And that's only because his fanatical devotion to Emperor, immediate help of apothecary and techmarine and because termionators have their brains removed and stored in safe place before engaging combat.