Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Gulash"


July is nearly over so I'm glad I was able to boost painting statistics by one more model:
Hungarian tank destroyer - Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Gulash".

After 38.M Toldi it's the second unit for my (veeery slowly) growing Bolt Action Hungarian army. It's more painting than gaming project actually. Because of trying to relocate to Big City and some other life issuses, I don't have enough spare time to paint another infantry swarm. But I have just enough time to practice Hungarian ambush camo and slap some paint on Warpainter's candies... 😊

It's the second Hetzer I've painted during my hobby career. The previous one was painted for my brother almost 4 years ago (sigh!). That one was Warlord's model - it was simply horrible sculpt and cast (sorry...). The new one is Italeri's production - clear, sharp, absolutely no complains.

Once again I gace a try to painting some camo, which was such a relief after painting all those US vehicles! I am even more happy I managed to resist the urge of applying mud - every time I open the pot I get berzerk  and ofter ruin the paintwork.
Hope you like the paintjob. 
Some more heavy support from Warpainters foundries should come next... 😎

And my whole Hungarian force at current state. Almost 300 pts ready for battle! 😁


Sunday, July 4, 2021

Neo-soviet NBC suit squad

Recently neo-soviet war bot has been painted but we all know without invantry support all war machines are easy targets for anti-tank squads, partisans etc.

I've been big fan of old EM4 / Mark Copplestone's models so while looking for proper candidates for pos-apo troopers I've check future skirmish line. Until now I've painted several gangs based on EM4 models and in my opinion they are just supercool:
not overdone, but full of character and oldschool spirit.

As for red stars these are decals from Bolt Action - I had 2 or 3 but thank to Marcin (4generals commander) I got enough of them for whole squad. Thanks mate once again!
Hope you like the final effect, now I'm looking for proper transport for da boyz: