Thursday, December 31, 2015

Summary 2015

...and definitely the very last thing this year: summary (I didn't want to throw this trash into the Chimera tutotial - those creatures are natural loners).

The passing year was slightly better (we're talking only about hobby that is) than 2014:
in 2014 I managed to paint 43 minis and play 17 games while in 2015 there was 53 models and 20 matches.Looks that's max I can get now.

I am pretty happy I painted some oldie Warzone models and came back to painting brill EM4 stuff. I am also glad for selling some unused minis - I would probably never paint them anyway. There are no big goals for the next year, there are some models I'd like to see finished but hobby should be fun, no reason for deadlines, goals, strict planning and whole the shit from the real life.

Have happy life in the coming 2016 and the following years, hope every choice you make will be the right one, don't ask questions if you don't want to hear the answers.
And remember - money is not the most important thing is life.
The more I think the more I am sure it's just source of most problems in this shithole world.
We're only swirling ashes after all.

Tutotial: converting Chimera APC

Hey again - for the very last time in 2015.
This time I decided to move the tut made a while ago to the main section of the blog - it turned out original formating got somehow screwed so this way all pics shoud be visible and saved for the coming gamers generations.

Besides yesterday I've spotted EXTREMLY inspiring converted Chimera and I want to see something similar on the gaming board.

The article is about re-creating already done Chimera model painted long time ago : memory of this piece is kept thank to Chest of Colors. There are 2 reasons for it:
I didn't like the blue color scheme. It was painted when I was considering starting IG force based on riot police but whole concept died after painting this apc, Sentinel walker and about 3 guardsmen. Warhammer sucks - Necromunda is waaaay better, no doubt about it.
I also didn't like the model just rotting in the glass case and getting buried by (time and) dust - I want to see it in the field therefore I decided to adjust it to Necromunda gaming.
At first I just wanted to add another vehicle to make gaming table more interesting (another piece of terrain) but recently I got some old Valhallan minis from Ebay. I examined them carefully and it turned out they will be great candidates for new gang!
Wasn't sure about the rules but looking at the weapon carried they will be Delaques (they even wear coats!)

The tank and new gang will get common display base, slightly larger than Goliaths' . Gang should be delivered in a few days so I decided to check some colors and techniques to be used on gangers. At planning stage all I knew was I want to see big contrast and lots of dirt so dozen troopers wearing bright uniforms advancing through mud (sump in case of Necromunda fluff) along battleworn armoured vehicle.
It should be fun.

So here's the victim:

First thing done was removing the turret - vehicle will be dedicated for transport. I also tore off all bags, Imperium marks lasguns and extra tracks. Didn't want the model look like a X-mas tree this time. Also hatches and back door were removed.Besides I had a plan to add some extra armour plates so smooth sides were a must.
Taking model off base wasn't easy because several very long pins but nothing is impossible for desperate hobbyist armed with pliers. 

I also ripped off tracks - didn't like the previous base at all and it's much easier to paint tracks in sprues or wherever away from model: solid drybrush or airbrush are the best tools to get painitng done fast and easy. And while tracks are off you don't have to worry about making mess on the model.
As you can also see side panels have also been removed: it makes manipulating them much easier (sandpapering, preparing extra pcv armour and such). 

I got sheet of mesh for another project some time ago and decided to use it here to give model more "scratchbuilt" look: gangers were adjusting vehicle for operating in deadly sump conditions. Besides fluff-wise the tank is very old machine and it's been repaired and modified numerous times in field conditions.
For starters I made front hatch opened and secured with mesh (protecting against thrown grenades, giant rats, millisaurs and other Necromunda goodies).
Procedure was pretty easy: all you need are pliers and superglue.
Adding front panel with vent was just a bit more tricky: first I cut piece of pcv to fit the model, then carefully cut "window" in it. Be careful because it's really easy to damage pcv. After that some mesh was glued from inner side of panel and whole piece was attached to the tank.
Pins were added first to make model look better but also to be sure panel won't fall off. You can never be sure enough after all... 

Redoing side panels was bit harder.
I had to rip them off so then can be sandpapered and so I could prepare pcv extra armour. I simply placed the part on pcv and outlined it's shape with pencil. Basic plan was to make the armour really thick but all in all I decided single layer was enough. 

Oil drums: Chimera is supposed to be transoport vehicle so I decided to add holders onto armour.
Basic idea was to make separate holder for each oil drum but it turned out there's not enough space for that (side panel was ~3mm too short) so to save the space holders were made to carry 2 drums.
I used brass wire but paper clips will do the job equally fine. 

Adding canisters was piece of cake:
they were simply glued to model and then secured with piece of wire. For the final I added 3 more drums on the top and the apc was ready for painting. 

I am lazy so as always I try to make the job as fast and effective as possible. Before I get bored and abandon the project.
Besides it's not a commission nor contest piece so it doesn't have to be piece of art.
First thing was applying black basecoat. As you can see I didn't paint drums and canisters - they will be painted when the armour is done.
Next I sprayed dark olive tone (mix of dark green and some brown) which was highlighted using simple green. 

I wanted my toy to look really dirty and battleworn so I applied a lot of mask on green.
After that whole model was sprayed bright grey. 

30 minutes later paint was dry so mask could be removed. I wanted to achieve effect of heavily chipped camo paint so you basic green color beneath is visible. 

Dirt-painting begun with applying several layers of brown, sepia and chalk combo. As always the mixture was heavily diluted but in case of vehicles you can thick paint to paint strains or mud. Didn't want to overdo dirt at this stage so just a few layers were enough. 

Tracks we painted separately: sprayed, drybrushed, washed and varnished - nothing requiring photos. After that I attached them to model using superglue and polymer glue (thick jelly). To make them bit more shiny some chainmail drybrush was applied. Masking tape was used to protect model from silver dust.
Also canisters and oil drums were painted brown (charred brown + some red for slightly rusty touch). 

Oil drums were painted with mix of turquoise and some olive (just tiny bit to break the color). Before painting I applied some mask to create chipped paint effect again - you can see thick "blobs" under paint, that's Maskol 

Mask off! Lovely, isn't it?
There are details to be finished (flamer, reflector, mesh in lasgun sockets and such) but apat from that model could be considered done... 

...if only I wasn't so fond for dirt and mud!!! :D
Finally something I can sink in fresh mud muahahahahahaaaaa...!!!
To do that more layers of brown, sepia and yellow were added. This combined with powdered chalk is my fav way for painting mud. Also at this stage I painted some greasy oil leaking from drums and canisters (black + gloss varnish applied with toothpick). 

And final pics.
At least final so far: model will be based together with it's squad so I sadly have to wait with adding proper mud until all minis are done to keep everything coherent.
Really can't wait to put the beauty in my glass case and dominate Underhive game table!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Back to (old)school: praise Mark Copplestone!

Hey again, 

It's just quick update today but this time I just cannot wait for more stuff painted.
I needed a change from painting oldhammer fantasy stuff so recently I managed to finish one of my oldie EM4 scavengers (thanks Doug!). And as the title says:


Seriosly, I have no idea how could I forget those sculpts are so f*ckin' cool!
Ton of character and packed with juicy details!  Satan, please forgive me I am such a lousy painter and cannot give Copplestone's models paintjob the deserve.


That's what I needed... Thank you, pain...

The guy below will be the leader of new Necromunda gang - probably Scavvies (duh!), but it's also proper material for Orlocks. It would be nice change to finally run "normal" gang. When I started painting it was just another model but every hour spent on work was revealing new details which made painting process pure fun. And that is actually what I love about this hobby - painting with no rush, working on characterful sculpts, on models telling some story, having fun.

There are 8 more vile scums from EM4's Scavengers line which will join the gang shortly. But now - meet mr Bishop:

Below is group pic of gang members - whole EM4's scavengers set.
3 guys on the right were painted ling time ago and will be washed and redone. If you'd like to exchange them for unpainted stuff - drop me a PM or a comment.
Really cannot wait to see them finished.

And now something completly different:
Last week there was a small ceremony in the local city hall. There was local press and tv (no CNN, BBC or even Aljazeera sadly) and the reason was ~70th anniversary of rise of polish blood donors association. Because of this some donors got awards, among them me: Honored for Nations's Health (I think the translation is screwed) - anyway that is for donating over 20l blood.

Just look at me, second from the left, wearing absolutely the very best smile available in my armoury. You are lucky you haven't seen my sad or pissed face. 
If anyone cares - here's the link to full article, it's only in Polish to you've just been warned. But seriously - donating blood is fun, costs not much effort and you can save somebody's life.
So try to master you fear of thick needles and sexy nurses and join the blood bags club: in a time you will get internet fame, the badge and happy face.
The blood donor badge is absolute chick magnet...

Sorry for my poor English.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Bit more Oldhammer


This time I am just finishing some work in progress stuff.
I feel totally drained of life force. It's not really about the hobby, life issues stepped in shattering everything in the path and leaving nothing but scorched earth. Again.
The more time I spend here the more disgusted I feel.

Looks like this sh!thole world's guarantee expired long time ago so there's not much to be done about it now. No returns.

As for the finished stuff:
first of all - Oldhammer vampyre's henchman.
It's simple convo - oldie halfling with marauder head and bone instead of chicken leg.

For the scale:

And blast from the past - screaming skill catapult (thanks Tim!).
Funny sculpts - I really like those skulls with evil grin. Models are bit shiny because I run out of matt sealer. As soon as order arrives I'll finish the job.
I didn't plan initially it but I'll add some striking rust and mayve oxidation just to break boring colors.
On the other hand what else can you expect from skellies?

And the last - small summary:
gathering of minis for Undead army I managed to collect so far. Some more are still washing off, others - waiting for basing. Lots of work ahead.

That's it for now.
Praying for better mood during assembling the next post.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Selling Warmachine Cryx stuff

Hey all,

Before I bring something painted there's a small announcement.
There are some Warmachine Cryx models I don't need anymore looking for new home. Most of models (units) have already been sold so here're the remains.

I am looking for ~70% retail price for unpainted/undercoated models, as for painted ones - I'll make something up if anyone is interested.

Here's the list of everything I managed to find from Cryx range.
Before shipping I'll double check if there's no parts missing etc.

Asphyxious 2010
Warwitch Deneghra variant - metal (painted)
Skarre, Queen of the Broaken COast (undercoated)
Wraith witch Deneghra - converted (undercoated)
Mortenebra + her skarlock
2x Warwitch siren
Witch Coven (undercoated)
2x Darragh Wrathe set (undercoated)
Cankerworm (painted)
Deathripper - plastic
Deathripper - plastic (undercoated)
Nightwretch - metal (undercoated)
Nightwretch - metal (painted)
Defiler - metal (painted)
Stalker (painted)
Skarlock - metal
Skarlock - metal (undercoated)
Skarlock - metal (painted)
3x Soulhunters
Necrosurgeon (undercoated)
3x Stitch thralls (painted)
3x Ogrun boarding party

Shipping from Poland - cost based only on the parcel's weight.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oldschool Vampire lord + more zombies

Hello again,

Since the last post I've been working hard on finishing the zombie regiment. To be specific: working on all zombie models I've managed to dig out of my models lead pile.
There's not much of them at this point but still more than I was hoping to find when the Undead Company project was started.

What's on the rotten menu this time?
For starters the leader of the group: oldie Marauder vampire, Grenadier zombies from 1984 and 4/5th Warhammer Fantasy edition corpse. Btw - I've just learnt that ugly reddish zombie I've finished a while back got the name: Deadringer. Happy birthday I guess.

The vampire was a pleasure to paint. 
Sculpt is simple but it has that "something" which makes work nothing but pleasure. It's a pretty tall looking model because of the arms up but I also put a little cork on the base to make it even taller. I want it to be clear who's da boss of this rotting mob (and not only by wearing a dress). Robe is not super matt which means I might need fresh pot of varnish.

90's red hair dude also carries the short story.
I got him long time ago but he's been unemployed since I gave up WFB. Later it was converted into Necromunda plaque zombie but since the result wasn't satisfying (I cut it's left arm off pretty bad) model was condemned to the pile.
Last month I found that poor piece, washed the paint off and decided to bring it back to un-life. Initially the plan was to give it a placcy arm and then large shield to cover the damage but I found unused metal parts from the first of the "new" skeleton regiment (there were drum + stick, banner and champion's head + mace). Quick cut, bit of greenstuff and solid pin and voila! - unit's own drummer is ready for march. All I need now is kickass standard bearer.

And last but not least - Grenadier minis.
These were casted in 1984. Funny feeling: I was painting those knowing there were people playing tabletop wargames when I was only 3 years old pest. That's almost nostalgic.
Anyway the models are painted - these are definitely Oldhammer, but I must admit I prefer minis from bit later period (Perrys' or Morley's bits). I tried to paint them the same way as rest of zombies but they turn out just messy and plain. Sure - painter is the only one to blame for paintjob but I believe some minis cooperate and other not.
This rotten trio was not much help for me, still I am happy I got opportunity to give them a try.

So here you have all the metal zombies excavated so far. I still should be able to find enough placcy parts to build 2, maybe 3 more models but I don't think I want to "ruin" decent metal unit with plastic. Maybe later, when I become more desperated. Search for more zombies continues. Next deaders coming: skellies, screaming skull catapult or ghooouuuuuls...

And this is something I converted in the meantime:
vampire's mortal servant, halfling dreg. To protect the Master during ghastly, sunny days...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Damned company of the Old Skull

Hey again,

After dealing with the Lich Lord I've been still thirsty for dead flesh so last weeks were used for painting first deaders from the coming undead company. Yeah, the shambling army of the dead is coming! Well, more "company" than "army".

The general idea of it was spawned long time ago (probably it was always in the back of my head) but until now I neither had time or will to plan everything, get necessary models and of course - start painting them. So here's  the overall shape of the army I'd like to see collected and painted. Yet in this life that is:

Lich on chariot (painted!)
Necromancer on manticore (yeah, the friggin ugly one - Dieter H.)
5x cavalry led by a vampire
30x zombie led by a vampire (8 deaders painted)
30x skeleton led by a vampire
20x skeleton archers (maybe less, these are just pathetic in combat)
15x ghoul
10x mummy
8x wraith
4x carrion
2x skull catapult
5x ogres (that's right, they are scum of the Old World and never care why gold that nice old wizard gives is soil dirty, and smells kinda funny).

I'd also like to see zombie dragon (the previous one is only display piece) but I am not sure I have enough power to paint the same piece. Zacharias' mount is pretty cool but I'll see if there's any other option with oldschool vibe.

Pictures time.
Below is the result of last month's night work. At first I thought I had only 2 or 3 zombie models but after closer examination of the lead pile some more were found. As you can see these come from different manufacturers but it's ok - I like all of these sculpts (especially love the swordsman - no idea what's the brand but I hope to find more where it came from). 
Painting was fun. Painting deaders is always fun but this time I also tried to test some unused colors for zombie flesh. 
Next one coming should be oldie vampire and then - early 80's zombies I got from old buddy. Hope you like it.

As for the bad news for me - there're still 22 models still to be collected and painted to complete the first core unit of the company. Quite a lot of work ahead...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lich Lord (not Lichemaster though) - review and walkthrough, part 5

It is finished! The paintjob is done!
Finally! That was traumatic experience and it's SO good to have it behind me.

As I wrote it the previous posts working on this thing was huge pain in the ass. I think the worst thing was assembly - that is model had to be painted assembled so manipulating was just very uncomfortable. Best example - banners. Painting them separated would be much easier and would bring better results than what you can see. I also didn't like sculpted sandglass and death - I'd prefer these banners plain or sculpted a'la Henrich Kemmler's apron - assembled bits of face skin. Really grim and totally badass!

As for the good things: all in all I like it, it's pretty striking sculpt which will surely pop out of infantry regiments. It's messy but I wouldn't expect anything cleaner from long dead evildoer.

What next?
Well in the meantime I managed to get some oldie Undead (heh, history made a full circle - I got rid of of core of my Undead army like 10 years ago?) and I'd like to build small, oldschool army, based on ~4-5 WFB edition models, or at least 90s' stuff.
Don't think that will be gaming but should look just cool in the display case.

Ok, that's it for now. Time to plan the overall shape of Undead army. And play Dark Omen!

And just to keep things more less tidy - here are links  to prior Lich lord posts if anyone's interested: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. See you soon!