Sunday, February 19, 2023

The secret kohorts #3

It took much longer then I was hoping for but finally another bunch of Algeroth's cult members left painting desk ready to spread chaos and destruction around. 
Just like with the first and the second squad I tried color coherency. Sadly once again the robes turned out more rapsberry then bloody red. There are still 3 more cultist models waiting, so maybe they will get properly red rags.

Cuz Algeroth likes red.
So like it Speed Freekzzz 😁

My spies claim that within about 2 weeks fully painted Mishima battalion should be deployed in Elbląg. That means feeding time for Dark Legion beasts. Hope those Mishima-wimps won't just flee, becase I hope to assemble battle report. These housecoats should look great marching on green battlefield...