Saturday, September 18, 2021

Blood Bowl rat ogre

Eeek! Eeek! 🐭

As mentioned after finishing ogre mercenary clubber I was considering starting Blood Bowl team and there's quite a big chance it's going to be Skaven team. Although I've played the game only once, I deeply believe I can play any game as long as I like the models. 

And those stinky, eeking, sneaky creatures are just so damn cool...

But before purchasing any new model (skaven or any other) I decided to paint a test piece just to see what can I achieve to support the Blood Bowl league. Few years back I got pair of placcy rat ogres. These were supposed to be base for some sci-fi conversion, but it turned out I hated these plastic crap so much they both landed on the top of Pile of Shame. 

Until last week, when one of these has been excavated...

Not sure this one's going to become a player, but I am sure I wanted to test some colors planned for the team. Skaven are pretty dirty (and stinky...) creatures so to provide some contrast I picked white for clohing and yellow for armour. That should look pretty effective worn by gray-ish creature standing on green grass.

At first I wanted tu use static grass applicator - haven't tried adding static grass on normal size base yet, but it turned out it got broken during last moving. Started digging in the hobby box and found some old modelling flock. It's really old - I guess I got it like 10-15 years ago? 

It's nothing like static grass, but looks just fine as Blood Bowl field.
Add green base edge to this and we're back into 90's again! 🥳

I am pretty pleased about this test piece. Apart the fact generally I hate plastic models I could use is for gaming. Looking at the pics and model in th flesh there's something missing. Some strong, focal point. I was thinking about some fresh blood on the claw or on bandages (or on both) or maybe some reddish dirt around bandages. 
I'll think about it - there's no need to be hasty while painting miniatures.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ogre mercenary #5

So looks like the last of the ogres has just been crossed off the List ov Shame 🤗 
I must say I am really happy to see the last member of the unit (most probably the leader!) finished but I'm pretty surprised it took me so long to get the job done.

I mean: no matter how much I like it the model is nothing big or complicated (like some multipart, paint in the ass dragon or something similar) and the painting was just fun - it's the magic of models from mid 90's I guess. Maybe I've been carried away too far by Bolt Action and WW2 related stuff. Neverming - it's good to be back in ye Olde Worlde 😁

At this moment I am correcting paintjob on one the ogres and looking for the proper display base for them. Next I'm going to try some speedpainting on skeleton unit so I can finally take a picture of (slowly) rising Army of the Dead...