Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Converted Hellhound - "Dagon" (under construction)


The previous post was quite a success (apparently there's still large demand for vehicles in the hobby) so here's another one coming: Hellhound.
I've always liked this model - the concept of 20 ton fire spitter wreaking havoc on the battlefield is just delicious! Original model EE was nothing special though - bag of bits to be added onto Chimera hull. Not mentioning these were rather silly bits - I mean, for fuck's sake - napalm tanks outside the tank? Just under rotating flamer turret???

Easy now... Easy... Inhale... Exhale...

So recently I've spotted really cool Chimera conversion - basicaly the turret section was moved back + some other minor changes. After spending some time browsing google pics it turned out such modification is quite popular - it makes the tank just sweet.
I decided to give a try to something similar. Not mentioning I had some oldschool tank crewman almost totally forgotten buried in the pile of shame.

I got the model and started cutting. I was shit scared - I've never performed such a severe operation on brand new model before. Hands were shaky but it was a success.
Below is overall shape - decision was made not to add too much extras (tools, weapon cases, spikes, whatever) on the model. I imagine it as Ash Wastes war machine - it has only what's absolutely necessary and nothing more.

I already have idea for another one - also converted model, which will be either mobile communication center (with some extra armour and 'uuuge antenna), engineering vehicle (dozer blades) or tank / bunker destroyer (lascannons). This one will be painted with greens and shall be named Hydra ooor... Dagon 2*.

Anyway - here's the model shortly after surgery:

And here - after some airbrush fun.
I must say after taking masking film off I had very mixed feelings about the result - in fact I wanted to repaint it right away. But after some time I though there's a chance it won't be horrible in the end:
there'll be lots of parts painted with metalics, there'll be chipped paint, crew should also distract viewers' attention from the browns.
Yeah... There might be potential to be excavated in the end!
Not mentioning out battlefield is painted with browns mostly so tank should fit it just fine. Hope you like it so far.

Btw - there's 5th member of EM4 scavengers gang in the back, 4 more to be repainted and there'll be another full painted Necromunda gang in mu possession! Mwah,hah,hah,ha,haaaa...

*Lovecraft be praised!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Post-apo mydelnitshka (or necro-Trabant)

Hey again,

This time something unusual: I wrote most of the post in May 2015, but somehow didn't manage to paint it until now. But since I am about to convert another post-apo tank I needed something smaller to test some paints.

First - It was supposed to look bit different but all in all I like the final effect.
The whole idea was born shortly after my kiddo got another vehicle for his fleet: 
most of them are modern cars (that is: something what you can actually meet on the street) but this one was something special: Trabant, East Germany roller of doom.

I remember those cars were riding our streets when I was kid (mostly before Poland got back independence, 1989) but started vanishing after the iron curtain went up.
Anyway I don't have any nice memories about this car but I really like it's weirdo shape: kinda reminds me Ghostbusters' car and my first thought about it was: 
"I want to see Genestealer cultist behind the wheel!".

Some time ago I spotted the car in the youngling's toy box, on the very bottom of it. Wheels were missing and there were also othe minor damage.
Such a defect was enough to discourage kid from playing with the car... 
But definitely wasn't enough to discourage daddy...

All I all I didn't do anything bad, in fact I saved the toy!
Instead of leaving it forgotten in the toy box I decided to give it new live and look!
So what I had to sneak to baby's room when he was sleeping to stea... eee... retrie... eee... eee... eee... SAVE it! Yeah, that's proper word: I saved the toy.
My toy now...My... Preciousss...

Anyway I wanted to see it on the battlefield so I had to adjust the thing to post-apo world: first I removed the floor and removed the guts - didn't think these will be useful anymore. Then the hatch was added with the only driver I found available, I regret I had no head suitable for genestealer cultist (yeah, yeah - scale is bit screwed).
Windshield and rest of glass were cut off and replaced with mesh and then it turned out there was still enough space inside to put the guts back - seats, steering wheel and front panel. Barely visible through the mesh.
The car was supposed to cut endless and treachous wastes so mesh only wasn't enough for comfortable (and safe) ride: because original lights were removed I added searchlight from Chimera set. About 40l of oil is surely not enough for conquering the desert so a solid drum was chained on the back and the last thing: wheels.
I was looking for sth from GW set but didn't find any spares, then checked Ramshackle's offer but those were slightly too big and then, like a bolt of lightning came another idea: Lego!
Thank Cthulhu getting single pieces is no problem now - set of wheels was delivered to my office in no time. I had to elevate the suspension a bit to make them fit the body but because wheels are pretty wide and massive the whole thing got cool buggy - look.
Mad Max style!

So here's the thing.
I am still thinking about placing it ont the base but it's not cool enough for display case and besides - I want it to see lots of combat, and large base would only disturb gaming.
Hope you like it!