Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zombies, zombies, zombies....

Howdy ho!

Believe or not there's more Demi spam!
I myself can actually barely believe it considering pathetic small amount time I can spend on the hobby...
Anyway the first thing is the fact I managed to re-take and replace pics of Barry, the bolter massacrator, which have been published in the previous post.
If you remember the old pics they were really poor, if you don't: well just consider yourself lucky guy ^^

While I was taking that photo I also managed to take some shots of latest plague zombie (which turned out to be 16th model painted in 2012 anno Cthulhi).
If you know the original model you can see this one has been slightly modified: gun holster on right hip has been replaced with water container from placcy IG model and the bone club in right hand was replaced with fuel canister.
There are 2 reasons for this:
- it's the second same sculpt in the gang so I wanted them to differ a bit
- I got it on Ebay together with some other models and apparently previous owner "borrowed" club and holster.

The pics are pretty grainy which was caused by using zoom while taking them. Next time I will try to take them from a distance - similar to the family postcard.
Last Tuesday the Dremel multi-tool was delivered.
Good news is there was a promotion: I got free LEGO set so looks like my kid will get a nice present when he stops trying to eat everything he can put into his gaping mouth ^^

But there's also bad news:
while I was getting the tool there was an information there are all drills and pieces I needed (to assemble the big models).
Unfortunately when I opened the box it turned out that was just a Dremel propaganda ><
So I had to visit local power tools dealer to get the missing part. Can you imagine this small thingy costed nearly 20% of the whole Dremel set?!?!?
It is equally fucked up to ordering single bits from Forge World...
Oh well - it's an investment after all so now there's not turning back.

And something funny for the end:
about last weekend I read I won WD subscription limited dwarf model on bloggy (thanks Zaphod!). All I had to do was adding that log to the watched list ^^
Looks like I know who will become leader of my small Mordheim warband.

That's all for now - the next updade should appear when the big models are assembled.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daddy got some big toys!

Hey again,

Once again I am quite surprised about hobby activities  here:
few months back I was unable to get few hours to paint a single model and now new stuff is coming out every week!

So what is it this time?
For starters I managed to finish the little gift model  (still have no idea about the manufacturer). Painting such a small bugger was interesting experience but I'm afraid that's it for me: I definitely prefer 25/28 mm scale stuff.
As you can see some tuft was used on the base - I am really glad I got this material, so there'll be lots of it used on the next project*
I know it doesn't look spectacular but remember it's pretty tiny thing. Too bad I didn't take a photo of coin or sth in background to show the scale - the model is on the way now so maybe the recipient will do that.

An update without anything about Necromunda is wasted update so this time it's something else then another zombie.
Last week I borrowed a few of my opponent's gangers, chose one I liked the best and decided to slap some paint on it. The guy doesn't paint at all and I am going seriously sick and tired of playing against barely undercoated models - especially now, when I can field 100% painted Scavvies and Goliaths.
The ganger below (Barry) was painted using some colors tested recently:
1. to fit the photo - background
2. to fit colors I want to paint the battlefield with.
Single Van Saar model doesn't make Scavvies take their stuff and leave the Underhive (even ganger using fucking bolter...) so I hope to paint few of his buddies shortly.

And now something big.
Something REALLY big. It's not only bit but there are 4 of these! O_o
Yesterday I went to post office to pick up the parcel. I was expecting to recieve painting commission models.
Then I saw the box my fitst thought was: OMFG, the guys probably wants me to paint the vacuum cleaner ^^  Just check the size - little thing in the white circle is Barry.

Inside there was no vacuum but 4 smaller boxes...

And inside them there were such toys:

The plan for coming days is cleaning the model and assembling it somehow. Looks like I am forced to get Dremel multi-tool after all. Since it was made using 3D programming the parts should fit well. I cannot imagine correcting any mistakes on such a monster.

These models will surely consume lots of time so don't expect new zombie-spam from me shortly. Unless I decide to share pics of assembled that is.

'Till the next time!

*next not Necromunda related project that is ^^

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The bunker is not empty yet

That's right:

not only it's not empty, but there are still some rotting bastards coming out!
Just like before a plague zombie came out searching for some fresh brains.

It surely came out for lured by fresh corpse aroma but also by small painting contest organized by Tuffskull on his bloggy: Paintmaster 2012.
I don't think it's  typical contest entry - especially it's just another member of my gang, but I like the sculpt so much and also the way it turned out I just couldn't resist using it for anything more than cannon fodder during game.

I already mentioned photo station has been moved into new spot which result you can see here - especially on the last photo: it's way too much light on the model =/
I regret I haven't noticed it earlier but what the hell - all what matters is the model look nice behind the glass, together with rest of the gangers.

One of the pics has been added to the WH40K gallery so if I manage to keep this speed all of my models should get there in about 50 years ^^

Speaking of Necromunda - because I had a day off for donating blood and recently we hired babysitter I was able to sneak out to gaming room in the middle of the day (!) to work a bit on the game table in peace and quiet.
So far the only thing done is base layer of styrofoam but I already have the idea for the next (and the last) module so finally I can use all remaining bits, throw away unused junk and clean the fucking mess in the gaming cellar! There's not a chance to see the table finished yet this year yet I'll do my best - it's one of the things I promised to myself after passing the exam. Here's current stage of works:

What else?
While painting the scaly (actually while waiting for washes to dry) I picked another model to be painted next. This little fucker is sth quite special:
- it's the only model I have in 10mm scale (I guess it's 10mm that is) 
- I got it from great buddy of mine - mahon
- it will become a gift for someone even more special: my bro =]

As for the jar thing - all guests on my brother's wedding got souvenirs: some olive oil and some olives in small jars (3 years of living in Spain has finally blasted his mind).
I thought it will be nice surprise to prepare a model dedicated to the wedding  so decision was made to make a small diorama which could be placed in the jar. And it turned out the archer was the only model suitable for the job. Don't think painting can take more than 2 evenings but I will do my best to give this model some character - we'll see.

Heavy support for my gang has arrived: ~145 credits worth scaly armed with spear gun.
I am very happy the model is finished and even more happy I cannot field more than 2 of these. Even though I love most of original Necromunda line scalies are fucking awful models... But colors used should make them blend into the gang pretty fine and using originals instead of really big troll-based model is quite game-wise ^^

The spear gun is also strange device: in theory it can act really nasty but takes lots of time to reload, costs lots of credits and scaly is not the best sniper material. But is has the potential: I remember only one situation of piercing 3 models with a single shot and since then scaly spreads aura of terror among models keeping too close together on the battlefield =D
Anyway here it is - not as nice as I was hoping for but more than enough for the campaign:

And the last thing: actually the cherry on the rotting cake ^^
Since the scaly makes nearly half of the gang painted the way I want (more-less) I dragged the models to the gaming bunker and you can see the result below.

After a few shots I chose the most sharp yet using some GIMP  was necessary. I am afraid when all the models are ready I will have to buy crate of beers, pack the models and visit mahon for the photo session. Scavvies deserve everything the best =]