Tuesday, December 26, 2023

M8 Scott "Bushmaster"

I didn't think I might get anything painted yet in 2023 but I guess that only means miniature painters must fight to the very end on hobby front. This little cutie is actually accidental paintwork. Last months our small Bolt Action community got 2 more recruits so I am trying to get my ass back into gaming. After preparing new section of forest I was asked about playing game from Normandy selector. Personally Normandy war theatre for me is as good as any other as long as I have proper models and here I can provide my G.I.s with M8 Scott Howitzer Motor Carriage - which is just really cool looking model.

I've painted such thing before at the beginning of COVID isolation 3 years ago but don't think it was ever tested in proper gaming. Besides shortly after it was turned into Easter gift for my son (when I was still hoping to infect him with miniatures hobby). 
Anyway he got it almost 3 years ago and I got it back maybe 1,5 year ago? That was pretty sad experience for me: not only he turned it back but also model was kinda ruined. They were having some renovation at home and whole model was covered with thick layer of plaser powder or something. Model was fucked - definitely wasn't display piece anymore. 

The piece has been starring at me all that time until I decided to get my shit together and make it useful once again. The paint has been washed off so the howitzer could support Americans fighting against zee Germanz in Normandy. M8 Scott is nice and simple model. US models were painted just olive so getting it done didn't take much time. Despite that some shading, decals and weathering can make any model look interesing and believable. 

Did my best trying NOT to get into weathering frenzy again. Hope my trusty G.I.s can make proper use of this thing kicking German army out of Normandy sector: 

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Big forest

After dealing with some Warhammer Fantasy puppies and repainting Bolt Action winter G.I. squad decision was made to improve game table a bit. Some time ago I've managed to assemble small piece of forest, but after using it for over 2 years I've realised I want something bigger. For 2 reasons:

1. It provides more tactical options during the game.
2. Decently made terrain feartures look great on battlefield and on photos, which is double important if you are planning posting battle report. Especially when it comes to Bolt Action.

This piece was made more less same way as the previous one. I wanted it to be useful for gaming purposes so you can remove trees to move even large units or models inside (tanks,  warbeasts or whatever). It's pretty large terrain feature (~24" x ~18") so decision was made to cut it with a path, so units can cross it this way without penalty. Otherwise this thing would be just a line blocker most of the time probably.

I wasnt's sure about final result when I started working on these Heki trees (they still are pretty fragile despie all the varnish I sprayed over it) but I really like the final result. This is the first wood / forest piece I've ever had which shows the scale of models staggering around ^^ 
There's an empty space in the middle so I'm going to add another tree to make it look pretty thick from above of from a distance. I should have enough materials for another 6 ot 7 "trees strong" piece of wood so sooner or later my game table shoud get even more dense.

So here're the piccies:

Below - column of US vehicles crossing cutting the forest:

Most of trees are removable so any model can easily get inside:

Even such big as Mercurian Maculator!!! 

Cat is banned from entering the forest but it's ok for showing the scale.:

And some pics from the gaming bunker. Looking at this now I am sure I want another one! ^^
If anyone's interested those sweet buildings come from Black Grom Studio. And since we're here - big thanks to Andrzej from Terrains4Gamers for ideas and actually encouraging me to give this project a shot. You can surely call youself godfather of this piece! 😁

Cannot wait to test this piece in combat!

Thursday, December 7, 2023


When it comes to Bolt Action in my opinion what makes the games pop, are dense battlefields: with all those buildings, roads, fields, trees etc. So when I was starting my Bolt Action adventure I tried to build some trees and hedges to protect my trusty GIs from enemy's deadly gaze. This was actually my first attempt to create such terrain, and after several years of using is looks like crap: foliage is falling off and bushes flattened so they lost lots of combat value. Not mentioning it looks just bad.

So some time ago I decided to build something much more battle damage resistant. The hedges below are assumed to represent boccage which is almost impenetrable obstacles from Normandy battlefields. These are based on thick sponge covered with several layers of modelling flock and grinded sponge. Not sure it looks realistic but thank to more-less same size it's just great for gaming purposes. Might build several more to have enough green walls to place homestead or ploughfield within them. Models presented for scale purposes. 

The buildings used are from Black Grom Studio - I can definitely recommend that manufacturer! You can see some close ups of building I've assembled here. Take care!

Below you can see old terrain pieces. I was thinking about getting rid of those trees, but I might just replace foliage with something decent and these still might find some use 🤔