Monday, June 8, 2020

FULLY PAINTED Bolt Action US army

So looks like it finally happened:
after few years of gaming my US army is fully painted and ready to spread democracy among gaming tables, with fire, explosives and air raids!

I had little somthing to write about every unit in the force but now, looking at them presenting together I am just glad whole project is finished. 
Can't remember I've been taking army pics every before but really like that crawling mass, reminds me good old Sudden Strike RTS. If anyone's interested buildings are from Black Grom Studio. And if you want some close ups check the labels under post or on the panel (there's 200 letters space limit under posts).

Hope you like the family shots:

And some pics from the painting station. Finally got the reason to clean it up...

I wonder if such a mass is sellable at all...

Monday, June 1, 2020

US Rangers (Bolt Action)


Looks like we've reached end of the local COVID panic.
Must say it was rather annoying period with whole that bullshit being streamed by media (mostly official media) and lots of people acting stupid.
Positive side of staying home for me was saving some models from the Pile of Shame, which for a wargamer is always something to be proud of.
And the last project labeled COVID-19 was unit of Rangers for my Bolt Action US army.

This unit is actually the last piece planned to consider US army project finished.
Sure, there are still remains waiting for some care and attention (eg. gen. Patton, M40 GMC), but those are contest pieces, gifts and other similar stuff - definitely nothing on the must-have war list.

The unit is mix of models from different brands: Artizan, Black Tree, Stoessi's Heroes and West Wind. To make them look coherent altogether I was painting whole squad same time - for the very first time in my hobby life actually. Wanted to check the painting quality drop caused by "speed painting" (which wasn't really fast in my case to be honest). 
I also practiced using airbrush for painting uniforms (like on US light mortar crew).

I think results are at least acceptable, which is good news for someone considering starting mass French army...

What I learnt is being careful (very careful!) with applying dry pigments on intantry models. From my experience the more of this stuff you put on vehicles the better, but in case of infantry pieces tuu much pigments may screw the paintwork. These below are supposed to be dirty (Rangers lead the way! after all) but colors were much more vivid before I blessed them with magic powder and pigment binder. 
Oh well, apparently it's never too late to leart something useful...