Monday, October 8, 2018

Some more Bolt Action bits and bobs

Right... Until now I was actually hoping to paint something else than Bolt Action miniatures but this stuff is way too tempting for me...

So here's official statement: 
it's the last Bolt Action stuff painted before finishing something else. 
Something totally different!
Most probably Great Unclean One or at least something similar size...

So what's on menu today? 
First of all I've finished medium machine gun for US force. Haven't used it combat yet but I think it might have some potential: mostly dealing pin markers and hopefully taking down enemy soliders.

This particular one is Artizan version, I also have Warlord's model since US army can field more machine gun teams per slot than other armies. Huzzzah!!!
I really like Artizan's models, the only flaw of this set is shooter's face. I assume the mould was wearing off (or something) but half of the model's face was so screwed that it would fit Konflikt '47 better then Bolt Action as horrid result of Nazis experiments on POW...

All in all the model came back from that hell, got painted, armed to the teeth, well fed and so it's ready to take his revenge on zee Germanz!

Having support of machine gun is cool but having support of well placed machine gun is even better!
While waiting for paints to try I tried to assemble another tarrain piece for our battlefield. The idea was to make hill upgraded with some sand bags. All in all everything was quite quick and easy although result ain't that spectacular as I was hoping for.
Hill itself is made of two styrofoam sheets cut and shaped with hot wire and then covered with fine sand.
Sand bags are made of Milliput. Behind them there's just enough space for 60 mm base. Looking at this now I think they are bit too small and look more like bricks than sand bags. What do you think?
After paint dried most of hill was covered with PVA glue and sprinkled with static grass (finally I had occasion to use applicator built 1,5 year ago). And here's the result: 

And the last thing fot this time.
In the last post I mentioned about M3 Stuart tanks available for sale.
Well these two aren't available anymore since last week they started journey to England!
These models are cool and pretty nasty in combat (especially early Stuart's 23 machine guns' shots!) but don't really fit my game style and overall vision of the army. But since I don't like empty space in the glass case I've already ordered little something for my G.I.s:

M7 Priest is just supercool. That's it.
No idea about it's combat efficiency but I don't care - it's just too cool not to paint it.

And the other one is supposed to become taxi for my engineers squad: it's faster and at least half cheaper than M3 halftrack. just hope there's medium machine gun in the set.

So that's it for now, seeya!