Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello - for the last time in the shortest month of a year!

Last week there was not much going on in my hobby area. The reason of it was the fact I had to go to Univ for the weekend (Friday - Sunday) so the best time for painting was used for sth else...
Worseluck I'll have to go to Univ for the next 3 weekends in a row so March will be sad month for all my unpainted minis (especially Rackham beauties...).
On the other hand I think I should put worseluck in quotes because I must say I enjoy these studies. I've never thought I will say that after 5 ghastly years of studying law but things I learn now (valuation) are damn interesting!

I know not everyone has to be fan of estimating value of properties so let's go back to the main topic:

Definitely the greatest achievement of last days was finishing the second Hydra Warrior - pics were taken today and as always are nothing special (if I don't screw the mini with my painting I will do it with the pic taken...) but I think they are still better that average pics I manage to tak:.
This time I changed my stupid habit of using ton of varnish on each model and changed the color of background.
There's still one Hydra Warrior left to paint (it's base and group base are already prepared) so I hope to see the final effect pleasant to the eye - if someone likes zombies and overdone bases.

And speaking about taking pictures - last Monday I went to meeting of local professional photographers. I hope to get some help and useful tips how to take really fine pics of miniatures.
Who knows - maybe I can even convice them to take pics for me? :p
I don't even dare to expect Mahon's quality of photographs but it really pissess me off when I spend lots of time painting piece of lead and cannot properly show whole the effort to the public.

I said it before and I still claim the hobby isn't limited to miniatures only. Last week I got Call of Duty: World at war PS3 game. I was expecting a lot from this but after 15 mins in front of the screen I realised it was missed investment:
compared to Medal of Honor: Airborne the game is just fucking boring. Graphic is much better and there's no doubt about it but gameplay is just plane and no fun. I prefer shooting italian blackshirts than japanese regular army. I will try to finish it this week but I'm quite sure it will be put on internet auction within few days.

About the auctions - in about 12h auction for my Zombie Wolfen ends - so far no bids but 5 watchers. If I can't manage to get rid of it this time I think the model will become a gift or sth like that. Selling it cheap is no business but selling it cheaper is just stupid.

The last thing related to hobby happened today afternoon. When I came back and checked my mailbox I found email from one of guys from Wargamer's forum (polish forum about wargaming especialy about such not enough promoted in Poland, SADLY, games like Warzone- my hobby adventure started with Warzone btw, Chronopia, FoW and many others).
I was asked to be a judge in the coming Warzone painting contest. I agreed almost immediately (despite the fact I won't be ale to participate) - I've never been judging anything and it might be good fun! We'll see.

That's it for now - take care!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mid Nor adventure continues

Hey again!

Another week is passing so it's high time for some summarizing.
So first and probably the most important thing this week - I finished the first of 3 hydra warriors I have. I also finished display base for these wicked zombie-dwarfs and I hope to start painting warrior #2 today evening.
I said is before but have to say this again - can't remember when was the last time I was having so much fun painting minis before I got my Rackham delivery!

Speaking of Rackham stuff - yesterday I took some minis and washed them off. Some of them were half-assembled so I had to remove all superglue, modelling putty etc. There was some work with that but now models are waiting in string bags until I finish hydra warriors so I can start something much bigger like one of aberrations or one of trolls I have :)

But the world doesn't spin around french miniatures only. Last week FINALLY models ordered from goddamn Cytadela arrived. So yesterday I drilled, pinned, assembled and undercoated Rhulic Highshields. They will stay like this until I learn what is the theme of next NQ painting challenge - I'd like to use these dudes and one of plinths I got recently.
Tomorrow I'll try to contact with NQ team to check if they approved articles I wrote some time ago. I'd also like to know if photos of Red Hook are fine enough or do they want me to take new ones - the deadline is 01.03.2010.

In the parcel from Cytadela there was also plastic Chaos Lord from Warhammer 40000. I used this set + bits I have in the mysterious box to build lord and sorcerer. Both models have been assembled and undercoated today so I hope to start works on new servants of Nurgle as soon as possible - such minis are rather Ebay-friendly.

We all know the hobby is not only painting miniatures.
Last tuesday I finally visited Tat Studio to finish Great Cthulhu on my arm! After 4 painful hours the picture was nearly done... Nearly because the tissue didn't heal enough since previous needleplay so tattooist didn't want to risk screwing it by adding colors.
I will go there in month or two to finish whole thing but now my favorite Great Ancient One looks like this, this or this. At the moment it looks better (it's been 5 days since I got it) but the skin is still healing up.
On Friday the picture was presented in my workplace - I accidently forgot to wear long sleeve in the office. Funny thing - nobody told me absolutely anything about that. Actually all co-workers were pretty silent that day hehehe... ^^

So what else?
My zombie wolfen didn't find new home on Ebay and because I'm not going to use it for anything and because it totally doesn't fit my glass case I recided to put it on Ebay again. I dropped the price so I hope this time someone will take the miniature to new home.

The last thing for this post - because I finished Call of Duty: Airborne I ordered CoD: World at War and hope to see it in my PS3 tomorrow. We'll see if my rifle is enough to stop horrible banzai-charge of Japanese soliders.

That's all for now - see you next Sunday!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February belongs to Mid Nor!

Heya again!

Once again lots was going on in my hobby so without useless babbling - here's the weekly summary!

Last monday I contected with friend of mine about making some nice plinths for miniatures. The guy works with wood (bloody professional) so it wasn't anything difficult for him.
So after I brought him 150cm long piece of wood he turned it into several dozens of plinths - different shapes and sizes! Really can't wait to start mounting painted minis on these!

What else? At the beginning of passing week the mailman delivered yet another box of Rackham goodies for me!!!
This time there were models from orcs, goblins, undead and alchemists armies plus some extra goodies (like chaos creatures from Ilyad Games and really old zombie model (which manufacturer's I didn't manage to establish yet). Thanks Cthulhu I got another glass case for minis recently to keep these masterpieces!

Another surprising news for me was the fact I saw Death Guard squad painted at the beginning of this blog in CMON Top Last 7 Days! It was on the 10th place but who cares ^^ That only confirms my theory: if you want to make a career and big money on minis - paint Space Marines and Chaos Marines! Don't need anything more.
And speaking of earning money I'm still waiting for Chaos Lord ordered almost 2 weeks ago - it's probably the last time I am placing order in Cytadela.

Last week I also finished 2 minis: the first one is Red Hook painted for NQ. Taking quality photos was a pain in the ass - especially close ups. I'm afraid I like it much more in the flesh than on the screen or my pc. Pictures were sent to the magazine and I'm still waiting for the reply if these are fine enough for printing or not. I'm also waiting for email from Eric (Privateer Press team) about preparing another article for No Quarter.

The second mini painted a few days ago is Scourge Bearer from Nid Nor. Fuck me if that wasn't one of the most enjoyable models I had a pleasure to paint in my whole life!!!
The sculpt was nicely detailed and easy to work with but when I was basing the piece and suddenly realised whole "story" enclosed in this piece of metal - that just made my day!!!
It took me 2 evenings to spot the ragdoll ain't just some kind of rabbid doll but wears rabbit mask with breathing holes just like in Hannibal Lecter's mask!
Moreover models aren't just having a nice walk but the doll is conducting the zombie dwarf and is catting his halberd because dwarf has chained arms! So much details in such a tiny miniatures!

Yesterday I started preparing 4 Rackham minis for painting. I managed to assemble and prime 3 Hydra Warriors and moreover I made wooden base for these minis. It was also test of new drill I got for making ~25mm round sockets - perfect for display and contest miniatures.
The 4th model is Janos the Banished from Acheron deaders. It's arm was probably the smallest surface I had to pin during my long adventure with the hobby. Let's just hope I can give this model painting it deserves...

That's it for now - till the next Sunday!