Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No more posting

Hello all - after a long break.

Hello and actually good bye...
After several months of trying blogging it turned out I don't have enough time to prepare any decent blog material and sometimes just don't have enough time to write at all:

Real estate valuation practice takes most of my hobby time =(

So what does it mean?
Basically it mean I don't think I will write anything more here.
But there's also a good news:
I still have some materials nearly done and these will be posted (sooner or later) in the tutorials section of Plinth Country site.
Also there will be added a gallery so I hope to upload some of my stuff there.

Looks like there's not much left to add...
Thank you all supporters - short adventure with blogging wouldn't happen without you :)
If you ever need to contact me - you can find the email address on Plinth Country.

Take care!