Sunday, May 2, 2021

War wyvern #1

Apparently once again I got myself time travelling.

A while back I washed some oldie junk from the mysterious box I possess. It was pretty random mix of miniatures from the 90's. Sadly I've never seen any of those on the game table but always wanted to see them painted in the display case. Mid 90's was my very beginning in the  hobby, so I keep lots of heart for that sort of oldschool gems (check Carnifex or ogres if you also like such stuff).

This time my victim was Marauder's orc war wyvern and it's greenskin rider.
Orcs and goblins armybook was my first contact with Warhammer (thank you Marek for luring me into that tar pit πŸ˜‰), so models from that period still make an impression on me: 
wavy paper banners, vivid colors but mostly those supercool sculpts. 

Assembling the piece was quite a challenge - it's 100% metal, heavy model, so to make sure it wouldn't fall apart during painting I gave it double pinning. Originally it came with standard size square base, but it surely deserves more! On custom made base I could give it some elevation and I got something solid to pin the leg to.
Besides I could use the last gravestones I had in the bits box. I have a secret plan to paint and use all minis and bits I have before I leave this planet (that's the reason of Sherman turret on Carnifex' base btw).

As for painting I am not sure I wanted to make it similar to the official paintjob, definitely wanted to see it bright and vivid - it's 90's model after all!
Don't really like posting unfinished stuff but the work pressed me strong enough I had to put the brushes away. The shaman has to wait - looking forward too see it sitting on the wyvern's back, casting spells on enemies of Gork and Mork!

Some pics:

The pile ov magic:

The beast:

Ready for painting:

The wyvern:

See ya in the past!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


After providing German army with the pink love machine the time has come to get something nice for the US force. Especially because I want to try something new on enemy Italians...

The general idea is to save some precious points by replacing "normal" tank by mobile AA battery - Italians use mostly light vehicles so HMG battery supported by anti-tank gun should be enough for them. And once again I've found something cool in the Warpainter's offer.
Must say the model available there is much better then Warlord's - much sharper and better detailed. There was some spare space around the gun so I also got stowage set - just to add some shames and colors to make whole piece look (hopefully) more interesting.

The turret you can see has been salvaged from the failed Krautmower project - that model has never seen the battlefield anyway so it became perfect candidate for parts donor. 
The turret is metal (Warlord) and I prefered some extra weight on the back, instead of printed battery. The barrels have been replaced with thin rods - original barrels are just way too bendy for safe transport and gaming.

I was pretty satisfied about the paintwork - it was pretty clean and bright, but when weathering came I just got carried away... Again... On the other hand war is a dirty hell πŸ™„

That's it for now, time to roll the new toy out and shoot some nazis... πŸ’€

Saturday, April 3, 2021

M8 Easter egg

Some quick bloggy feeding before bringing something more serious πŸ˜‰
Easter daemon is nearly here but looks like the video game I ordered for my kid won't arrive before middle of May πŸ˜‘ Stupid thing, but none self-respecting dad can leave the kid without a souvenir on Easter, Xmas or any other similar occasion, correcto?

Several times before he mentioned he likes M8 Scott I painted recently so decision was made the model needs new home and new master. It was painted for gaming purposes but it actually never seen game table which makes is even better gift: no bullet holes etc. 

And since the howitzer got promoted to the special gift, it also recieved special display base - it simply makes storing easier and looks much better from a distance. Besides just like in case of Mordred the Damned I put some special dedication on the bottom.

The piece is attached to the base by 2 cut screws - this prevent model from falling off but at the same time it can be taken off any time to stand against  boy's LEGO horde 😊 

Merry Easter lockdown!

Thursday, April 1, 2021


My acid odyssey is still on apparently. 
See no other reason why my, usually dark and monotone, painting turned into cosmic rainbow or war candy... πŸ€” 

And here's another one: SdKfz 166, SturmgeschΓΌtz IV fΓΌr 15cm StuH 43, nicknamed Brummbar (that is: Grouch). Must say I like short name much better.

In Bolt Action the piece is damn tough, heavy howitzer but the model wasn't painted for gaming. It was commissioned by friend of mine after she spotted pink Autoblinda
As for the model it's another Warpainter's marvel. The piece is sharp, all pieces match well and cleaning & preparations before painting were no  problem at all. Definitely recommended for both German commanders and little girls 😁 

The client likes it so I consider job done. Time to paint something green finally...

Monday, March 22, 2021

Carnifex (Warhammer 40000)

Apparently I must be really fed up with winter, COVID and life in general, because my painting got pretty weird and colorful recently
And if pink Autoblinda was weird even for my standards, that Carnifex is just acid! πŸ€ͺ

Acid or not - I like the final result: good acid... 
So is the model: it's true eyecatcher in my mostly monotone display case. 
In fact I wanted to paint this model for quite a long time. In my opinion it's one of the coolest piece from old Tyranids line:
massive, menacing, fu#king badass! Not even mentioning that cutie-cutie mouth! πŸ€—

I had some ideas for painting the thing but after spotting some rainbow crabs photos decision was made to follow the path of Slaanesh. Which actually brought the model pretty close to the official paintwork from the 90's.

The model is big and colorful so I gave it bright, beach base for stronger contrast. 
To present the scale I added tank turret from M4 Sherman tank (parts from proper 40k vehicles run out long time ago - most of them were used for DagonMjolner and Beast 666). Fluffwise I imagine if leaving the nest / den / whatever is where these bastards live, to examine what emerged from the ocean of sand: 
there still might be some meaty snack inside after all! Told you it's cute! πŸ₯°

The base is pretty large, but the model definitely deserves it. Not mentioning the fact it prevents if from falling, during the heat of battle (I really hate fixing chipped paint). I got the base with M2A1 howitzer - it was too large for medium  artillery piece (didn't fit ruins and buildings) but it's perfect for self-respecting alien creature.

So here it is, hope you like it:

After uploading the pics I see the bone parts are way too clean and flat - they are getting additional layer of wash and pigments for stronger contrast. I also realised I run out of gloss varnish / water effect - it should be used on underbelly and mouth - crabs (and cosmic crabs in particular!) should these areas  seem to be wet. 
Added to the list...

Monday, March 8, 2021

Autoblinda: pink horror ov war

Apparently I had to vent after painting some more green models for my US force recently, so decided to achieve that by painting something as far from olive green as possible 😁
I got this model quite a long time ago, but is was just collecting dust in the glass case - there's not much fun of military model which cannot be used in Bolt Action (it's 1:48 scale). 

So since I wanted to paint something eyecatching and practice pink/purple before starting some Purple Hand cultists, that pink monstrocity has been spawned... 😈

Looking at it now I think such models are just very good way to turn attention of little wargamers' daughters from magic ponies, cute princesses, care bears and other similar crap to military wargaming. If any of you have a small daughter - feel free to borrow the idea. 
After all: ain't war hell? πŸ˜‹