Monday, January 17, 2022

Dusk Realm Demon (Chronopia)

So it has finally happened: the second of 3 models from Chronopia range in my possession has just been painted. Must admit I got this one long, long time ago although I've never been big fan of Chronopia minis. Haven't been even small fan to be absolutely honest...

Chronopia models are definitely oldschool but apart from literally several models (Myrmadon still is supercool) I don't like them at all - no idea why. I suppose when the system was still alive I used to compare it with Warhammer Fantasy Battle and it was no match for GW stuff. 

Anyway among few models I like is Dusk Real Demon and it's only because of it's cute pig face. I had no idea what to do with that model so I gave it 40 mm square base so it fits zombie / skeleton units in HOM&M Undead Army project (if I ever get it finished).
I like strong contrast between flesh and armour, but must admit the armour turned out bit too dark because once again I've overdone oils and pigments. Nevermind - it's just enough for gaming (if I ever manage to roll out my undead / demon army).

Oink! Oink! 🐷

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Cybertronic vs Legion battle report

Shortly after recent unexpected meeting of Cybertronic and Dark Legion patrols, noise of another battle has shaken the surface of Mars. Cybertronic drones have spotted column of flame bursting among rock formations not far in the south of the base, which might be sign of gas or oil deposit the corporation has been looking for. Therefore strong patrol led by one of clones of doctor Diana has been sent immediately to examine and secure the discovery.

A.I. patrol arrived with no delay, but just after cyborgs spotted the burning flame shambling horde of undead legionnaires emerged from behind the hill and rock formations. Apparently also Legion's tekrons found that phenomenon worthy examining...

So we had another Warzone game on dedicated battlefield. 
This time we were supposed to test some more home rules my opponent made up recently, but instead of simple modification of 1st ed. rules, he brought statistics from Ultimate Warzone mixed with old mechanics and "booster" cards you can see on the table. All units got statistics reduced so even once-powerful single models became quite pathetic. 
Because of rules modification the game was nothing like classic Warzone match but it also was breath of fresh, martian air. We will give this project a chance for sure.

Forces of Cybertronic: 
-    Eradicator Deathdroid, 
-    dr Diana,
-    cuirassier Attila,    
-    1 squad of mirrormen, 
-    1 squad of machinators, 
-    2 squads of chasseurs. 

Forces of Legion:
-    nepharite of Algeroth,
-    ezoghul
-    razide, 
-    2 squads of praetorian stalkers,
-    2 squads of necromutants, 
-    2 squads of undead legionairees.

Both sides emerged from the deployment zones trying to catch cenrte of the battlefield. We agreed to play 6 rounds and the winning condition is securing the burning crater after 6th round ends. Crawling undead formed a wide line keeping most of infantry in the middle, while ezoghoul rushed forward to lure out deadly Eradicator Deathdroid from the cover. The cuirassier took careful aim at advancing ezoghoul, but none of bullets managed to penetrate exoskeleton from such a distance.

On eastern side squad of mirrormen supported by chasseurs advanced trying to secure flanking position, but they for under praetorian stalkers' deadly supressing fire. Despite having best armour Cybertronic could provide - two mirrormen were hit and destroyed.

Necromutant commando advanced trying to find some cover against chasseurs' fire and greet Eradicator with a flamethrower. Deathdroid moved forward to get as many deaders as possible within range of gigadeath chainripper and built-in flamethrower. Dry deaders burn better then logs of wood...

Since Eradicator showed it's position, ezoghoul was ordered to move back to capture the objective after situation in the centre is clear. At the same time praetorian stalkers once again opened deadly fire towards advancing cyborgs, gunning down 3 chasseurs.

Cybertronic force advanced to get the positions around the crater. They managed to take down few legionnaires and necromutants but this definitelly wasn't enough to stop or even make slow crawling mass undead. In responce Nepharite ordered to open fire from all guns available. Salvo of 30 or so assault rifles must have taken it's toll: a few more chasseurs and two machinators were taken out of action. Even Eradicator got it's armour plates scratched!

The next turn started with Eradicator: the death device advanced to torch whole squad of necromutants! The first salvo scorched 2 mutants, another salvo took 2 more out of action.
Eradicator was close now, so both units of undead legionnaires were ordered to advance and open fire at closest range possible. Unfortunately about 20 shots managed to cause only a single wound: 
thick armour supported by life-saving mechanisms make deathdroid almost unstoppable!

Seeing what happened to necromutants, the nepharite commander ordered ezoghoul to charge Eradicator, hoping tear it apart or at least engage in close combat for long enough so the remaining forces can open fire once again. Seconds later nepharite also charged deathdroid from behind the smoke screen, but combined attack caused only 2 more wounds - Cybertronic was still deadly!

On eastern flank operator of Tormentor flamethrower has finally reached the target: 2 chasseurs were burnt to death within seconds which caused blind panic to the survivors.
Since the flank has just been secured, the other squad of necromutants advanced to the centre of the battlefield to support core of Dark Legion force.

On the eastern side praetorian stalkers have disengaged mirrormen and advanced opening deadly fire consuming some chasseurs and the last machinator. In exchange one of stalkers has been mortally but it was fair price to pay for Cybertronic losses.

Eradicator recieved one more wound, but it was still standing!
It managed to leave close combat and then spat burning napalm on surrounding zombies. Few survivded only because they were out of range of the scorcher.

In the last turn ezoghoul and centurion charged barely-working Eradicator, hoping to inflict the final wound and take that beast out of action. At the same time Scorpion tried to lay smoke screen to cut off praetorian stalkers, who alrady moved on firing positions:
it missed and shortly after it's been torn apart by concentrated machine guns fire.

In the very last moments of the battle, necromutants fired at remaining squad of chasseurs making them panic, but it couldn't change the game result: 
whole centre of the field has been dominated by Dark Legion's spawn, and there was absolutely nothing barely-active Eradicator could do about it. The battle was over. 

As I wrote it after the previous game - it was great to see old models in action once again. Apart from the fact Warzone game is just fun, we're pretty nostalgic about it here - hobby started for us because of Warzone around 1996/1997. 
Because of severe rules and statistic modifications the battle was nothing like Warzone 1ed - no more overboosted characters and one-man-armies. Instead of initiative rolls we used "booster cards" which could help activate faster but also boost statistics during the game: it wan't the fastest way but it brought some tactical thinking at the beginning of each turn. This element is yet to be tested.

Hope you enjoyed the battle report - especially whole that FX-fung-fu by opponent performed on some the the photos. Can't wait to paint some more Dark Legion's bloodthirsty servants to throw them on Cybertronic once again! 💀

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Gorkamorka mutie raider

The damn snow is outside to decision was made to paint something warm. And post-nuclear apocalypse desert seems warm enough 🌞

The model below is olschool mutie raider from Gorkamorka game. 
I got this beautie maybe like 10 years ago but until now had no idea what to do with it: never played Gorkamorka and now models are hard to get, but even worse - quite overpriced. Expensive enough to make me stay away from the game anyway.

Since it's unique model in my collection I decided to give is a display base. I don't think I play any game it could be used for. The steed got pretty strong fleshtone to make nice contrast to dusty base. As for the raider at first I wanted to give it pale fleshtone but all in all it got some unhealthy suntan. After all - it's a mutant, not a deader!

The photos quality is much better (imo) especially if compared with test photos taken last month. It's still not what I'd like to see on monitor but I'm sure going in the right direction. Maybe I should use some different backgrounds...

Judge for yourself:

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Selling 2000 pts Bolt Action army

The time has come. I am selling my trusty Bolt Action US force. Don't have spare space for more models and that might be opportinity to change sides: always wanted to paint some more Axis stuff...

Selling what you can see below. All models painted with acrylics, sealed, with bases done. All models apart from vehicles are metal from: Warlord, West Wind, Artizan, Black Tree, Stoessi's Heroes. Metal is tougher then resin or metal and US GIs are toughest  of all! 💀 

For gaming I prefer regulars so here's the list of units + point cost: 

  • 1st liutenant regular inc. assistant 85 
  • medic regular inc. assistant 33 
  • forward air observer 75 
  • 10x regular infantry inc. SMG & BAR 108 
  • 12x REG infantry inc.SMG,  2 BAR 128 
  • 11x REG infantry inc. 2 BAR 125 
  • 6x veteran infantry, 4 SMG, 2 BAR 113  
  • 2x MMG section regular 100 
  • 2x regular flamer section 100 
  • 1x regular bazooka team 60 
  • heavy mortar regular 65 
  • medium mortar regular 50 
  • light mortar regular 40 
  • heavy AT cannon 110 
  • medium AT cannon 75 
  • medium howitzer + spotter 85
  • Chaffee 185 
  • Hellcat 190 
  • Greyhound 135 
  • Jeep, MMG 36 
  • 2x Dodge, MMG 92 
  • Jeep,transport 21

If you are interested - contact me for details (contact form in right panel) or visit Bolt Action buy / sell group on Facebook. Shipping worldwide.