Tuesday, September 22, 2020

KV-2 (work in progress)

This time heavy piece of soviet w.i.p. rolled in: KV-2 tank.

Looks like it's the beginning of the second Bolt Action army so I can play with my son when he gets little older (by that time I should have enough of painted Soviets for 1000 pts game).
I loved this piece from the very first look: this monster is just so clanky, unproportional and just silly I had to paint it!

I realised until now I painted only like 3 winter themed models so these guys are gonna be white. Dirty white. Whitish...

At this moment I am waiting for the supplies delivery so I can add dirt, snow and more dirt (weathering is just the biggest fun in the painting business), but since model is nearly done I thought I could spill the beans and share the w.i.p. shots from the eastern front:

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Zombicide thing

This time something rather unusual: placcy piece from Zombicide board game.
Apparently the game is quite popular but I've never seen it until recently friend of mine brought some Zombicide stuff for Bolt Action game.

I was actually interested  only in models not the game. And models are really cool - one more bendy plastic technological marvel with all those details and digital design: totally not my cup of tea. But that's what happens when you become old, grumpy, hobby dude - everything seems to be kinda f#cked...

The model was painted for that friend, actually - his kid who's leukemia survivor (was born with that shit). During the game kid got some nosebleed and he (and his dad) got kinda scarred, kid started panic etc for obvious reasons. All in all everything was ok, but I declared to paint one of zombies (or alien ghouls - whatever the f#ck it really is) to cheer the kid up.
Hope it does the trick.

Scavvies for attention, Looking at the picture I think I could use couple of those as Scavvy ghouls (remind me ghouls from Fallout 3):

Thursday, September 10, 2020

M12 Gun Motor Carriage


So last week I finished M12 GMC - was working in a bit of rush because I was wanted to see it on the battlefield next day (it was huge disappointment - the 'uuugest barrel in the army performed like total crap - missed 3 times aiming for a building... Still it was fun to watch infantry hidden there, running like hell out out of the cover after the thing rolled in).

Anyway - the model is rather unique so wanted to make it even more cool.

It's a static model: it's task is placing in safe position providing heavy support. So I added some crew - they all comopse really nicely: I can imagine the commander is getting coordinates while the other two are having chit-chat waiting for the orders. Crewmen are mixed crew of Warlord's M7 Priest and M3 White scout car. And the model is available here.

Despite it's recent miserable performance I am seeing it during the next game, no doubt about it. It's just way too cool to be left in the display case!

"Hellooo? Mooom? I'll be home today"

Spare bucket is a must-have during any conflict:

And a scale shot: was asked to show it compared to Sherman so here it is. About same size:

Saturday, September 5, 2020

M12 Gun Motor Carriage (unmanned)

Hey again,

Once again I had a great pleasure to paint something rather unique. After Renault FT 17 it's the second vehicle from Warpainter's range which rolled on my painting station: 

M12 Gun Motor Carriage. And it's actually the very first print! So in like 50 years after I die it might be worthy fortune! (or not...)

As for models itself it's really cool although I liked details quality on Renault FT 17 better buuut it's american tank and just look at the size of that barrel! After I got it assembled whole thing seemed kinda plain so I added some stowage: bags, gas can etc.
I like how it turned out but to make it even more unique I'm gonna add some crewmen - stay tuned!

I actually should've waited with sharing pics until crew members are painted but I am rolling it out against zee Germanz within hour so I want to see them scared!

And if you want to scare some nazis - model is available at Warpainter store ;-) 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Nazi horse cart (Horsepanzerwagen)


A while back I painted Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer for my brother's birthday. Since then he strongly expanded his German force and because his big day is just ahead I decided to prepare something special...

This time it's in my opinion one of the most pain in the a$$ model available in whole German army (or any army which can field it): horse-drawn limber (proxy-ish...^^).

I mean: sure, it cannot tow heavy artillery, it has no gun, it can be taken down by infantry fire, it's huge (the biggest-base model for Bolt Action I painted evah!), buuut...

It costs 8 points! Got that? You get additinal order dice for 8 pathetic points!

As for model itself the construction is based on Black Grom Studio cart which I got a while back. It's been used as terrain piece for a while but wanted to make of it something better than just one more cover for infantry. Horses are from black coach set I painted long time ago - no idea what's the manufactuter of the set, it was painting commission.

Now looking at it I want to paint something from fantasy range again... Cute, eh?

The crewmen are most probably from Rubicon's vehicle: friend of mine is much more player than painter so he didn't mind sharing spare Fritz, Heinz and Adi with me.

Painting is nothing fancy: 
wanted to keep limited palette so it looks cool standing among rest of German models but to make model more eye catching I added the nazi flag and some gold shining from under hay. These guys were probably looting and now trying to get back to Berlin...

Hope you like it, hope my brother likes it but I really, really hope to see it on the battlefield shortly so I can wreck it! 8 points!!! 
Unbelievable!!! ><

Some work in progress shots:

Soviet infantry looking for the gold:

And Horsepanzerwagen itself:

I made hay and gold removable so in the transport other supplies:

Quite big - which makes it even more useless on the battlefield... ^^

Happy birthday, bro! Use the gold wisely!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Fuel truck junk (terrain piece)


This time it's just quick update of project started long time ago : soviet fuel truck.
The model was half-assembled few years back as base for our Necromunda project, sadly I didn't manage to finish it off before we moved to Bolt Action ^^

It's skeleton has been staggering in the bits box 'till last week I decided make something useful of it. It turned out I lost pair of wheels so decision was made to turn it into wreck: 
there's never enough of painted terrain features after all!

Model was roughly assembled, then broken a bit and attached to PVA base. 
Base colose were nice but I screwed the color with overdone use of pigments and oils:
it was supposed to me dusty, but turned out dirty muddy instead... 
Oh well - it's only terrain piece.

All in all I am kinda pleased: despite it's nothing over tabletop  quality it looks just nicey on the battlefield aaand it's one more model crossed off from the list of shame! \o/

Here - with some soviet storm troopers:

Here - pure junk:

Promise to bring something funny next time... ^^