Thursday, May 17, 2018

M3 Stuart


This time another piece of (very light) armour rolled out from my painting station: M3 Stuart.
It's actually another Stuart tank in my battleforce: the previous one has been armed with flamethrower to deal with enemy tanks and spread panic among infantry.

This one is my response for hordes of melee berzerkers my opponent is fielding. 
Goddamn brit army... ><

Painting is simple and fitting rest of my forces, but it also was test for my oldie airbrush. 
I didn't expect spectacular results, I was actually quite sure after years of being unused, the airbrush would be as good as dead.
But it turned out it's still operational (after some cleaning) so looks like I might finally get some terrain pieces painted. Not mentioning larger models...

The model got extra petrol canisters from M8 Greyhound set, backpacks hanging on the other side are (probably) spares from M3A1 halftrack.

All in all I am quite satisfied - finally I've managed to paint model clean, at least compared to the rest of my vehicles. Thing I do not like is dirt / dust on tracks:
I used mix of light grey and yellow chalk to make it look like riding through dry countryside but it's barely visible. Any ideas?
Maybe adding some sand to the mixture to create some texture?
Or maybe adding much more chalk would do the trick?

Dirty or not - hope you like it anyway: 


And the last thing:
I am about to finish zombie regiment for Undead army project. There's still one rank missing, but I'd like to see it made of olschool deaders.
Maybe any of you have spare/unused zombies from the ones below to sell/trade? I need like 3-4. Sure I can use plastics but definitely would like to see the unit as metal as possible.
I don't need new pieces: don't mind missing weapons, I can wash paint etc.

When I get models I'll try to prepare zombie painting tutorial / walkthrough, since there's been some questions about dead flesh color on my corpses.


Monday, May 7, 2018

Zombies are (dead) cool

Hey again,

Once again good ol' hobby got serious pounding from real life, but no matter how bad if gets I am desperately trying not to forget how to handle a brush and roll dices.

Do you hear me, Mr Real Life? 

Ekhm... So what does that mean anyway?

Since the last post I've managed to roll my Bolt Action US army to battle twice (getting my ass kicked big time last Saturday night...) and also painted bunch of oldie zombies washed off recently.

Zombies are definitely cool models to paint:
there're lots of ranges, systems and manufacturers to choose from and since lots of weirdo (and funny) things might happen to body after it kicks the bucket - deaders can be painted using whole range of colors available, which exactly is what the hobby should be about. Having fun with painting.

5 models from the group below are metal GW deaders from ~'92-'93. Although these cannot be compared straight to "new wave" zombies (you know: dynamic poses, high quality of details, digital design and whole that modern shit) I think those old farts are my favorite range. 
There is something about playing with hand-sculpted models.
The last one, dude with skeleton right arm, was built using some spares found in the bits box. Body organs came from GW multi-part zombies set, which I've never been big fan of, head was borrowed from Mantic Games donor.

Whole group has just reinforced my everlasting 2500 Middlehammer Undead army project. Since it's just fun thing (frankly I don't really expect to see it finished ever, not mentioning rolling the dead horde to battle...) zombies were painted with different ways and colors, just to keep up with 90's GW aesthetics. 
For those who don't know: 4/5 WFB edition armies were candy sweet...

My only regret is I haven't noted down color combos practiced on the models below - some colors turned out quite nice and wouldn't mind seeing those on more corpses.
Anyway - looks like I need 5 models to fill the last row, and further 4 to replace necro-supernumeraries:

While looking for proper head for the plastic zombie I ordered frame of skeleton warriors and zombies from Mantic Games. Those are "new" zombies (true) but they should fit the unit just fine. Really cannot wait to see the block of corpses finished so I can skip to skellies.

And what next?
Since we came back to wargaming and since my army is still licking wounds after crooked victory of those damn Brits I hope to move some more cannon fodder to the painted side of the force. I definitely need one more full squad of regular infantry or at least enough models painted to upgrade existing units to max size.

There's also nasty surprise waiting for my opponent it the paint shop. Really cannot wait to see what it's worth in the field...


Monday, April 2, 2018

Undead chariot

Easter time kinda seems perfect for bringing some dead back to the world, so I'm more than happy I've finally managed to get onother Undead chariot done.

So I got this placcy set recently: 
back in the old days always wanted to see it on the table (all the automatic impact hits and shit) but for many reasons it's been unavailable for me. 
It's nice feeling having another "alwayswantedtopaint" model crossed off the wishlist.

The chariot is used piece. It came unpainted but assembled, with skeleton crew already attached (armed with classic set of weapons: lance and bow). 
Never liked this combo - undead are shit snipers, and imo carrying lance while riding chariot looks just fucking stupid. So quick surgery and both skellies were ready for arm swapping.

Basic idea was adding another crewman (wight or standard bearer) and skellies were supposed to be the (dead)bodyguards - so they got basic hand to hand weapons.
I couldn't find proper wight for the leader while assembling skellies but luckly there were 'nuff body parts to raise a zombie, which after painful orthopedics and necromancy treatment was turned into standard bearer.

I must say those placcy GW zombies were poor models, stupid parts, big Mickey Mouse hands. Couln't find any nice (acceptable...) looking head so I borrowed one from Mantic Games range - it's smaller than GW's but looks just way better.
After varnish and superglue dried I must admit I like this necro wheeler, wouldn't mind painting another one, but this time just bones - no rotting flesh aboard:

The model got 3x4" base - I can imagine it's not game wise but large base look just better on the table. Painting itself wasn't much complicated:
base tone, washing, drybrushing, glazing to get whole thing smoother, varnish.
More less.

Standard bearer was assembled using what I've managed to salvage from the bits box. 
It took a while to cut, pin and reposition arms and banner to get reliable bond, but it was worthy effort: the guy has fallen several times off my desk and nothing broken off (yet).
Instead of using banner from the armybook I decided to paint simple black and white stripes:
such thing looks really striking on the table so same pattern was used for skeleton crew and zombie horseman shields.

Since there are no metal parts (construction is very light) some superglue and greenstuff were enough to attach the deaders onto the board, but I think if there'll be next one I'll rather use long pins so crew members are nailed to the very base.
Hope you like the result:

Anything else mini-related?
I've finally decided to wash some junk which has been sinking in the paint stripper for quite a long time now. So long that I've actually forgotten what was inside...
It's great to know there are at least 5 more oldie zombies for my main Undead unit.
Not mentioning ork shaman riding wyvern which I've always wanted to see painted.
Decisions, decisions...

Ok, take care for now!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Herr Carstein has just arrived

Hello again,

It's been a while and I really missed posting. And painting.
But recently reality has thrown 'uuuge lump of shit into my life fan so hobby had to wait.

Anyway the previous post was about idea of building 2500 pts 5th ed Undead army. Since that time I've managed to paint ~530 points, which are:
- a skeleton (8 points)
- zombie horseman (28 points)
- vampire lord (495) - 5th edition rules after all.

For marketing purposes - here's current state of the main unit: (in theory) unbreakable tarpit of rotting flesh and bones. These should actually be skeletons but I think I'll mix skellies with zombies to make whole block more interesting. And heavy.
Freshly painted toys stand in the very middle:
my favorite vampire model from the back days and trusty skeleton champion emerging from below the ground:

I've always loved this sculpt: 100% member of Carstein family.
It's centerpiece of the army so decision had to be made which color scheme would fit it best: "official" night blue was really nice but I liked striking red published in 'Eavy Metal armies painting guide much more. 
But again - that would be the only such a colorful model in the whole army...
So looking for something in between Mr Carstein was painted rather simple and "believable":
since other vampired already wear violet / purple robes (funeral elegance...) this one also got similar outfit with some bright gems and healthy, dead-white complexion for contrast.

Looking at the pics now I think I should've added something on the black part of cloak- more than mid-grey highlighting...
It's sure fine for gaming purposes and I ain't going for Golden Demon (or anywhere else) with the piece, but leaving such a large area simply dark is kinda waste. 
Yeah... I'll definitely try to do something about it and take better photos: without filter on lamp minis cast shadows and raw photos seem to be "burnt". Thank Satan for GIMP...

As for the vampire's little buddy - it's my solution of the cloak problem:
model sure looks nice standing in the wind (maybe casting spells? or summoning storm? or whatever else) but that fucking cloak makes placing model between rank and file deaders pain in the ass.
There were several ideas about dealing with the problem:
- placing it on larger base: interesting idea for modeling purposes but idea was to make it gaming piece,
- using unit filler,
- not using cloak at all,
- something else.

I chose the last option: luckly there were some random bits of skellies in my bits box, which allowed to convert deader responding for vampire's call...
Convertion took like 10 minutes and I've finally found use for metal champion's head: I remember original owner used to fall because of head's weight.  

The army I am planning to assemble also contains cavalry:
not as main unit, which I used to field back days, but rather flanking group and / or mounted necromancer's cache.
A while back I got mysterious zombie rider (which actually turned out to be "Leopold the Exhumed" - Citadel C21 Undead Cavalry, sculpted by Bob Naismith, 1987) but it came with standard placcy skeleton steed instead of original one.
While looking for replacement for the mount I found Black Tree Designs skeleton cavalry: total Oldhammer! 
Models are simple but definitely fit oldschool army. There are 5 different skeletons riding zombie ponies, which is exactly what I need for the army.
Here's the first one - skleton horseman champion:

When the vampire's cloak is redone I'm starting skeleton chariot...

Monday, February 5, 2018

Middlehammer 2500 pts Undead army


Recently I came back to painting oldie Undead models - those from the very beginning of my Warhammer adventure (mid 90's that is). 
While digging through the remains of the collection lots of warm memories woke up in my corrupted brain. Warm enough to make me start another long distance painting project.

Back days I've managed to assemble and paint 2500 pts Vampire Counts force (based on 5th WFB edition rules) but shortly after last model was finished my gaming group fallen apart (bloody bastards... ><) and whole thing found new home through Ebay miniatures adoption center.
Now I really regret that step, because the army contained some models hardly available now. Available for decent price that is.

Anyway after paitning Nagash I though it would be nice to see fully painted army of the restless dead once again especially after browsing oldie Undead army book.
The big plan is to bring 2500 pts army, based on tournament rules (no special characters, 50 pts magic items limit etc) to existence.
First thought was to give it shape and colors of Undead force from Dark Omen game (which was supercool), but I think I'll rather try something more colorful, something more into original Undead army book.

And yeah, I want to raise Undead force, not Vampire Counts, which means there'll be carrions, mummies and hopefully chariots. I've never fielded unit of mummies but always loved the idea of these shambling, flammable monstrocities.
And the pyramid standing in the middle of "medieval" Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Necromancer Town was sooo damn funny!

So without further introduction here's the basic shape of what I am hoping to see in the end.
Hoping, because part of models is yet to be hunted. 
Final shape of the army surely will be evolving during the progress but here's the starting list, including magic gizmos:

  1. Vampire Lord, Carstein Ring, Black Amulet, Blade of Ensorcelled Iron (495)
  2. Necromancer, Dispel MAgic Scroll (93)
  3. Skeleton warrior x22, inc. standard bearer and musician, Banner of Defiance (302)
    Wight Champion, heavy armour, Parrying Blade (60)
  4. Necromancer, skeleton steed, Dispel Magic Scroll (99)
  5. Mummy x10 (450)
  6. Carrion x4 (180)
  7. Chariot, scythed wheels (76)
  8. Ghoul x15 (120)
  9. Skeleton horseman x5, inc. standard bearer and musician, lance, light armout, shield, Doomrider Banner (305)
    Wight Champion, skeleton steed, lancem heavy armour, shield, Ring of Darkness (84)
  10. Screaming Skull Catapult (74)
  11. Wraith x4 (300)
And for good start I managed to paint pair of oldie carrions (90 points in total!).
I still have mixed feelings about this unit: gamewise is't ok, the drawing in WFRP book is cool but as for the sculpt - you gotta love old/middlehammer to field it I guess. Apparently do so...
I am still not sure about ghost riders wearing bright rags, but I think it provides nice contrast to rather boring mounts:

See you next time!