Sunday, May 15, 2022

Undead chariot #3

Looks like iron... eeee... bone fist of my army is finished. It's pretty funny something causing only Strength 5 damage is called "heavy hitter" but it's Undead force after all.

After getting the previous chariot painted I decided to give a try to different color scheme to my skellies. Back days, actually damn long time ago, there was supercool Vampire Counts army presented in White Dwarf. Models were painted like just left their graves - lots of green tones, lots of modelling flock, static grass and dirt everywhere. Very inspiring stuff.

Obviously my latest war machine ain't that dirty. Instead it's more like corpse slowly decomposing nice and slowly in a forest - that's the reason of olive / green coating, moss etc. Such painting also gives nice contrast to the dusty base - the chariot surely has been summoned somewhere else and now it's crossing dusty plains to meet it's master. Something 🙄

Once again I used Wargames Factory skeletons for the crew - these are pain in the ass to assemble, but they can be posed many ways so it's worthy spending some extra time building models. That's it for now. Time to excavate the mummies or wash off the hipogriff...

Necro-family ready for road trip through the Old World:

-    this time the banner turned out too big,
-    this time the banner turned out not enough wavy,
-    I definitely need Undead dedicated backdrop, display "wall" or something. I am quite sure that grey thing messes the colors somehow 🤔

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Undead chariot #2

It took a little while since I painted the previous chariot, but now my deaders got another wheeler. As most of miniatures from this range, this one brought me back and I'm really glad I got opportunity to work on it. The chariot is really old piece and I got it recently in exchange for goblin wold riders set - never had any use for greenskins so I consider it great deal. 

The model I got was painted and was mostly complete - scythes were missing and there was only one crew member so I added 2 more skellies from Wargames Factory to make the platform more crowdy. Speaking of which - I really like WF sculpts but assembling those bony models is just pain in the ass. Bony ass that is! 💀

I really like black and white stripes banners idea so the chariot also got one. Shambling horde of undead marching under banners like this should look supercool. Haven't decided yet should army standard should be the similar or maybe I should make up something else.

And all undead "heavy hitters" together. Looks lije there's one more chariot and Arkhan the Black himself yet to be done...

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Undead carrions

"In ages past gigantic birds of prey lived amongst the peaks of the World Edge Mountains..."

Another 2 models left (actually: flew down) the painting desk: pair of undead birds of prey - carrions. Army of the Undead has grown by 90 points and another unit has been finished! 
I remember I got the these models yet during high school times but shortly later Vampire Counts were released so carrions were forced to retire... 😒

Back days whole unit ended up in the pile of shame: I didn't like paintjob and couldn't use them in Vampire Counts army. But years later, when the Middlehammer Undead Army was born, models were washed and I looked at them from the other angle. There were just cool.

Few years back 2 carrions were painted and now remaining pair joined their undead siblings. Despite models are bit goofy I like them a lot and I'm very glad they finally got paintjob. These sculpts bring back lots of memories. I am quite sure whole that Undead Army thing will drag out even more nostalgia. Funny feeling actually. This thinking about past is like I am summarizing my life. Preparing for something. Can't get it out of my head.

I also like the bases are a bit scenic - all those little details make model alive (or rather: living dead...😋 ) and therefore more interesting. Skeleton remains come from 2 or 3 skellies which ended up as parts donors during my years in hobby. Breast plate and left arm come from old plastics, which were bit smaller then multipart skeleton regiment. I'm really glad these two were taken out of pile of shame. Some more deaders next time 💀

So here they are - whole dead birds flock worth 180 points:

And the ones just painted:

Take care 👻

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Empire hipogriff

Hey again.

Right this moment some re-animated war machines are being painted for 2500 pts Undead Army project, so it's just quick "technical" announcement. While preparing some spare room for coming skeleton chariots and catapults I found this fella hiding in the glass case.

It's been brought to existence almost 8 years ago and since that time it's been pretty useless. In fact I'd like to wash it off and use hipogriff as vampire lord's mount, but on the other side that would be waste of solid (I think 😊) paintwork. The model is mount of Bretonnian king but for rider I picked Empire "arabian" character - no idea who it is, I got it because he looked just cool. Whoever he really is - it's just solid material for army leader or at least mighty hero.

So here's the idea. I can sure wash it off or try to sell but I don't like wasting decent paintwork and don't have to paint stuff for living anymore. But if any of you have spare old monster from middlehammer era (Griffon? Or zombie dragon maybe?) and would like exchange it for my painted piece let me know - maybe something can be arranged 😎

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Screaming skull catapult

Just realized this year I've painted enough classic Warzone junk so I can move to painting other kind of old junk. While digging in the pile of shame I grabbed bag of WFB skeletons and decision was made to add little something to the 5th edition (-ish) Undead Army.

The army has already got some reanimated chariots, and now another machine arrived. 
Must admit this kinda bought me back. When I was still into Warhammer Fantasy I never managed to field that one. Models were hard to get here, not mentioning it was expensive hobby (not that it isn't now...🙄). In fact I knew it mostly from Dark Omen game.

I got pair of these few years back and frankly had no idea for painting it more interesting then just bare bones (like this one) so they ended up in the pile of shame 😞 But recently I spotted undead catapult model standing on large base and thought this might be the key: bone-made machine based on dark ground and partly replaced crewmen should do the trick.

I like the final result - it's the first time I painted skellies with airbrush. Until now I was kinda sure it's pointless because there's not much to be sprayed on skeleton models. But looking at the catapult I think painting some rank and file this was should be good fun. Especially that I need "tar pit" unit for the army where vampire lord of liche can hide in the heat of battle.

Just thought back days I was convinced the screaming skull catapult was crappy weapon: causes just minor damage compared to standard cataput and unit hit must take morale check - who cares 🙄 That only proves I wasn't best player around: morale check after each hit! Supported by magic items like Staff of flaming death and spells causing more less the same and terror causing creatures staggering around means at least 2 rounds of testing morale before any real combat starts! 
Passing morale test based on Ld 10 is not a problem but try to pass it 8 times in a row 😈

Yeah... I'd really love to see this army in combat once again...

And artittery section at current stage. I am quite sure catapult painted earlier will be washed off, repainted and placed on large base: