Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: summary

Hey again - and for the last time this year.

Today it's the very last day of 2011 so it's time for short summary of the hobby activities. But first some goodies:

Few days back I got ork buggy from Kromlech - I must say the casting quality is just fucking sweet. Really - I can recommend the model to anyone!
It's so full of character it brings back old time od Gorkamorka :D
I decided not to rush with it because the model deserves quality paintjob. I also decided to make short review + painting progress article so it should appear in Gameforces magazine sooner or later...

Guys have just posted the official paintjob yet I will do my best to beat it :p ;)

Speaking of GF - yesterday mailman delivered several issues and looks like Mario decided to use the bile thralls speedpainting text I wrote almost exactly a year back. Once again my ego got boosted big time =]

What else?
Today we had the very last Necromunda game this year and it was 34th game we played in 2011. The game was played at 7 AM so my opponent can go to New Year's Eve party tonight.
Once again scavvies provided me ton of fun - even without terrifying presence of Karloth Valois.
Today we tested Ramshackle Games big spider as terrain feature - the casting quality is pretty poor yet the model is definitely full of character and turned out to be extremly useful: models were small enough to walk and fight under it's limbs. Pinning it was just one big pain in the ass but pinning it ALWAYS worthy effort.
I didn't manage to assemble it for the game (there were only main body + 4 legs) but the already finished model looks like this:

I am sure we'll be using it in most of coming games - it will look very effective painted steel and rusted like hell.

After the game we decided to quit the current campaign (4th we played this year) and made a plan for the gaming in 2012. We decided to play only one big campaign but we will both choose 3 gangs to lead.
Every game we will be randomly choosing which gangs will fight. Deco chose Goliaths, Van Saars and Orlocks and I decided tu use Scavvies, Eschers and my EM4 proxied Goliaths.
And the dice rolls decided the very first game will be match between Scavvies and Orlocks. Really can't wait!

Also can't wait to to finally see the table sanded and painted so we can write a battle report. Hope to convince Deco to stay longer aftr the next game and help me in sanding the modules.

And as for the proper summary here is is:
Last year I saw Nameless counting all of minis painted in passing year and was really got hooked but such an idea. But because we also play a bit I decided to add played games to the chart.
So it looks like below: in passing year I managed to paint 36 models and play nearly the same amount of games. It was close to cross the line and play more games than painted models but maybe next year we manage to beat the score.

All in all it was very busy time. Not sure was it "good" but surely busy: there was lots of dice rolling, beer drinking and having fun but also managed to replicte and finish the appraisal practice - exams start in March 2012 and I am shitfuckingscared of it - hope I will pass it next year so I can concentrate on conquering the Underhive ;)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home found

Hey again!

Good news!
My bane thralls have finally found new home!
I am very happy they will travel to reliable hobbyist, yet I am kinda sad they won't be staring at me from behing the glass anymore.
Oh well - that's just life. Besides I don't think I will play Warmachine anytime soon so I guess I can stand that loss. Photos were taken by mahon (despotic and ruthless ruler of Chest of Colors site) and surprisingly - good friend of mine =]
If you want some close ups - here you go and here you go again
One day I will have to try count how big (or actually how small now) my Cryx force really is. I am guite sure I should be able to field enough troops for a standard size game but until I do the summary - I won't put bet on it.

As for finding new home for old stuff looks like the custom made Land Raider will also leave my place finally.
I was pretty proud of the model when I made it but all in all I don't play WH40K at all so there is no use of it.
The next time I will build something for Necromunda so there won't be any usefulness dilemma ^^
Here's the beast - more of my WH40K stuff is stored at Chest of Colors gallery.

I had to cut the pic so the model can be presented at withing the screen but if you want to see some more of it - clicky!

And here's the big box the client will recieve shortly - I am quite sure banes will have safe trip but I am very scared about land raider:
I used properly big box, put lots of bubblewrap and sponge inside but on the other hand base construction of the vehicle is cardboard. Sure it's thick but it's just paper.
Let's keep the fingers crossed hard until the recipient confirms the models are safe and sound.

What else?
Since I am devoted blood donor once per 2 months I can take a day off and spend a morning with steel needle in my vein.
And since I am constantly sufering from lack of hobby time I decided to use the bloody day to prepare and assemble bunker for the 6th gaming module.
At this stage it looks kinda like piece of crap but I am sure after painting it will turn out way better.
Besides no matter how ugly / nice it is it's main function is being useful during the game. My opponent needs some decent spot to place heavy stubber operator to defend his pathetic life against hordes of plague zombies after all hehehe...
Here's what I got so far:

Last night we managed to play a mid-week game to test new module and see what upgrades could ba yet added before ton of sand hits the table.
The game was kinda fun: usually there are more scavvies than ordinary gangers (advantage of ~4-5 models) but this time I managed to field Karloth Valois (thanks again Skritster!!!) and also bought him extra zombie pack therefore there was 10 plague ridden corpses + 15 gangers vs 10 Goliaths!!!
I felt almost like running Imperial Guard army ^^
The mass was strong enough to make Deco decide to voluntarily run for the hills but after the game is was the time to pay for the fun: hiring Karloth costed me a lot especially compared to lousy cost of ordinary scavvy so coudn't afford getting it in the next game. And that meant I spent ~100 credits for a single game!!! >< I surely won't make the mistake again until scavvies discover a gold mine or something in the sump. There was no camera during the game but there was a cellphone. Really can't wait to see the table painted.

That's it for now.
Xmas weekend passed and I haven't painted a single model nor played a single game so the annual hobby statistic won't be peoperly boosted in December.
See ya next week!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Scavvies strike again


I am pretty amazed there is so much going on in my "hobby sphere":
despite much more home duties + lots of feckin' boring learning miniatures are getting painted (slowly) games are played.
This kinda reminds me year 2010: for many stupid reasons we were barely playing anything and at the very end of December we were playing a lot to boost pathetic statistics.
Fortunately this year games are played much more ofter - you will see the chart in the annual summary post ^^

So last week I was continuing works on the scaly model. Because there was a match set for Friday night I was hoping to finish it by that date.
But all in all there were too many glazes to be painted so Goliaths gang faced scaly at this stage:

Despite it was late wip stage scaly managed to take out of action one of the juves and get a bit closer to getting an advance. Looks like even partly painted models fight better than unpainted ^^

The day after the match I solved my problem and scaly was finished - and became my second entry for FUUK painitng contest.
I regret I suck bit time when it comes to painting freehands (a tattoo would look so nice here) but I am pretty satisfied anyway.
Looks like it's time to find a candidate for the second scaly - any ideas?

As for the game one thing is definitely sure:
gaming modules are just brilliant. Setting the table takes just 3 minutes as well as putting it back.
And as for the match itself: it was the first game of new campaign: this time Goliaths vs Scavvies. Scavvies are such a shit fighters but watching 20 models on the table is just priceless!
This skinky mass managed to drive off Deco's gangers but didn't manage to conquest any of his terrains and transform it into scolfurous wastes ;(
Oh well - maybe next time: I spent lots of credits for Karloth Valois so the number of my models might reach 25 - 30 minis!!!
And almost half ot it might be plague zombies!!!
Can't wait to start rolling hehehehe...

And the last thing:
after posting the comment about new Kromlech's toy (this uber cool buggy) Artur from Kromlech mailed me and told I can get some of the toys for providing photos of painted thing in exchange.
Sure I agreed: most of their products is simply not my cup of tea but this one is fucking sweet! I think it will end up in the glass case rather than on gaming table - such a cool thingy deserves some extra attention:


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Double-pimped! ^^

Hey again!

So Gameforces magazine did it again:
once again my ass got pimped this time in issue #25, where my tutorial about painting bile thralls suicide squad for Cryx was printed. I remember I wrote this article at the very beginning of 2011 and it's really hard to believe the time is running so fast.

But 2011 was (and actually still is) very busy.
There was pretty lot of work with the appraisal practice. I remember last year the professor running it told us brutal statistic: only about 10% of participants finish it more less on time (that is in about 12 - 18 months).
About 3 weeks ago I delivered my last project and it turned out I was the only one who did whole thing on time (there were 25 members of the group).
Should it be reason to cheer? Maybe.
But I'd be more happy if the state exam statistic wasn't that horrifying: on average ~15% of people taking the exam passes is.
Sure you can try many times - as long as you can afford the fucking fees.

Nevermind - let's go back to the hobby matter.

After whole week of gathering materials for the exam I was hoping for some painting time so I can finish the second entry for the FUUKing contest before the deadline.
On Saturday I was pretty busy so I was sure there will be me-time the next day.
After I sat down about 10 a.m. and started working on real estates law regulations it turned out I spent whole fucking day behind the papers.
I feel sick thinking coming 3,5 months will look pretty the same...
But I decided not to give up easily so in the evening I took primed scaly and airbrush set to spare room and put some basic colors on the model.
Another lesson learnt: DO NOT paint minis without proper light.
The next morning I examined the mini under fine light and it was just pale - smooth transitions between colors are barely seen so I will have to paint it ordinary way.
Here's what I got so far - base color and some glazes. Thank Cthulhu this model is practically only flesh and some rust.

There are also some good news this time:
because the kiddo was born it turned out he will be getting some sweets and shit from my workplace every year for Xmas. This year the parcel wasn't prepared because the money were spent about the time he was born so I was told I can buy him some toys and sweets - I will get refund after bringing the invoices.
The baby is way too small to play anything or eat anything else than my wifey's titties so daddy decided to add some Dark Age minis to the collection hehehehe...

If you need some of this stuff visit Guild of Mecenaries online store - there's still lots of DA mnis for very decent money.
So here's what daddy... eee... junior got ^^
Lilith (limited model sculpted by Tom Meier), Skarrd Father, Skarrd Bone Doc and Grist from Brood range.
Really like these minis and despite nobody plays Dark Age here I hope to see a complete warband in the display case. I want to see them painted "a'la Brom" that is muted colors, lots or browns and reds - we'll see how will it turn out eventually.

And the last thing - the second pimping that is ^^
Few days ago I learnt my Cernunnos has been added to the Brigade Models gallery section. Really hope to paint another model from their line sometimes:
fantasy is such a breath of fresh air after all those Warmachine and Necromunda minis

OK then, 'till the next time!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Back to painting


Mezoghoul has been sent to the client over 2 weeks ago so I can finally paint something for myself and surely - something smaller this time.
Lesson learnt: next time before accepting any painting commission for model I don't know I will ask for scale photo.
I haven't got info the model arrived to Sweden safe and sound so I hope whatever is going on my panzer-box provides totally damage proof enviroment for Mezoghoul (the model has been actually sent inside 2 boxes and lots of sponge).

What else?
Last weekend we managed to add some more plaster on the modular Necromunda game table. Some gaps were filled so whole thing is closer to sand+pva maelstrom stage.
I would really love to take some days off to finish whole projects and I think it is a plan after passing the exam next year (hopefully...).
I still have to make a big multi-level bunker for the last module so I think the best I can get yet in 2011 is the thing ready for sand.

As for painting there are 3 minis on the desk now:
The first one was painted for Chest of Colors miniature exchange #5 (once again thanks for it Phil! ).
The model is cool superhero (or supervillain) sculpt I got from Przemas some time ago but until now I had no motivation to paint it. A shame to admit...
I like the model but just don't collect superheroes.
So 3 evenings of painting, some pva and one of COFCers for another model:

Another one is something which made me pretty happy and proud actually - not because of painting quality but because it's the first mini from fantasy range I painted for a looong time.
Cernunnos is cool thing from Celtos range which I got from Navarro some time ago. Another reasom which makes is special is the reason it was painted: the first FUUK online painting contest.
Contests always do miracle when it comes to boosting motivation.

And the last one - which will hopefully become my second entry for the mentioned event: scaly.
Because the Scavvy gang is complete (thank you Evilbay!!!) all I need is painting (and re-painting...) the rotten gangers.
As wrote before - imo original scaly models are shit compared to the rest of the gangers so I decided to hire replacements.
Besides thank to this I could choose the best weapons possible for these steroid fuckers: club and sword, which gives scaly: 3 attacks, 6 strength and parry. Add to this 4 weapons skill, fear and armour save and the opponent can start looking for spare underwear ^^
Anyway for model is based on LotR Moria Troll which I got (again) from Ebay. All I did so far is replacing weapons with scratch built sword (pcv sheet + some greenstuff) and
club (heavy stubber + some nails). I think I will add some armout we well but at this moment - the wip:

The next post will surely include it painted - hopefully before the friday night game.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Busy again

Hey again - time for another dose of zombie spam =P

Recently there was pretty much going on in the miniatures hobby area.
Sadly the time I have for doing own stuff was severly limited because of finishing the appraisal practice - fortunately yesterday I got project #14 signed and the very last one should be accepted next week so I should officially finish the pracice: as the first person in the group!
So it looks like the overseer didn't lie about statistic: ~10% of people finish it within 1 - 1,5 year...

So the biggest thing which happened is finishing Mezoghoul:
I am not flattering myself but I like the final effect and really like to know the client also likes it enough to accept the job (so the CofC guys).
This it probably the heaviest model I painted ever, more heavy than armorcast chaos cannon I painted few years back.
And also most probably the ugliest sculpt I've ever had under my roof - but then again it's classic model and painting minis oop for many years (or which never were mass produced) is kinda honor! =]

So without more babbling I am introducing Mezoghoul:

What else?
Another good news: last week I managed to get missing scavvy models!!!
Yup, that means apart from boss variant I have complete gang based on the oldschool models!
The only exception is I replaced scaly models with trolls conversions - didn't like original models weapon choice and the scalies compared to rest of scavvies just suck like hell :?
I sold minie long time ago and can't remember I ever regreted the decision (the only problem now to be solved is converting scatter cannon - just in case).
That means I will be playing next campaign game using my beloved rotten-heads and thank to Karloth Valois since the second game - I am hoping for lots of plague zombies he,he,he,he,he,he,heeeee... :>

Another plan for the campaign is playing it on new modular table - last weekend we cut and attached pcv borders - 2 hrs of work and modules are ready for further works.
Next time we will fill the gaps and prepare it for sanding.

And the last one - I started painting cool Celtos model I got from my buddy Navarro - so far only the base is done but it's so nice to paint just something for the display case.
Hope this fucker will turn out one mean, evil bastard.
But for now - the nearly done base:

That's if for now - laters!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flooded battlefield!

Hey again!

It's been a while since the last update but sadly not much was going on around Necromunda matter - practice duties and such are to blame...
But thank to last night game there is something to write about:
last night we were having the last game using Eschers vs Van Saars played on modular gaming table!
As you can see it's still wip stage but it's done enough so we could test some solutions, obstacles settings etc. There are 2 more modules being made so we have more terrain variety to choose.

Before models were placed we got serious adrenaline boost: just after we came to the gaming pit and opened beers water pipe broke and water was rushing into the place - no shit!
I had to shut down water supply in the whole building (Friday evening) and we started looking for plumber. Thank Cthulhu one of the neighbours knew what to do and after 30 mins gaming place was ready for the battle.
On Monday I have to find the fuck who was installing the water counter and burst his ass - the job was screwed up and it was the reason of the whole mess.

Anyway since it was the last game my opponent chose gang fight scenario. It turned out my Eschers were storming buildings occupied by damn Van Saars.
Fortunately for me after 2 juves and one ganger went down Deco fucked up bottle test before his gang was able to deal some serious damages upon my band of frenzied tits.

Hope to play next game on slightly improved battlefield but we cannot start painting it until all gaps are filled. I pray to see it prepared for pj yet this year.
But in the meantime - some shots:

What else?
Last week I managed to get one of 4 missing Scavies to get my gang complete:
really would like to see the gang in action again but these bastards are so cheap that dozen of minis just ain't enough for standard game...
There is another auction on Ebay right now running so with a bit of luck I might get the gang completed - that would be pretty nice Xmas gift ^^

And last but not least:
last week I signed up for 2 painting events - wa really looking for these, because I hope they will provide hobby rush I've been looking for a long time:
5th edition of Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange and the very first FUUK painting contest.
About 13.11.2011 I will know my recipient for ME and but 31.12.2011 I must have entries painted for FUUK event - can't wait to dig some old and ugly minis and see them painted :D

That's it for now - I am off to plan the gang for the netx game (Delaque, Cawdor or Goliath) and work on Mezoghoul - my client is pretty pissed because of the delay I suppose... =/


Friday, October 14, 2011

Underhive is shaking again!

So Eschers managed to shew off Van Saar patrol trying to rescue their leader and his juve boyfriend last Saturday night and despite I had to roll on serious injury table none or my gangers left battlefield dead. Sadly my opponent still has much better terrains so I suppose tonight I will see his full gang again but you cannot have everything, right?

Speaking of Necromunda last night I finally managed to prepare for painitng based on Valhallan models team: several layers of sprayed paint and I already like these fuckers. I really hope to see these guys done yet this year - true, there are still 2,5 months left but because of the real estate appraisal practice I might not have enough time to job the done.
We'll see.

As for now the gang has dedicated base done + armoured carrier (progress for now below). I am tempted to use some fast and cheaty way to get models done (they are for gaming after all) but I think I like the base too much to put tabletop quality stuff on it.

Anyway the plan for tonight is to kick Van Saars hopefully once again (girl power ftw!) and attach 4 sets of old ruins we use to one of modules. So far 2 are read for sand and paint.
Again - I deeply hope to play games on new table starting next year, so we can finally make battle report.

That's it for now.

5 hours later edit:
I've just came back from another engagement in the Underhive (or more probably - ash wastes) and the mean bitches managed to force Van Saars to run for the hills.
Moveover I got 4 loot counters out of 5 yet I managed to sell them for lousy money...
Also Deco's gangers got BIG experience bonus because of difference in gang ratings. I'll get him another time.
The only thing that worries me is one of my bitches beated leader's Ld stat so there will be the duel in a few days - I rolled shoot out. I deeply hope boss is gonna give goddamn usurper sludge sea swimming lesson and that's it - I hope...

After the game we made serious improvement on building the table: floors of buildings I made long time ago were ripped off and we attached these ruins to the module.
It's still early wip but the next battle will be played on modular battlefield and there's no other way. The last piece will be improvised but we hope to get the idea for it during coming week.
Time for me to prepare my Crackwhores for the next game - cheers!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big stuff comin'

One week and two posts? Woo-hoo!

So first of all today I finally managed to pin probably the heaviest model I had at my place ever: Dark Legion's mezoghoul.
It's out of production for a long time model from Target Games. From what I managed to establish it was made in plastic at the beginning of 90's for Siege of Citadel board game in Mutant Chronicles universe. No idea why was it casted in metal later but it doesn't matter:
I really enjoy painting old, ugly models and I am quite sure this one is probably the ugliest of all:

Another hobby progress was applying fresh mud on display base for new Necromunda gang - based on Valhallan models this time. I think they will use Delaque rules.
Once again I used mix of shiny resin, washes and powdered chalk. Apparently this stuff makes flat surface look like chocolate cake but I think it will be turn out fine when painted models are placed where they belong.
Also I could sprinkle the same mud on the vehicle so it fits whole piece bit better. I am sure some more mud will be applied on whole painted squad.

And the last thing for this post: photo of more-less finished gang transporter.
I am still trying to find proper background for taking photos in the tent other than t-shirt but so far there's nothing better.
More pics will be posted on my tutorials' site soon.

Now I am off for Necromunda game to kick asses of Van Saar nerds!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Embalmed yet I breathe!!!

Heya after long break!

I actually didn't think corpse of this site would be ever reanimated but here it is: embalmed yet it breathes hehehe...

But seriously: combination of not much to do during long hours in the office + bunch of stuff which doesn't fit boards I hang on caused the necromancy decision.

So for starters there's a hope soon I will get some more hobby time - the practice started last year is going really fine and I should finish it this year (with small Cthulhu's help).

Also the articles section of my other site is slowly growing and I am hoping to add at least one more walkthrough shortly.
So looks like that's all for the reanimation post - see you sometimes later.
And below - teaser of the coming article.


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