Monday, February 26, 2024

Zombie dragon #1

After heavy battle another model just got crossed off the everlasting list of shame. Half-crossed off, because at this moment there's only unridden beast and I'm still looking for the proper rider. Painting this one took me much more then I expected especially given the fact it's the second version of this sculpt I've been working on. The previous piece was painted 10 years ago ( 😳😳😳 ) as contest model, but this time I wanted a center piece for Undead Army project - which I might even bring to an end yet during this lifetime.

There were some ideas about color scheme. At first I was thinking about "classic" green dead flesh but then I decided to use pale tone. Such color should contrast nicely againg base and hopefully - dark rider. Working on this one kinda drained me out so the rider has to wait and in the meantime I can finally start working on Hetzer from Propylene Foliescu.

So here it is: half-finished zombie dragon from golden age of Warhammer. Some more pics and some more babbling when it's done... 

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Small forest 😁

After providing my battlefield with solid patch of forest it turned out there is still enough materials left to be build another terrain piece. Much smaller but still decent piece of dense terrain to hide a tank, squad of men ot even big and nasty Eradicator Deathdroid

Exactly like before I used mdf sheet to make bases for trees - they can be removed for transportation or when there's too big crowd inside. Lesson learnt this time: using oven to make terrain piece dry faster is stupid idea - mdf soaked with pva bends (surprisingly...) because of the temperature so it's easy way to ruin your work pretty easily.

So here it is - looking forward to see it in action as soon as possible 😎

See? Ents moved so evil robots can have a battle in tough enviroment!