Saturday, May 26, 2012

Such a treat...

So I am back from painting Warhammer Fantasy - deeply hope for a long. Not sure was it the matter of specific model I got to paint or simply painting sth else than Nurgle / plague zombie or Necromunda stuff but I had no fun with the Khorne lord. 
Still it turned out much better than my previous attempt to paint Herald of the Blood God some time ago. Just hope there won't be such problems when I put the OOP juggernaut on the painting station sometimes.
But for now - here's the chaos lord: the client likes it and that's actually the only thing I care about. This and the fact it finally left my place ^^

Now as for the proper content of this log: a treat.
While painting the Khorne dude I was also slapping some paint on the scenic base which has been prepared earlier. All in all it turned out what took the most time was cutting the pcv sheets and assembling all parts.
Painting was pretty fast and as easy as possible. Colors were chosen to fit bases of Necromunda gangs I run, as well the terrain features: there are some bunker entrances and tons of oil drums on the gaming board. I also plan to add more posters here on on the gaming table so everything fits nicely. Of course if I can convince some of my friends to contribute photos and therefore become arch villains of the ash wastes ^^

And for the final: last night there was another gang fight in the wastes.
This time outnumbered Eschers were trying to stop nerd horde - Van Saars that is. It was the first time I fielded heavy plasma gun and it turned out nice and nasty: I only managed to take 2 shots but when the hit was scored 2 enemy gangers were put down - seriously burnt by S7 blast =D
Hope the next time the kill will be more deadly.

'Till the next time!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quick return to Warhammer Fantasy

Last week the postman made my day by delivering 2 things:
- ticket for Faith No More gig July 4th (YAY!!!)
- solid box from Canada with 4 models inside: missing scavvies and mounted Khorne champion I am obligated to paint in exchange for the Necromunda stuff.
I am really glad I met the client on Lead adventures board bazaar section, because sniping the missing minis one by one off Evilbay is such a huge pain in the ass...

Names for the leader and one of scalies are already chosen but still looking for proper name for another heavy hitter - any suggestions are welcome, after all painted and named models fight better ^^

At this stage we're planning color scheme for the Blood God lord so I can start works (and finish them!) as soon as possible to come back to the Underhive eventually. So many gangers yet to be paint-slapped...
Speaking of this - 2 more cockers joined the nicely painted side of the force: Grinder and Rutgut. This time there's only one model from the past as a company - oldie leader.
That means I will be repainting the gangers shortly. Pic might seem worse that usual because models were varnished shortly before I put them into the photo station: the varnish worked kinda weird - models looked "sweaty" instead of matt.

And the last thing - fucking awful wip shot of the background I'm gonna use for post-apo photos. The idea was nicked from JRN blog - really love his creations and deeply hope such stuff will work fine with my minis. I thought if I ever get bored with such background I will use it for the final scenic base for some of my dark future minis (so many yet to be done).
Also I've been taking some step-by-step photos so after the base is done I should have enough material for medium sized article - hope I can finally bring some solid spam dose to CofC articles section.

That's it for now, take care and don't step on tox bomb!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ambush & rescue mission

The so-called long weekend here has finally ended: most of ppl here try to leave the city for a few days or spend time outdoors but since I become pretty bust daddy and most important - minis surely won't paint themselves I was trying to spend as much time in the hobby room as it was possible.

Since the last dose of spam here I we managed to play 2 campaign games and also 2 more Scavvies joined the painted part of the gang.
The first battle was an ambush: my beginning (fully painted) Goliath gang was trying (not even touched by an undercoat yet fucking experienced) Orlocks. Gangers were placed and the plan was made up yet somehow I totally forgot main strength of my gang was the look and surely not battle efficiency ^^
Because of pitch black Goliath boss slipped and fall down in the very first 3 mins of the game, where he spent following rounds until got out of action which all in all made the rest of my team run for the hills.
The scenario was ton of fun anyway - it was sth new and thank to special deployment the nmatch was even more unpredictible. We definitely have to play it again shortly.

The second game was rescue mission: the same Orlocks were trying to take back a juve captured by my Scavvies in the previous encounter.
I wanted to prove my opponent painted models fight way better then his "paint virgins". Of course my theory turned out to be just piece of crap when both of freshly painted sentries (Cayman and Bronson) got taken down. Once again - none of these died as the result of rounds suffered: maybe this piece of luck was triggered by the paintjob? ^^ As the result of the game - Orlocks didn't manage to take down sentries quietly so shortly after the alarm was sounded Scavvies rushed back to see who was trying to steal their dinner. Because 3 of 5 Orlock raiders got hit Deco decided to leave poor juve behind not to risk getting more valuable gangers injured. Thank to this 12 of my rottenheads got human-o-burgers for the next meal.
Moreover another tasty Ganger got captured during falling back so it looks like the next game between these gangs will also be (food-) rescue mission...

As for something more tasty than no-piccies-game-summary: new gangers!
During the time spent home the painting was going so sweet I was able to finish whole ganger within a single day so below you can see Reznik (which I got with damaged arm) and Bronson (which refused to cooperate with camera). Both accompanied by the scalies painted some time ago - for the scale.
With these guys gone it looks like there are 15 more Scavvies* in queue to get whole line ready for the quality gaming - hope not to get bored with them in the middle of the job.

Till the next time!

*not mentioning plague zombies and Karloth Valois