Monday, July 2, 2012

Small update

Heya all,

As you can see in the title box this time it's mostly technical update: life issues keep me away from the miniatures once again...
So on the side panel you can see some news: labels cloud and new links pictures. Also I decided to change the main banner: simply couldn't resist not using new display base and some old minis.

As for the old minis - a while ago I started a thread on Lead Adventure Forum about old Warzone models. We want to finally play a game here and nostalgy combined with being-old-fart-ness spawned the idea of such a topic. I know there are people who like classic sculpts but I didn't expect such a feedback! On the other hand when it comes to old and (nearly) forgotten games you can always rely on LAF board =D
Here's small teaser what you can find there...

Brilliant, isn't it?
Whole this Warzone hysteria made me find and start bidding some Dark Legion models for my force - I want them no matter we play a game or not. Painting some old'n'ugly sculpts would be sweet reward for passing the fucking exam finally.

And speaking of painted models - some oldies were also added to my gallery (check Warzone, Warhammer and Warhammer 40K folders). These are mostly pictures copied from my COFC gallery, because I either don't have these miniatures in my possession or the pictures I made were lost (thank you Mahon for saving them!). For the teaser below you can see Zenithian Soulslayer painted for the doctor after successful surgery he performed on me several years ago. Iirc the paintjob was inspired by painting lava tutorial I saw on Jenova (?) site. Cannot believe is was so long ago. Hope he still has the toy ^^

And the last thing: no matter how much shit-stucked I get it can never be SO bad to prevent us from playing a quick game sometimes especially after the success of package run scenario.    
The last evening there was another campaign match in the gaming spot: Scavvies were trying to prevent Orlocks from rescuing the prisioner: I really wanted to keep this fattie: thank to improved strength and toughness it would be just enough to feed my whole gang!

Sadly when it came to dice rollin' it turned out the minimum size raiding squad (4 men strong) was facing a single sentry! I chose Cayman: didn't want to rist loosing more important gang member in 4:1  combat and Cayman has T4, evade skill and the model looks just so nice ^^
Sadly he was no match for the desperated raiders who dealt with him in no time. The alarm was sounded but I managed to bring to the game only one of 3 reinforcement groups - apparently dice god doesn't always work the way I need.

The game was once again ton of fun: all in all there were total 9 models on the table only. It would be even better fun if I managed to keep the prisoner but you cannot have everything I guess.
Below is one of photos I took with my cell - yes, the table is still not finished but I hope posting such horrible pictures will motivate me enough to lock myself in the gaming room with some paints until the battlefield is properly done.
What you can see is the very last moment before Deco decided to bottle out with the released prisoner - lucky bastard didn't allow my scaly to get into melee... ><

That's it for now, deeply hope to bring something more interesting with the next log.