Saturday, August 12, 2023

Bolt Action bunker

After dealing with Slaanesh cavalry I had to take a breaf from painting ping, purple and other disguisting colors of God ov Forbidden Pleasures. Some time ago my buddy brought me a souvenir from his trip - which surprisingly turned out to be Warlord's bunker. 

The model was assembled like 1,5 year ago, but since our  gaming kinda dropped, there was not much motivation to do anything with the piece. Until now: solid chunk of dirt and reinforced WWII concrete was great material material from painting fantasy stuff.

In order to provide better view for the bunker crew (and also to make model look better on the battlefield) I put it on a hill. Hill couldn't be steep, so infantry models can be placed on it without walling, so during the process it grew kinda more then initially planned. In fact it was so big painting it on hobby station was just impossible. See?

I didn't want it to be just a sand dune, so static grass was applied on top - we play our battles in European was theatres. The grass turned out much flatter then I expected - I assume it's because of applicator I use, which is home-made device. Apparently I should invest in better hardware before starting works on the next terrain piece 😁

Some scale shots - that thing is just one big line of sight blocker!

Some scale shots with other terrain features:

And the cherry on top: some high class special effects:

And the applicator - looks like some kinda gretchin torture device 😁

Next stop: converted exhalted champion of Chaos (hopefully).

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Chosen chaos knights #2

Because of some recent distractions from so-called real life (of course we all know reality is a lie) and unexpected job orders, miniature painting planned for July got slightly delayed but I have finally managed to get the rest of Chaos knights unit done! Which means Chaos army project got ~400 points crossed off the "to do" list.

The unit got champion and 5th knight, so the squad is even more devastating.
As you can see the leader got slightly darker armour, so it looks different compared to the other knights. Darker armour also makes better contrast with blazing sword (I gave it a try befoer on Mishima Demon Hunter model and I really like it). And since it's champion, it got pretty fresh pony, with undamaged barding (at least yet).

As for the other guy it's old chaos knight model from 4th edition of the game. It's kinda static but I must admit I really like that sculpt - I actually regret I don't have standard bearer from this line, 'cause unit could surely make use of it during the battle.

It was fun making simple conversions (as mentioned before - models came with shield arms missing) but while making them I should've checked would it be possible to place models close. Turns out it's not possible because of chmpions mutated left hand... 🙄
But since there's also exalted champion planned to be added (which will be riding steed of Slaanesh) I hope to assemble it in the way it can be placed next to mutated hands. 

And last but not least - big thanks to Maniexite for help in replacing molten steed and everything 😉

The last one is pretty blurry - it's either because the heat of the enchanced blade or because knights are riding just too fast for my camera. Sadly I am too lazy to re-take the shot... 😶

Heil Slaanesh! 🤘🏻😈🤘🏻