Thursday, June 30, 2022

Iron Lich Asphyxious

Last Wednesday local Cryx force has once again been challenged to battle. To my surprise my trusty old foe didn't field Khador (despite he just got nice and shiny Juggernaut... 🙄). Instead - Magnus the Traitor appeared with his mercenary band.

The game was fun, but I decided to get another warcaster painted to provide some necro-variety to the army. I've always liked Iron Lich Asphyxious - it was the first purchase together with starter box when we were starting Warmachine here about 2004 and IMHO it's still cool. Dead cool... 💀

If I remember correctly it's my 3th attempt to paint this deader and looks like I finally like the result. Military olive green ain't common among Cryx stuff but I like it much more then classic black. And it has absolutely nothing in common with the fact I can't paint black so it looks smart. I didn't like original skull. It was bit smaller and had no jaw so it was replaced with plastic head. Such bright element makes strong contrast and is nice focal point of the miniature. Right. Time to find some more corpses to paint in local graveyard. Heil Toruk!

And little size comparison shot. Pretty big compared to ordinary rank-and-file deaders, ain't it? But it's Iron Lich after all!

Saturday, June 18, 2022


It's summer time so this time I painted something fitting the season.
Back days, when I was still Warhammer Fantasy player, I've never fielded or even seen mummies on the battlefield - it was really small gaming comminity here and models were hard to get. But I've always really liked those - both Middlehammer styled sculpts and fluff. 

So years later it turned out I've managed to collect 10 models - more then enough for solid and expensive unit (45 points each for 2000 points army!) and now the time has come to give those old beauties a paintjob.  According to the rules mummies are strong and tough as ogres (because of embalming rituals, dark magic or other shit) but you can't see is on the sculpts - these are just man sized. So trying to make them look more models were placed on 25 mm bases instead of 20 mm. That gives some space for little rock and extra bits. Now the unit should stand out marching alongside ordinary skeletons and zombies.

At first I was hoping to paint whole unit at once but decided to split them into small groups. No idea why but whenever I put too many models on the hobby desk - painting's quality clearly drops. And these deserve spending some more attention then ordinary skeletons. 

See? Slightly larger then cannon fodder 😎

And one more scale shot - makes me want to play Curse of the mummy's tomb 😊

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Juggernaut (Khador)

Recently some of my trusty Cryx models have been rescued from the pile-of-shame tar pit so there was a plan to paint some more candies for Warhammer Undead army for a change. But before that I decided to paint little (well not that little actually) something for my buddy to boost him to get rest of his Warmachine's Khador force painted.
Or at least assembled... 🙄

That's right: back days before all those utterly stupid units have been released Warmachine was just over the top game. Few week back we were talking about it and decision was made to take old warjacks for a walk. My friend used to run Khador army, but from what I know his old models have been sold long time ago, so now new force is being grown.

What you see below is Khador's heavy warjack - Juggernaut.
It's one of core units of this faction: heavily armored, strong hitting and reliable. Not even mentioning the fact it's metal model! 😍

Usually Khador models are painted red - according to the fluff these are kinda steampunk Ruskies. I've never liked it so this one was done using mostly "natural" colors. Red elements were added for nice contrast. I like the final result - hope this model will encourage my trusty old foe to get rest of models painted. Playing with unpainted stuff aint's worth battle report 🙄

And little technical thing:
Recently I read about some blogger updates. There must be something about it, because I've been getting e-mail notifications about new comments under posts - which don't appear on the blog. No idea what's the reason but I'm more then grateful for constant support 😊 

Duel of the classics - Juggernaut vs Slayer:

Scale shot: scrap thralls about to perform death burst suicide attack: