Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Mounted wight lord

While cleaning painting desk  once again I've stumbled upon some conversion bits I wanted to assemble and paint for a long time: mounted wight lord based on zombie dragon's rider. The model is based on  wight torso and 4th ed necromancer's legs and pony - painting necromancer was also on my shameful list but all in all decision was made to swap parts to make both models unique.

Initially the idea was to paint it grimdark way - which seems to be kinda popular nowdays. But while undercoating the model I changed my mind: it's oldschool model after all so it deserves properly oldschool paintjob - which fits Undead Army Project. Keeping strong contrast on painted miniatures is always good idea so I decided for black armour combined with bright blade and barding (or whatever the hell is the name of horse's clothing).

Painting something colorful is a really nice change after working on Bolt Action (mostly monotone) stuff. Besides after over solid 20 years I've finally found proper use of those ridiculous decals from oldie skeleton warriors boxes 💀

Anyway my display case Undead got another wight commander (the previous one was mounted on wyvern). Looks like now I have check if there are any jobless mounted undead models in the pile of shame to provide a company for the new undead character. 

So here's the necro-candy:

And the scale shot: wight lord commanding unit of skellies:

Sunday, January 14, 2024

The well (Black Grom Studio)

I am still waiting for Hetzer model to come (together with some other bitz to be used as Bolt Action terrain features) but as I'm trying to keep myself busy in every aspect of life - I've managed to cross off pair of wells from Black Grom Studio from shameful yet-to-do list.

I got these models few years back and must admit I totally forgot about them until I started looking for materials for the big forest few weeks back. Getting them done took like two evenings - most of the time took drying (pva glue, oil washes etc). These are pretty small terrain features, surely not as eye-catching as bunker for example, but in my opinion all those small bits add lots of character to the battlefield - especially in WW2 settings. I mean all those wrecked cars, barrels, oil drums stocks etc. 

Apart from fact wells look just cool and provide water supply for locals (or Dagon cultists in this particular case) they are big enough to provide solid cover for snipers, spotter, artillery observers and all other pain in the ass models staggering on the battlefield. Hope to see the on the battlefield on the next match. Some scale shots below:

The wells sauté - once again I can only recommend Black From Studio stuff 😊

And if you like wells, human tears and songs - Carpathian Forest recorded something which fits the mood perfectly... Merry blue Monday!💀

Sunday, January 7, 2024

M1A1 light howitzer

I took quite a long time since my G.I.s got howitzer support, so it was good idea to restore another second hand miniature. Model below was purchased a while agobut when it arrived I realised there was a part missing: gunners left palm holding the rod. Back days had some plans how to repair it but all in all it was put into string bag and forgotten.

Until now.

I found the piece last week and decision was made to cross if off the list of shame. I had some spare bits after painting winter infantry squad so the gunner got his missing palm. Also decided to replace original metal heads with placcy ones. These are great btw.

Colors were chosen to fit "summer" part of the army, Must admit whole force painted with green tones looks just just great especially if placed on fully finished game table. I think problem with painting US army is sth similar to painting skaven or goblin fantasy army: painting basically everything brown or green is just damn boring but when it's done - final result was worthy effort.

So here they are: 45 pts worth light artillery ready to stop nazi offensive. The third guy was placed on separate base so it's easier to mark the casaulty. I did similar thing with medium machine gun team a while back. Which reminds me I must start fielding this thing...

Bits on the base (crate and oil drum) come from Warpainter online store (I got other really cool stuff from this producer back days). Sadly the site is suspended for a while now - looking forward to be re-launched, because there were some WW2 Hungarian army vehicles which I'd love to slap some paint on...