Monday, August 23, 2021

Ogre mercenary #4

I am still waiting for some heavy support for my slowly growing Bolt Action Hungarian army so in the meantime decided to paint something different. The ogre mercenaries have been waiting for some support for quite a long time so now they finally got the 4th guy! 🤗

Like before I chose natural tones trying to make the model look rather real instead of "total fantasy" like in oldie army books and White Dwarf issues. Definitely like the final result, it's much more than enough for gaming purposes. Painting this fella was lots of fun - just like the rest of the team: the magical charm of mid 90's I guess. I know there are different opinions but IMHO these ogres plus orcs and goblins line are what defines whole that middlehammer aesthetics. And what got me hooked into the hobby.

Looking at the pics I think the mace should've been painted more thick orange, like totally corroded nasty piece of iron but like it anyway - provides nice contrast with pole and flesh.

So looks like there's one more left plus getting rid of blood from the first one, and I can take a family shot 😎

Just before having short holidays my buddy invited me for Blood Bowl game - to introduce the game and show what's it all about. It must've been something, 'cause he already has 5 different teams!
I started little research - until now I was pretty sure there're no interesting (that is: metal) models available, but, to my surprise, I've found some really cool teams, ready to kick the spiky ball, break limbs and chew grass!
At this stare it's kinda teaser only - I am still choosing THE ONE team. Was pretty sure it'd be Undead squad, but after checking the options I am torn between Skaven,Chaos and Deaders of course. Hope to make the decision before finishing the last ogre mercenary 🐭