Friday, December 27, 2013

Animated corpses, pigs, Facebook...

Kinda :)

The first thing is technical announcement - I decided to give a try to Facebook and some time ago the test FB site of the bloggy has been launched. I don't think there will be anything more published than links to new posts but we'll see if I can use it for something productive.

The site is just raw now - some background photos will be added just when I get any time (so don't expect it shortly). And because it's Facebook - there's brand new "zombie-like" linky on the right panel. Will probably replace it with more personalised pic sometimes.

And now something more hobby related.
I've been trying to learn taking decent pictures of my models since always. The more I tried the more I was sure it's equally hard to painitng models. My mentor in this matter is constantly Mahon - just check the pictures in the Chest of Colors gallery he took. Some of these were taken using dedicated vinyl backgrounds - there was review of that stuff somewhere on the CofC, report worthy checking.

I thought such backgrounds might actually be the improvement I've been looking for so I ordered some patterns. These is not any pro stuff dedicated for miniature painters bullshit, but samples of vinyl wallpapers. It looks quite interesting now but I will wait with the final opinion until I manage to place it behind miniatures in the light box and take a shot.

Which leads me to work in progress picture of zombie dragon project:
Few days back I managed to more-less finish the wight lord rider. The model is awful, no doubt about it, but it fits well the old dragon - and I really like the beast. It's one of the minis I've been trying to get painted for a looong time for several reasons, so be ready for a whiny, nostalgic (for me) story when I get it eventually done.

The plan was to paint the whole thing the "oldschool" way which means vivid colors a'la Warhammer 5th edition. Evil Sun banner is part of the story behind the project which will be revealed when the piece is done.

The pictures above were taken straight on the painting station, but I also gave a try to one of the new backgrounds. I am sure the results would be better if I took pictures in the light box but I am quite satisfied of the brick wall behind.
There are still 7 pieces of vinyl to be tested so expect to see them used on the next painted models.

And the last thing for this post: conversions.
The first one is nothing more but original model provided with new head: the master plan was to give it brand new set of spider legs or spider torso plus some minor modifications.
It didn't take long to realize my converting-fu isn't strong enough to do the job well, so I walked easy path. 
More-less easy: it is truth what people say on forums about assembling this spider bitch. Getting it done is huge pain in the ass and probably wouldn't be possible without joints already casted with the limbs. Mortenebra is fully operational, armed and dangerous (and last night washed off the battlefield Dr. Arkadius and his band of war hogs).

Another model prepared for painting is epic version of Deneghra - my fav Cryx warcaster.
Even though I like the fluff and special  rules the model is just horrible. So the decision was made to customize it a bit so I can field her with no mental resistance.
Basically I needed to get rid of the lower half of the miniature. I've already seen some really effective conversions, where most of the model was replaced by Rackham's spectre (or whatever is was) mini, but I wouldn't feel comfortable mutilating any of Rackham's classic beauties so I've been looking for something else.
About 3 weeks ago by accident I spotted a ghost model from Reaper brand, which I thought might be good material for the job:

The description said it was plastic, but this seemed to be rather good news:
- plastic is easier to convert
- Reaper is (supposed to be) quality.

The model came. It was light but what else could one expect from plastic?
The problem was it wasn't plastic like EE or PP uses but some weird rubber-o-placcy crap! After I got it I read it's sth from new "Bones" series, and it was my very first contact with that substance. And the last one at the same time.
Model was very easy to cut but was so bendy it was pretty hard to make is the center of the model. Moreover because it's more rubber than plastic I've found it impossible to file (sic!), so all mold lines had to be removed with a knife...
Anyway I am very glad she is done now, nothing special but way better than original sculpt. The field test of her nasty spells arsenal is planned for the Sunday night, so I hope to harvest some pig souls for the glory of Lord Toruk!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Worms fixation? Really?


After the November post about Cankerworm and Eando Kline something really weird happened: the number of blog visitors went just sky high! 
Sure it's nothing to bitch about but I was looking for the reason of that thing: pics of painted models were nothing jaw-dropping, I don't post any pr0n neither so my guess is it was the title to blame. 
Really? I mean could so many internet users be interested in watching something potentially disguisting? Or just maybe entomology has been very popular recently?

Looks like the only way to confirm or to refute that theory is practicing different catchy post titles sooner or later...

As for proper hobby matter: last Sunday night another model joined ranks of the painted and made the unpainted junk pile tiny bit lighter. This time it's Gutrott, young ripper from Enigma range. I got the miniature from my Chest of Colors buddy* and at this point it's the the only model from Enigma range in my collection.

The sculpt is sweet - it's Enigma after all, so not much to talk about it. There's lots of cool details making the paintjob pure pleasure + casting quality is very fine.
The model was painted just for fun, besides I finally wanted to use the plinth made for purposes of my first tutorial here bazillion years ago. I also tested new matt varnish - this time it's Revell. This stuff seems to be perfect replacement for Model Master, it seals models with thick, supermatt coat. Not sure sealing fresh blood (on the dead baby) was the best idea but I am still very satisfied**.

You can see some more views of the model under the link. I gotta find some new background for taking photos of the models - old and trusty black rag ain't 'nuff anymore.

Another necrotite fuelled toy staggering on the painting desk is Stalker bonejack being painted for my small Cryx battleforce. I really like this nasty sculpts and hope to finally find useful role for it during the battle.
The color scheme is quite unusual for Cryx stuff I've seen already but I've tested it on the Reaper Helljack below and I really like the "military" look of the model. Reminds me soviet post-apo killer bot:

The leaping pose is also something I wanted to do for a long time:
it made already cool looking model even more dynamic and imho sinister - it's a character killer after all, with high defence stat, pathfinder skill and doubled contol zone. Fast and furious pain in the ass for enemy casters. Especially if fielded in pack =]

Painting was nothing complicated but it seem like simplicity is the key: 3 layers of airbrushed greens, some washes, metalics and details. And of course solid coat of varnish as the final touch - it's a gaming model after all. Voila!
Making the model more striking (for painting contest or whatever) should be no problem - all you need is steady hand and some fine detail brush to define sepatate parts of armour, enchance osl effect and add some strong shades + highlights. But again: I don't need all these fancy details to hunt down enemy solos and terrorize warcasters.

Hope you like the final effect. The next model in the queue Cryx warcaster Mortenebra.

And the very fresh news from the front of Battle for Hope!
The event took place despite screwed up weather conditions and all donated models found new homes. Below you can see a pre-battle photo, for more you have to visit BfH Facebook site.


*Peek-a-boo ToMaZ!
** Cheers Simon!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Where's Nemo?

Here! In my gaming place!

Redecoration of my very own room is finished (finally!) but while the works were progressing I had to take out my whole stuff from there. The painting desk was moved into corridor but even though painitng conditions were quite poor I managed to finish something: warcaster Nemo from Cygnar (Warmachine).

The model belongs to my buddy, wargaming veteran as well, and since I kicked Nemo's ass during last game* I decided for little compensation**. Besides I really like the model (all it's versions) and painting something vivid is constantly a very nice change for me.

For the photo background once again I used display "wall" about which the tutorial was made some time ago. No idea why but taking photo using such scenery is much easier for me than photographing minis using printed background. Just check the pic below:

And this made me start thinking about building another themed background. This one works really well but taking pics of fantasy models in such enviroment is just odd. At this stage it's just an idea - haven't decided what fantasy theme could be used: some grassy plains and some stone in the back? With cave entrance? Or maybe piece of brick wall / fantasy building? With stone made street - kinda fantasy urban enviroment.

If you have any ideas - throw it in the comment. Whatever it will be it sounds like a good material to update the tutorials section :)

What else?
Ah yes - shopping. I don't even try to lie myself anymore about not purchasing minis bullcrap. The addiction is way too strong, it's been growing for many years so now there's no turning back for me.
About 2 weeks ago one of FUUK users posted list of oldie stuff for sale. All I needed was 5 seconds to send a PM to the guy. My first must have choice was set of Valhallan tank riders. Basic plan was to upgrade Chimera apc built for Necromunda campaign but then I thought it would be cool to finally see my Valhallans squad painted so I might get them new wheels (errr... tracks). Havent decided will the new vehicle be another Chimera or maybe sth bigger, like Leman Russ. It all depends on which junk can I get - it will be heavily converted so don't need brand new and overpriced EE toy.

Other models I got are old Terminator Chaplain and metal supercool hormagaunts. The plan is to add these to my planned inquisimunda demon hunter party. This will be gathering of old and cool sculpts which will be either personalised Necromunda gang or (which is more probable) will just end up in the display case (unpainted - and this is even more probable).

Thanks for reading!

* which was the first Warmachine game for about 2 years!
** that "last game" was Thursday night last week. Last night we played again: Cygnar led by Nemo vs Iron Lich themed army. It is the truth painted models fight better - all was fine until I stupidly placed the caster in front of my army and when the glorious victory was just at hand - Iron Lich got boosted bullet from Hunter jack between eyesockets followed by Nemo's lightning bold. And fucking died...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eeeew!!! There are 2 worms in my post!!!


Finally I can paint something for my very own display case.
And that's because mr Eando Kline has been finished and the model is on the way to it's owner right now. As for the commission: my version definitely differs from Derek Schubert's, and don't think I would ever try to compare myself with that guy, but I like the result achieved. So does the client which is all that matters here.

Painting this piece was fun - first because Eando got dedicated display plinth, so he can comfortably rest after coming back home from thrilling adventures*. Second - it's always fun to paint something other than zombies and mutants (on the other hand I cannot wait to finally come back to my zombie dragon project).
Anyway here's the guy - the gallery has been updated.

There's another gallery update coming with this post: Cankerworm. 
As mentioned before the model will be auctioned OR will be a prize in Battle for Hope Warmachine tourney on December 7th - 8th in Ft. Worth, Texas. I thought because the reason of the event is laudable, my model should be something more than just another gaming piece. Besides I got another opportunity to use one of remaining resin bases from not that far past, when Plinth Country was still alive.

The model turned out dark - that's probably the reason most pics taken turned out rather crappy. And that's also reason I took the pictures using different backgrounds. The juicy orange on oil drums was made using real rust powder, that stuff looks really nice straight from the box or mixed with powder chalk. All you have to remember about while working with powders is either to apply some turpentine to prevent powder from falling off, or to spray the piece with varnish. Here's the worm:

And the last thing for this time.
While I was finishing Eando I sent an email to the client with some work in progress shots. Waiting for the reply I found some spare junk, which was supposed to be used to upgrade my modular battlefield. The battlefield is more-less done (the construction part only that is) but it would be just a shame to waste such a nice pile of junk. 
So I thought it's time to make my painting desk bit more organised and shortly after that (and after some lovely drilling time) my very own paints rack was spawned. 

Which means there have been 2 pair of racks posted in the whole history of this blog. The thing is getting pure pr0n...

The rack was just pinned and glued. It's not supposed to be nice looking but maximum practical and fitting the limited space on my desk. I think I might give it some paintjob sometimes - black and yellow warning stripes a'la Necromunda seems to me good idea... On the other hand everything related to Necromunda is good idea ^^
If I ever decide to make another I will take some step-by-step piccies, there are some things I'd prefer to be be done slightly diffrent (and better - let's be fair) but that doesn't matter now - it's not a damn beauty contest.

Till the next log!

*And yeah, to compensate the client whole delay caused by my moving.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just to keep the client informed

Well this time there's no spectacular post:
the main reason is I want my client to know there is something going on with his model.
And there is:

Eando Kline has already got the bases (both gaming and display) but I also managed to slap some paint on the sculpt itself. Which is quite remarkable thing because I was left with the kid for a few days. Which means no late night painting sadly...

During painting the piece one thing came to my mind: next time before painitng anything else from Reaper range I will think twice. And one time more just to be sure. These sculpts are very detailed and sadly I don't think my paint-fu is good enough to provide proper paintjob.
It might be this or fact I simply prefer other toys. Whatever. Commission is commission so the model will be done. 

Another work in progress shot is the Cankerworm for Battle for Hope December event.
I've been assembling the base while waiting for paint on Eando to dry, so right now there's only some sand, glue and basecoat. But as you can already see I decided to give it the base much more my style: rusty and dirty.
Bright orange pigment made of powdered rust (no shit) should look really striking and imo really nice applied on dark metals of the worm. I think to make it more striking I will also enchance the OSL painted so far.

I think I should've asked the BfH guys weather they prefer getting gaming model or display / souvenir one. But then again it's a charity piece so the potential owner shouldn't mind. Hopefully ^^

Whate else?
Just some random crap. For starters - my old, trusty display case has been upgraded (elevated on the drawers + inside lights added) and installed (screwed to the wall) at new place. As you can see there's still lots of empty spaces inside - I haven't got all the toys from the moving madness yet.
The need of modifications was the safety. I saw my kiddo running around and bumping into furniture and because of the thin glass - any unfortunate accident could have very severe consequences. Both for him and for me. I think I will also change the study door lock as well - you can never be sure.

Last week we had Halloween. For me it's still strange to see trick-or-treaters running on streets in the evening, I just do not buy it.
I think the whole celebration here is failed attempt to import another opportunity to make people go to malls and buy tons of useless shit (like costumes for kids and pumpkins). But since I do not participate in the circus - it's not my business how others spend time and what do they spend hard-earned money for.

Just before moving I got a pumpkin from my friend and frankly had no idea what to do with it - until the last Thursday. I didn't plan eating it so decided to give a try to work on it with some knives. In fact it was my very first Halloween pumpkin ever made and as for total beginner I am quite satisfied with the result. Sadly all my efforts didn't impress my kid (he likes it but wasn't scared at all) so it was also the last carved pumpkin for me.

And the very, very last thing for this post.
Last Thursday we finally got the opportunity to play Dark Age: Skarrd vs Forsaken led by St. Mary. The game was kind of test - sadly the first impression wasn't anything special. I got feeling the game was simply slow (probably because I used to play lots of Warmachine earlier). But after pushing models on the table and rolling some dices I got better idea about the rules and units' possibilities.

Right now I know we will probably give the game a chance or two before we decide about supporting it or not. I also know Skarrd Father, no matter how nasty it looks, can be torn to pieces by bunch of frenzied Strikes. And that St. Mary is one nasty, tough as nails b!atch.
Hope to kick her ass shortly.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We're having bugburger for a dinner!

This time it's only small wip-photo.

Last night the bases (both display plinth and round 25mm gaming base) for the commissioned pathfinder were finished. I will glaze them with some natural colors and chalks when the miniature is ready, but it's just the very final touch.
Such easy trick makes model fit it's base much better.

Anyway the base is not only part of the current commission paintjob, but is also test piece for Battle for Hope project. As I've already mentioned I decided to give away Cankerworm for the event and "natural" base is one of options. You can see plinth for the Worm in the back by the way.
Another option is something (much) more rusty and corroded, which suits better both my preferences and the bonejack itself, but it's something yet to be considered.

Hope you like it so far.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Huge rack this time...

But first: the ship has arrived!
Actually - the Galleon! And soon it will sail through dangerous Big Pond, full of sea monsters straight to it's US (master and) commander!

I am very glad to have it already painted.
Not that working on the model was sort of nightmare or something (it was really nice change to do something hobby related finally), but accidentally while the commission work started - I was also moving to the new spot. 
But after whole the mess the model is ready and all I have to do is provide box durable enough to protect this baby against dirty and malicious minds of post office workers.

The very original color scheme was my client's idea: 
model is part of battle force based on Tramar theme (whatever it means - sadly I know very little about Iron Kingdoms fluff) which is also reason of "banners" hanging on the colossal's torso. 

The guy also asked for 2 removable bases: ship deck and battlefield themed. Some strong magnets and thick pin solved problem of standing the Galleon. Hope you like what you see - pics are average but I cannot remember I've ever taken decent photo of such a large toy.

The big guy is not blocking my painting desk anymore so I can finally start another painting commission. Some time ago I got a proposal of painting really nice model from Reaper's range: Eando Kline, the Pathfinder.
The model below was painted by Derek (you can see the proper topic on Reaper's forum here) and I was asked to base my paintjob on the Derek's work.
I will be surely very challenging task but hope see the mini painted with no further delays.There're still some of my Scavvies waiting to be painted after all!

At this stage model has been filed and undercoated. I've also decided to give the mini display plinth with socket to insert the round base. It's not much work more but I want to compensate the whole delay thing

But hobby life is not limited only to painting commissions and wargaming. There are other things as well.
Things like experiments.
About 3 weeks ago I went to fusing classes. I saw examples of such stuff during some recent appraisal work and there's just lots of possibilities to try. For starters I made 2 kinda-plates (whatever it is - doesn't work as eating plate for sure ^^) but the plan was also to give a try to some jewelry and some more useful things: like containers for dices, gaming tokens and the rest of these little gaming stuff.
Sadly after the first classes it turned out I won't have any chance to find enough time to go there regularly so all I got is the thing below. I left the other one in the class room - they sell fused glass products so who knows, maybe someone found a role to be filled by my "plate".

And last but definitely not least: the promised huge rack. Probably the very first rack posted on the bloggy!
It took me long time to get the rack into the the gaming room but it's there already and it's not leaving the place.No freakin' way!
Ladies and gentlemen... Well... Let's make it just: Gentlemen: I am presenting...

<ta-dam, ta-dam, ta-dam...>

THE HUGE RACK (clicky)

Nice, eh? ^^

After taking some of the shit stored in the gaming spot (stored there about 1,5 year ago) to the new home I discovered some unused wood. These planks were part of garden house roof or something.
8 of these were nailed together, cut to proper size so now we can we can play wargames on 72" x 72" size battlefield - 3 x 3 modules.
Maybe now I can finish these damn modules and then paint it...

Till the next time!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Excavation continues

Yeah, I am still at the damn excavation site trying to take back my precious stuff from the Horrible-Post-Moving-Mess-Beast. The bitch refuses any kind of cooperation but day after day, week after week some more of the things appear so I guess having my camp fully put up it's just the matter of time.

Hopefully: you know all these pulp movies with an archeological twist - it's always nice and easy until something get's fucked ^^

Speaking of which:
while moving shit from bags and boxes to the new office I discovered some old CDs buried under pile of pencils and papers. Before destroying them something inside told me to check the contents which turned out to be really smart move.
Among tons of useless crap I found some really old hobby pics - according to the date these are at least 10 years old! Sadly I do not know who took the pictures (who do I owe a beer that is), I am very happy I got them.
It's amazing a compact disk can be actually readable for so long. Verbatim FTW \o/

The first one is probably the only photo of my old Vampire counts army.
It was taken during a local Warhammer Fantasy 2250 pts tourney (one of a very few ever organized ever...) and it was the first tournament I participated in.
And the last:
I knew very well my army wasn't assembled for power gaming and I actually didn't care getting ass kicked but the attitude of some guys playing like it's fight for the last glass of water in the desert was just pathetic.
Anyway the army was sold piece by piece in the following years (thanks Mahon!) and the only thing left are the pics below.

And here it's the photo taken just after the first have: Vampires were confronting Tomb Kings. Stupid look of my face say just everything about the result ^^
And another pic from that day - these were Von Carsteins.
I remember that day I really liked the way models were painted and converted...

And  two more very funny photos:
this time it's part of my old Dark Legion army (good old Warzone). If I remember correctly these were painted when I was in high school and yeah, that time I was damn proud of the models. Paint from all miniatures from the photo have been removed long time ago and some of them have even been repainted. Check the gallery if you are interested.

And the last horrible, cell phone taken photo for this log (not sure anyone can bear more than that). Shot last night - very early work in progress shot of "the rack" for game table. 
So far we play games on battlefield made of 2 x 2 modules but since I built 10 modules (for the variety) I thought it would be cool to be able to assemble bigger gaming space. There's still lots of work ahead but there are many photos of different stages of this monster. When it's done I hope to assemble it into the article or something - who knows, such stuff might turn out useful. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

The eagle has landed

It has finally happened: 
I managed to leave the rented place and moved to own piece of cave!

And exactly like I suspected before: the process was really hard and painful but I couldn't be more happy to have it already behind. There are still several boxes of my preciousssss stuff (hobby stuff of course) waiting to be unsealed but with a bit of luck I should have the painting station fully operating by the coming weekend. 
Keeping fingers crossed for it!

There are still some older news which haven't been posted becuse of the moving madness.
The biggest and heaviest is the Privateer Press Galleon update. 
The model is nearly done but my client wants to see some tramar banners hanging here and there. I have already printed them so all I need is to adjust paper to the arms.

What else?
Few weeks back I found a comment under my post about Dark Age stuff left by mr Snotling from behind Poland's western border. All in all we decided to start a little painitng race since I am starting Skarrd faction and he's starting another army. I chose the model to start this little project (Raze) and even started painting but then the moving happened and whole fun got fucked. 

C'est la vie. Like always.
I managed to take a single work in progress shot just before packing my hobby goodies. After moving the model got bit scratched so I will repaint it for sure.
I will also try to paint it more zombie-scavvy style instead of anything based on the official Brom's artwork. Painting all these nice and bright colors is just not my cup of tea. 

There is also small technical problem I'd like to get solved somehow - maybe some of you could help me:
Some time ago I started getting lots of shit mail on the e-mail address to which my blog was connected. I read a bit and moved whole admin powers to the other e-mail address (gmail this time). I use it for posting, commenting other blogs etc.

But the snag is I do not get any notifications about new replies under my posts anymore. I am quite sure they all go to the previous mailbox. Is there any ideas I can make notifications come to the new address? Haven't found any button to fix it.
I'd be very grateful for any help of advice.

Till the next post - again from the new cave!

Friday, September 20, 2013

The moving has begun...

I've been waiting so long to say it: I AM FINALLY MOVING!!!
It's already pain int the ass, lots of my stuff is packed in boxes, there are no minis and no glass cases but next week I should be in new place with lots of space for my precious!!!

So that's just about it:
because what mentioned above and also some more that usually office work I painted nothing.
No, wait! Tonight I glazed Dark Age Raze's shirt and gloves!
Mr Floyd - you got me on the painting race this time I guess ;)

There are several minis I want to see painted just as soon as I manage to set my painting camp again. One of them is little steam-punk thingy for Battle for hope 2013. I decided to reduce the pile of toys in my room so gotta start works fast so the model is in Texas for the coming December!

Over and out for this time - the next post is coming from new home!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mutants? Cannibals? Blasphemers? Count me in!

Heya again,

After very short thoughts exchange with mr Floyd Snotling after my previous post I felt a little bit like being face-slapped with a glove. Well maybe not exactly but...
But strong enought to get hooked by completing 500 pts Skarrd battle group challenge!

I can only hope there is a wife and kid waiting for you at home mr Snotling so we both have equally small amount or free time to get some new toys painted =]
Sadly the biggest problem here is getting any Dark Age models at all so I think I will have to import some infantry and maybe something bigger sometimes later...

Speaking of which - last weekend I managed to assemble and base Father and Bone Doc (pinning his thin fucking arms would be impossible without Dremel gizmo) so my warband is now 160 pts strong. Sure it doesn't really matter until they are painted but it's just a start. I hope to get Raze delivered shortly (another 160 pts hehehe) so there'll be only some cannon fodder to be added.

As for the colors at first I was hoping to paint them similar to the original Brom's works: 
lots of browns, oranges and black. This would look nice with strongly corroded metal elements. But then I realised trying to copy someone's idea and brillant execution will probably turn out like crap, so I changed my mind.

Changed it after spending some time painting the commissioned Galleon purple.
I've realised I have never used much of this color and kinda underestimated it. 
And it's probably the best fluff-wise choice for the Father and hs sidekicks. After all it used to be reserved for royality and top priest superheroes (bishops or any other fat bastards). Skarrds are twisted religious maniacs so they should like the outfits.

And since we're at the twisted matter - there's been small progress on the Galleon again. I really want to see the model painted before moving out.
The purple tone was build using VGC royal purple, hexed lichen and Citadel purple wash - several diluted layers of paint over zenithal base coat. Metalic tone is mix of boltgun metal, black, dark brown and some olive. It's going to be VERY dirty model.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dark ages are coming...

What the title said: there are dark ages ahead!
There's a plan to move to the new flat in about a month, which is ALWAYS terryfying experience, but more important (and dark) I broke the new year's vow. Broke is again to be honest:
I purchased the miniature!

The model is Mordred the Damned from Celtos game range. I've already painted another deader from Celtos game range a while back, which was even posted at Brigade Models' site, and Mordred is another cool sculpt I wanted to see painted on nice display plinth.

But it wasn't like I was sitting in front of PC screen and accidentally added the model to the shopping cart. This fella was an addition to Dark Age books!
Browsing forums is dangerous and may be quite tempting. After reading some Dark Age fluff I decided to get some old DA materials for the hobby bookshelf in the new place. I got old Genesis, Evolution, Exodus and Essence. These grimoires are packed with nasty Brom's drawings + some juicy fluff so I finally know something more about Dark Age minis.

The seller gave me nice discount so there was no other choice but getting something new for The Pile*, so here's for story of Mordred.

Last week after having Necromunda game (Finally! A month long break from gaming was something I could barely stand) I brought some Skarrd and Brood models and there's a chance we will give the game a try.
Necromnda is fun but playing just one game for over 1,5 year now is getting kinda boring. Dark Age has really cool and morbid fluff which fits my painting style ...
At this stage I am planning to run small 500 pts Skarrd tribe so there goes the vow again ^^ 

Last Saturday apart from the phone bill the postman delivered something else:
something ancient, evil (according to human standards) and bound to ocean...
Great Cthulhu has arrived!

As you can see below it's an old sculpts and I think according to "modern" standards it's just ugly. Well it is... But I've never considered Cthulhu type of Justin Bieber handsome guy ^^

After a month long waiting the Great Ancient One have knocked at my door (hmmm... Can someone actually knock with a tentacle?). and am very glad I decided to use Father's Day promotion at RAFM site. 
The model is as you can see - big. It's also very old sculpt so there is a lot co complain about casting and more important - assembling. But I am strongly motivated to see it painted nicely standing on large display base. Keeping fingers tentacles for it!

And the last part of this week update:
Works on the Galleon moved a bit forward again. At this point the model itself is being painted rusty browns but here you can see it standing on the second muddy base. At first I wanted to add some more chunks of mud but then decided to hear the client's opinion:
I think the base is fine as it is especially for gaming purposes (apart from the barbed wire not much can fall / break off). When I was pouring the mud on the base I realised I like it a lot.
So much that similar bases will be used for my Skarrds.
Apparently I owe the client a beer - thanks dude! ^^ 

So as you can see - quite a lot of minis are started / being started, hope to present the painting results shortly.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhy R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

*The Unpainted Pile of Shame that is...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Damn hot summer

It's really hot here!
in fact the weather in Poland is almost always fucked: 
we get short, ultra hot and damp summer and long damn cold and windy winters. True Chaos wastes in the middle of Europe...

This damn weather makes paints dry slower and matt spray varnish becomes satin!
But despite all of these obstacles I managed to find enough power and  inner discipline to sit at the desk and paint. Few weeks ago really nice lady from US contacted me asking about painting 2 models for her wedding cake!

Since she and her fiance are Dungeons and Dragons players I was asked to paint their RPG characters: battle mage and elf scout. None of the models is my "type" of models but it was nice change to paint pair of elves after whole this zombie and Necromunda flood. The commission has just been accepted so tomorrow morning models are starting the long over the Big Pond to their new home in California.

Another comission I've undertaken some few weeks back is the Galleon: mecenary warjack from Privateer Press. As for PP stardards the models is REALLY big but it's still nothing compared to these goddamn garden gnomes I painted at the beginning of the year. Nothing can be painted to these terrorists...

The client has cool vision of the final effect he wants to get which coresponds really smoothly with my idea for painting such a beast: weathering, mud, rust, mud, chipped paint, mud. And some additional mud here and there. The guy likes my Gone Muddin' entry so it's nice opportunity to practice this effect on a large scale piece.

I got the model more-less assembled but it suffered some damages during the transport so I had to re-pin it properly. It wasn't big problem since the model is 95% resin made and this material is no match for my Dremel multitool (I still consider it one of the best hobby purchases ever). So at this stage you can see assembled model standing on one of the bases - I am preparing another one (the big gus has magnets under it's feet). I am waiting for some materials from the client before I slap some paint on the model: it's main color will be purple... Yeah, you read it correctly.
I can try to imagine it but want to see something painted the way client likes before I mix the paint. Until that - Galleon w.i.p. shot:

I'll try to take decent pic of the base itself before sending model back - maybe guys from Secret Weapons will find it useful.

And the last thing - not much hobby related but it's a very useful gadget:
few weeks back I replaced a pc mouse with trackball. Wasn't sure about this device (not much people use this gizmo) but I am definitely satisfied. It's surely recommended if you feel pain in wrist caused my mouse using. I think I will bring it to the office as well - it's also space saver when too much papers appear from nowhere and refuse to go away ^^

Take care!