Monday, October 25, 2021

Nepharite of Semai

Looks like I am still waiting for the annual Warzone game so in order not to get too rusty I picked another artifact from the pile of lead to rescue. This time it's nepharite of Semai.

That one for sure brought me back... ⏲

I remember when I got hooked into Warzone, Semai fluff and artworks were just damn impressive to me: heretics, "5th column" thing, Lord of Lies, and not even mentioning amazing Studio Parente's and Paul Bonner's artwork... 🤤

Too bad I've never ever played with Semai based force. There were sure guest appearances of Callisionian Intruder (because of his stealth and never-miss abilities) but all in all Semai army were just piss poor, not even mentioning freakin' ugly heretic legionnaires models.

As for model below I got it long after we dropped a regular Warzone gaming. If I remember correctly either on Ebay or on Warzone/Chronopia trading group someone was getting rid of Warzone lot, which I've got because of pure nostalgy for the old times. 
The models I got in blisters are still unopened waiting for some care, attention and drop of paint.

And nepharite of Semai would still remain hibernated in original packing for Algeroth knows how long, but Warzone painting contest woke him up from eternal slumber...

Although I've never seen it in action I wanted to paint that model for a long time. Sculpt is based on Parente's aftwork - which is just a badass!

See? Told ya!

I wanted to give my model a similar sinister look but I'm afraid flesh turned out a bit too much smurfy. Looking at the picture of the painted mini I think additional layer or two of dark blue or blue/black wouldn't hurt. Although now it's a natural leader of praetorian stalkers pack.
As for the rest I am pretty satisfied - I like the strong contrast between dark flesh / gear and bright bone and blade. It should look even more eye-catching given the fact we're going to play Warzone on a desert battlefield. Hope you like it and beware of LIES! LIES! LIES! 💀

And here's the unboxing. Hopefully my very first and very last: watching someone is opening box of stuff is just fuc#ing stupid...

1. Boxed...

2. Unboxed! Ta-daaa...!!! 🙄

Take care, stay evil and keep lying! 🤘

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Desert hill

October belongs to terrain making here. After getting set of Micro Art Studio oil drums done recently I decided to add another terrain piece to desert styled Warzone battlefield.

Last weekend, instead of having a battle, we met to prepare some terrain bits - which was actually pretty fun as well. And surely had absolutely nothing in common with beers we brought to the gaming bunker... 😊
Anyway I wanted to see quick result with not too much work engaged so gave a try to old and well tested hardboard + styrofoam + tree bark combo. There's lots of tutorials about making such thing in the web space so I'm not going to spam another one. Just want to share my observations instead.
1. It's definitely quick and easy way to get some additional terrain piece.
2. It's cheap!!! 😍 
3. For painting I used some actylic paint and the biggest brush I could find - waiting for glue and paint dry took much longer then actual work.
4. I found some desert style modelling flock. It's kinda bright olive / yellowish - never used it on any model (that color is just stupid) but it looks just fine on terrain piece.
5. For the first time I used white glue spray to attach flock and final layer of sand (bright on top). Must say it's just great tool for terrain making, I'm sure I'll use it also on another terrain project. After all I must provide some cover for my advancing (kissy-lips) necromutants... 

Models for scale:

Monday, October 11, 2021

Oil drums stock

This time something rather quick, easy yet essential for proper gaming: terrain piece. 
Actually there are 5 pieces 😊 I got these after Road to Berlin event but somehow until now didn't find enough steam to bring them onto painting desk. But since we're about to play annual Warzone game (HUZZAH!!! 🥳), finally with both armies fully painted and on brand new battlefield, decision was made to upgrade it with some line of sight blockers.

As mentioned above it was tournament random prize. As for product itself it's very decent stuff - nicely casted, no miscasts found, came ready to paint straight from the box. Micro Art Studio did good work on these barrels.

As for painting it wasn't much complicated but was rather time consuming because of the oil paints I used plus pigment binders, but the final result is acceptable,even though I've overdone applying pigments. I had that idea to add biohazard or radioactive signs but dropped it, since these are also be used on world war 2 battlefields. 
Warzone stuff for the scale. Hope to paint few more heretics before Cybertronic arrives for some serious necro-spanking from Nero 👾

As you can see above I need new, wider backdrop...

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Necromutants (kissy lips)

So recently I've painted Semai's heretics trio to provide Dark Masters some more power for the coming Warzone game. My One True Foe is now waiting for his Cybertronic canned meat to be painted so I hope to see brutal battle within 2-3 weeks in Elbląg outskirts area 😊

While waiting for the battle I started painting some terrain pieces to make dark future battlefield bit more interesting. Looking for some ideas I've found Marijn's thread on Warzone Eternal FB group - long story short: the guy painted necromutants but gave them torn-off / wounded mouth. If you remember old Warzone artworks such thing appeared on Studio Parente's and Paul Bonner's works for example. 

I remember while finishing my necromutants band I was wondering about painting faces similar way but thought that might look just silly. And that was until I've spotted Marijn's post. I liked his result so much whole team got plastic surgery right away! 😁
Looking at them now I am sure it was right move - such vibrant color in the middle of the model surely catches attention. Now back to painting oil drums...

And as for reference materials I've mentioned earlier - some ideas if you want to take your models to necro-dentist, veterinarian or whoever provides them health care 😁

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Heretic legionnaires

Since I am STILL WAITING for some heavy support for my Bolt Action Hungarians, decision was made to take one more trip back into origins of my hobby: mid 90's. Like 2 weeks ago I gave a try to new way of washing paint off the miniatures and these guys below were test subjects. Heretic legionnaires are Semai's cannon fodder - trusty grunts of Lord of Lies... 

Nice story, but sadly only 2 poses were released, of which one (with rifle) is just stupid... 😒 Despite their age I still consider the one with knife & gun cool - even for modern standards.
But there's special place in my heart for old Warzone stuff so each model from this range deserves to be painted. Besides we're about to have annual classic Warzone battle and I need some more cannon fodder - every heretic counts for war effort and Greater Evil!

As for painting I've never liked plain uniforms so tried painting some simple camo using mostly "blu tack" and airbrush. It's not exactly what I expected but still looking decent especially on gaming models. One of models lost it's knife, so it got assault gun from 40k - more DAKKA! for the team.

Hope to dig out something much more decent for the next painting... ^^