Monday, April 18, 2016

Necromunda battle report: Orlocks vs Goliaths #01

Greetings from the desert!
Greetings from toxic wastes, where the only thing more precious than water is full magazine and where all you can find is sorrow, pain and death!

That's right: Necromunda campaign has begun!

It's good to be back - even it that means fight for scraps in toxic wastes around hive city.
This game was quite unique, kinda "new beginning":
it's probably our first game played on finished battlefield using fully painted models!
Aaaaand because I slightly upgraded lights in the gaming spot photos didn't turn out total crap! At least most of them were quite acceptable.

As for the campaign:
we are veteran players so decision was made to make rules more enjoyable and practical. So we added aiming, modified overwatch, modified weapons stats, scenarios and some other minor changes.
Another thing I wanted to test was taking pics: it turned out taking nice game photos isn't such a piece of pie as I was thinking initially. It also turned out some beckground would be nice so there's endless desert on the horizon instead or my bike or pile of bricks...
(If you have any ideas or experience with using background I'd be grateful for any tips and suggestions, really. I think simple large cardboard sheet with painted sky, enchanced with GIMP / Photoshop kung-fu, should do the trick but it's just very first thought here).

But on topic:
the scenario was basicaly gang fight between Orlocks (scavengers and mecenaries) and Goliaths (degenrerates and cannibals). Apart from standard victory conditions we placed my previous customized Chimera personnel carrier in the middle:
alternative victory condition was hijacking the vehicle, which meant getting on the top and spending whole round opening the hatch - trying to avoid bullets flying around same time. If a gang takes control over tank - the next scenario would be delivering it to safe place.

The table has been set up, sides chosen, treachous conditions determined: it turned out I had sun behind my back so enemy models had -1 to hit modifier aiming at my side. This combined with the fact I was choosing table edge (old ruins and hill) meant very good start.

So here's the field of glory: my cellar with gaming table in the middle.
Because of logistic problems this time we played on 4 modules instead of 9 as planned:

Goliath cannibals came from the west - hiding behing deadly plants.
Too bad they haven't been living in the desert for long enough - advancing straight against rising sun is just stupid idea. On the other hand only half of the gang had range weapons.

Orlocks started in the ruins and behind the hill:
the basic plan was using elevated position to pin Goliaths with autoguns, flank them by close range assault group and while everyone are more-less busy: capture the tank.
Yes, Orlocks are veteran mecenaries so they actually had the plan for coming encounter:

Orlocks used tactical advance and solid training (yeah - I rolled better...) to start the game.
On the right: the boss - Bishop together with another ganger and squad medic advanced closer towards vehicle to secure ruins.
In the middle: autogunners moved to get best view on the sector.
On the left: remaining gangers armed with shotguns were trying to get close the Chimera from northern flank. No shots so far. It was quiet... Too damn quiet...

Apparently Goliaths spotted enemy getting closer - they spreaded formation, got even better cover and some of them advanced in cover.
Still no shots fired. Not even envenomed arrow from Pixie's short bow...

The guy closest to the tank at the moment was Haig - Goliath specialist armed with flamer:
his task was either to get inside or cook alive each and everyone elese stupid enough to get there before him:

Orlocks were advancing according to the plan: shotgunners got better positions on the flank ready for another leap next round:

Bishop and Gillian got behind the solid wall while the squad medic moved into ruins - closer Chimera:

While Prozak and Spectre remained on overwatch one of those damn savages - Pantera, appeared at the gunpoint... They both fired scoring only one hit, sadly inflicting only flesh wound. Better then nothing, besides this guy was armed with shotgun and grenades so it would be dangerous to get him any meter closer:

Goliaths spreaded even wider -assault group o the left decided to reach the tank while knife masters on the right moved into ruins to organize some human bbq for the lads.
Da boss - Stiglitz, remained in center supporting team with leadership and autopistol cover.
In the meantime Gillian (that nasty b!tch stading next to my boss) made clean shot straight in the Pixie's head, it was that fattie with short bow and lucky charms, acting as walking shield for Goliath boss.
And probably as reserve supply of fat-rich food if something goes really, really wrong during post battle sequence...

Goliath flamer operator rushed forward to get some cover behind the wreck and oil drums but he was hit and pinned from shotgun fire from overwatch - flanking group was doing their job just fine. The cannibal offensive slowed down a bit, which made me quite happy, a single flamer shot from that position could actually torch half of my men!
Another Goliath full of compassion for freshly hit buddy dived into crater to get better (and safer) shooting position. Autopistol at close range is just killer!
Savages on the hill tried to take down my "snipers" but since the shells have 18" range - all they got was scaring Prozak until measuring was done.
Hmmm... It's rather weird he actually got scared: after all he's not only battle hardened ex-commando but also psycho...
As for main mission objective - my medic just got himself prepared to jump on the tank during next activation. That's right - it's that merry fellow with purple umbrella in the ruins:

Bishop decided to fnish the part: the plan for round was reaching the Chimera hatch under heavy fire cover from both flanks.
Squad medic swiftly jumped on the tank trusting his own life to gang bros. Bishop and Gillian tried to take care of bbq party gettin dangerously close to ruins but those bastards remained well under cover. The best thing to do for now was moving closer the enemy, behind wall to deal with them at close range next round. Shotguns and grenades should be useful...
As the same time autogunners and flanking squad shot all they had so Campbell (dude on tank) can do the job. Some hits were scored but it wasn't such a success I was hoping for:
flamer specialist and one of juves went down but that was just it. All Goliath shotguns remained unharmed as well as fucker with autopistol and grenades crawling in the crater:

After shooting all they had guys on north side advanced waiting for coming retaliation:

Cannibal leader has just realised 3 of his men went down, for one ghastly moment he's been considering leaving the battlefield but passing bottle test (roll of 8 on Ld 8 actually) made the vision of coming victory clear as ever:

Close combat party got in the ruins under watchful eye of the boss. Grenades were prepared - I've just realised I didn't hide my models well enough... *gulp!* 
Stiglitz remained on overwatch in case my leader decides to flee from close combat annihilation. Or do anything silly:

Time for revenge!
3 cannibal shooters got clean positions for taking deadly shots: first shotgun shell easily hit my man on tank blowing his head of the neck. At least he didn't suffer at all. 
And costed only 25 credits + gear...
Other Goliaths weren't such lucky: they were really close but aiming against the sun made them both miss!

One of Goliaths in ruins spotted my boss hiding just behind window so threw there frag grenade immediately. Another Orlock was hiding behind the wall so there was shade of chance to get her too in the deadly cloud of shrapnels.
Grenade missed the target but at such range it really didn't matter - Stiglitz got under template but no wound was inflicted. It was high time to finish the child's game:

Orlock boss recovered from pinning and threw frag grenade behind the window:
there were 3 guys inside but only one was taken out of action, the other got down bleeding to death until post battle sequence:

In the centre gangers advanced opening fire towards Goliaths on the hill:
one of them got down from the first shot which made Pantera flee behind cover 7" away.
Stiglitz realized huge shit hit the fan so he made the best decsion possible: commanded retreat. It would be silly to risk loosing more men in just after the first game of campaign.


The Orlocks won this match. It was fun for both gamers.
It was good to be back to ash wastes after month-long break for Kult CCG, it was also good idea to give a try to some test rules. I hope try some more during next game.

I am also quite satisfied about phots quality - most of pics I took were acceptable and thank to new lights in the gaming spot no GIMP manipulation was needed.
Next time I'll try to take either more aerial shots or close ups, so there's no cellar in the background.
Till the next time!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Pyrkon 2016

Hello again,

This time instead of my personal spam only, I'm bringing some large scale spam from one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) multigenre fan convention in Poland: Pyrkon 2016.
And just like last year and year before - it was a blast: huge event with lots of things to see and tons of attractions for 3 days: interviews with people standing behind the hobby, games, prelections, contests, miniatures, cosplays, rpg, board games... You name it.
From what I heard yesterday about 35.000 - 40.000 participants came to the event this year.

This time it was totally different trip because my wifey (and kid) decided to get on board.
So there were pros and cons:
Good thing was my kid saw even more daddy's toys and got lots of photos with robots, superheroes and characters from fav cartoon and my wifey got assured my hobby friends are not (only) mid-aged degenerates and drunkards.
As for cons - such even was just too big for 4,5 years old kid so we were mostly watching stuff and only for half of Saturday. And because of that there was no wargaming for daddy.
And no drinking after gaming...
And no sleeping under gaming board after drinking after gaming...
With figure case as pillow...
Just like last year...

Anyway - there was also painting contest organized by the Chest of Colors team - I brought "Dagon" Hellhound as large model entry and "Copplestone's finest" as squad. I got 3rd place for the tank and honorable mention for unit - not bad for gaming models especially there were some awesome works this year - you can see some quick shots below but Sławol from CofC was taking pro pics of all entries so I'll try to post the link when he's done with the work.

Hope you like the pics - next time I'll do my best to bring some minis and play a bit Battletech.