Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mutants? Cannibals? Blasphemers? Count me in!

Heya again,

After very short thoughts exchange with mr Floyd Snotling after my previous post I felt a little bit like being face-slapped with a glove. Well maybe not exactly but...
But strong enought to get hooked by completing 500 pts Skarrd battle group challenge!

I can only hope there is a wife and kid waiting for you at home mr Snotling so we both have equally small amount or free time to get some new toys painted =]
Sadly the biggest problem here is getting any Dark Age models at all so I think I will have to import some infantry and maybe something bigger sometimes later...

Speaking of which - last weekend I managed to assemble and base Father and Bone Doc (pinning his thin fucking arms would be impossible without Dremel gizmo) so my warband is now 160 pts strong. Sure it doesn't really matter until they are painted but it's just a start. I hope to get Raze delivered shortly (another 160 pts hehehe) so there'll be only some cannon fodder to be added.

As for the colors at first I was hoping to paint them similar to the original Brom's works: 
lots of browns, oranges and black. This would look nice with strongly corroded metal elements. But then I realised trying to copy someone's idea and brillant execution will probably turn out like crap, so I changed my mind.

Changed it after spending some time painting the commissioned Galleon purple.
I've realised I have never used much of this color and kinda underestimated it. 
And it's probably the best fluff-wise choice for the Father and hs sidekicks. After all it used to be reserved for royality and top priest superheroes (bishops or any other fat bastards). Skarrds are twisted religious maniacs so they should like the outfits.

And since we're at the twisted matter - there's been small progress on the Galleon again. I really want to see the model painted before moving out.
The purple tone was build using VGC royal purple, hexed lichen and Citadel purple wash - several diluted layers of paint over zenithal base coat. Metalic tone is mix of boltgun metal, black, dark brown and some olive. It's going to be VERY dirty model.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dark ages are coming...

What the title said: there are dark ages ahead!
There's a plan to move to the new flat in about a month, which is ALWAYS terryfying experience, but more important (and dark) I broke the new year's vow. Broke is again to be honest:
I purchased the miniature!

The model is Mordred the Damned from Celtos game range. I've already painted another deader from Celtos game range a while back, which was even posted at Brigade Models' site, and Mordred is another cool sculpt I wanted to see painted on nice display plinth.

But it wasn't like I was sitting in front of PC screen and accidentally added the model to the shopping cart. This fella was an addition to Dark Age books!
Browsing forums is dangerous and may be quite tempting. After reading some Dark Age fluff I decided to get some old DA materials for the hobby bookshelf in the new place. I got old Genesis, Evolution, Exodus and Essence. These grimoires are packed with nasty Brom's drawings + some juicy fluff so I finally know something more about Dark Age minis.

The seller gave me nice discount so there was no other choice but getting something new for The Pile*, so here's for story of Mordred.

Last week after having Necromunda game (Finally! A month long break from gaming was something I could barely stand) I brought some Skarrd and Brood models and there's a chance we will give the game a try.
Necromnda is fun but playing just one game for over 1,5 year now is getting kinda boring. Dark Age has really cool and morbid fluff which fits my painting style ...
At this stage I am planning to run small 500 pts Skarrd tribe so there goes the vow again ^^ 

Last Saturday apart from the phone bill the postman delivered something else:
something ancient, evil (according to human standards) and bound to ocean...
Great Cthulhu has arrived!

As you can see below it's an old sculpts and I think according to "modern" standards it's just ugly. Well it is... But I've never considered Cthulhu type of Justin Bieber handsome guy ^^

After a month long waiting the Great Ancient One have knocked at my door (hmmm... Can someone actually knock with a tentacle?). and am very glad I decided to use Father's Day promotion at RAFM site. 
The model is as you can see - big. It's also very old sculpt so there is a lot co complain about casting and more important - assembling. But I am strongly motivated to see it painted nicely standing on large display base. Keeping fingers tentacles for it!

And the last part of this week update:
Works on the Galleon moved a bit forward again. At this point the model itself is being painted rusty browns but here you can see it standing on the second muddy base. At first I wanted to add some more chunks of mud but then decided to hear the client's opinion:
I think the base is fine as it is especially for gaming purposes (apart from the barbed wire not much can fall / break off). When I was pouring the mud on the base I realised I like it a lot.
So much that similar bases will be used for my Skarrds.
Apparently I owe the client a beer - thanks dude! ^^ 

So as you can see - quite a lot of minis are started / being started, hope to present the painting results shortly.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhy R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

*The Unpainted Pile of Shame that is...