Monday, June 12, 2017

Armageddon finally comes

Hey again,

It took a while to assemble something and update the bloggy with, but I guess it's still better than nothing. I didn't expect whole the study project started this year would become such a time consuming black hole.
Hobby time that is.

But the Rubicon has been crossed and money spent so all I can do now it trying to benefit as much as possible on the whole thing, and get it finished the best way possible.

So as for the hobby matters:
a while back Shadow War: Armageddon was released.
I must admit I didn't give a f%ck about it initially, as much as I don't really care about "modern" EE releases. In my book GW released most of their interesting models in ~90's, and later it was just getting worse.
But my trusty old foe is less radical and he purchased copy of rulebook. It turned out new edition made oldie Necromunda rules smoother and more game-friendly (at least that's what he says), so we decided to give it a try. Besides it would be nice to take a deep breath of fresh, toxic air from ash wastes after recent months of Bolt Action gaming.

After browsing gangs available the only acceptable choice for me was Chaos (what a surprise...). Not only because evil armies are usually more cool that goodie-goodie ones, but also because I could base the war party on models which has been waiting for some action for a long time: mostly on Nurgle combat patrol, painted for the contest some time ago.
For cultists I chose 2 scavvies  models and mad cultist from old RAFM line. They fit the group really nicely and are perfect candidates for full member servants ov Khaos.

I am quite surprised until now there was no occasion to test those rotten guys in action, hope Papa Nurgle will be satisfied about their service.
And number of souls they will provide for everlasting Chaos glory (Ia! Ia! Ia!)...

So, ladies and gentlemen: Armageddon finally comes!

And we're back on the ground, in Europe invaded by evil Germans.
Some time ago I added a jeep to my small force - haven't used it yet, but the idea is to arm it with medium machine gun and give it a role of pain-in-the-ass-intantry-hunter.
On the battlefield I often see small enemy units or single characters staggering quite safely - such tinies are easy to hide and often - not worthy of attention of whole units or tanks.
That ends now hopefully.

But at this stage I am trying to get it assembled. While attaching wheels, driver and shooter was not a big problem, installing machine gun definitely is: it's quite small element standing on thin stick and I am quite sure unless I make something up there might be a problem with transporting the piece on the battlefield. Obvious thing would be using pin to connect the gun with shooter's hand, but it might be risky - even using 0,6mm drill.
I am also considering replacnig metal gun with spare placcy from M3A1 halftrack (I have no idea what happened with photobucket - pics are not displayed on blog anymore but they work if you click the miniature.)

Any ideas are more than welcome.

And the last thing - I managed to paint something!
Very small something but it still counts for annual statistic...
Last week buddy of mine opened own office, so I thought I can support him with big bottle of something tasty and self-painted lucky charm. It is said frog sitting on coins brings luck in business.
We'll see.

Thant's it for now, hopefully see ya next month!