Sunday, December 22, 2019

Blood, undead and deep space

Hey again,

Deadcember is nearly over so I am glad I can share a painted deader.
This time it's oldie dire wolf / doom wolf from Warhammer Fantasy (or whatever else it's name is nowdays) range. This one was painted as part of my Mordheim undead warband - which might me finished after wights are painted. Found and painted that is.
The blood I'm sharing is actually for excavation ritual. Hope that works...

Anyway, the model it rather simple:
lump of fur + some teeth and bones but still I had some fun painting it. It's always fun trying to make a piece interesting using mostly washes and pigments.
Still it's more than enough for vampire count's lap dog:

What else?
The last time I've mentioned about painting contest Sherman howitzer was painted for. Since there's still plenty of time 'till the deadline I decided to paint small tank hunters squad from Bolt Action soviet army. I don't use them but that came free with KV-2 tank as tank riders.

Wasn't sure about these models, in fact didn't like them at all at the beginning but after getting them finished and sealed I've changed my mind. They are cool.
I really like the details like the bottle, red stars, caucasian faces etc. Models come with lots of equipment so it's rather easy to change poses to make the models unique.

I also tested using airbrush for painting intantry. Until now I've been using it just for large models. In my case airbrush didn't make work drastically faster, but it was really useful for sculpts which are mostly plain uniforms. Hope you like them.

And there's some more!
Like 2 weeks ago friend of mine brought X-wing game and we had some test playing. I've seen the game like 3 years ago, but back than it didn't impress me much.

This time we had ton of fun with it.
In fact there was so much of it I also got myself a base set (50% promo!!!) and last night infected some members of local Masonc lodge... eee... eee...
Gaming club! Yes, that's right: gaming club...

So I showed the game to some buddies from "the gaming club" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and I'me rather sure the starter box won't be the last word in this matter.
Besides I want to try repainting some ships so it you are into X-wing: stay tuned...

A piece of advice from the beginning pilot: don't drink and fly ^^


Monday, December 9, 2019

M4A3 Sherman 105mm howitzer


Not much motivates stronger to get the job done than painting contest. 
Huzzah! \o/

In the previous post I mentioned about the online contest I decided to participate in and what you can see below (and above) is just finished entry. 
The first entry actually, since I also hope to assemble and paint small unit (there're some greens I want to give a try and soviet infantry seems to be perfect guinea pigs).

Model below is plastic howitzer from Rubicon Models. I chose it to deal with zee Germanz nasty infantry, since it's much more reliable than Sherman T34 Calliope...
The model has been slightly modified:
it's been assembled with all hatches open, so in the front right I added crewman from the Hellcat set. I had to chop it's arms off to make it fit but he's allright now.
Doesn't need arms to sit inside and look around for new target...

As for color choice the general idea was to make it rather bright. 
Wasn't sure about adding the fresh mud, but last weekend friend of mine advised dirty models look more badass than dusty ones so here you go.
Among contest rules there's posting several wip-pictures so you can also see the whole process. Who knows, maybe someone can make a use of it:   

Finished thing - still on the painting station:

And some pics using vinyl background: