Friday, October 14, 2011

Underhive is shaking again!

So Eschers managed to shew off Van Saar patrol trying to rescue their leader and his juve boyfriend last Saturday night and despite I had to roll on serious injury table none or my gangers left battlefield dead. Sadly my opponent still has much better terrains so I suppose tonight I will see his full gang again but you cannot have everything, right?

Speaking of Necromunda last night I finally managed to prepare for painitng based on Valhallan models team: several layers of sprayed paint and I already like these fuckers. I really hope to see these guys done yet this year - true, there are still 2,5 months left but because of the real estate appraisal practice I might not have enough time to job the done.
We'll see.

As for now the gang has dedicated base done + armoured carrier (progress for now below). I am tempted to use some fast and cheaty way to get models done (they are for gaming after all) but I think I like the base too much to put tabletop quality stuff on it.

Anyway the plan for tonight is to kick Van Saars hopefully once again (girl power ftw!) and attach 4 sets of old ruins we use to one of modules. So far 2 are read for sand and paint.
Again - I deeply hope to play games on new table starting next year, so we can finally make battle report.

That's it for now.

5 hours later edit:
I've just came back from another engagement in the Underhive (or more probably - ash wastes) and the mean bitches managed to force Van Saars to run for the hills.
Moveover I got 4 loot counters out of 5 yet I managed to sell them for lousy money...
Also Deco's gangers got BIG experience bonus because of difference in gang ratings. I'll get him another time.
The only thing that worries me is one of my bitches beated leader's Ld stat so there will be the duel in a few days - I rolled shoot out. I deeply hope boss is gonna give goddamn usurper sludge sea swimming lesson and that's it - I hope...

After the game we made serious improvement on building the table: floors of buildings I made long time ago were ripped off and we attached these ruins to the module.
It's still early wip but the next battle will be played on modular battlefield and there's no other way. The last piece will be improvised but we hope to get the idea for it during coming week.
Time for me to prepare my Crackwhores for the next game - cheers!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big stuff comin'

One week and two posts? Woo-hoo!

So first of all today I finally managed to pin probably the heaviest model I had at my place ever: Dark Legion's mezoghoul.
It's out of production for a long time model from Target Games. From what I managed to establish it was made in plastic at the beginning of 90's for Siege of Citadel board game in Mutant Chronicles universe. No idea why was it casted in metal later but it doesn't matter:
I really enjoy painting old, ugly models and I am quite sure this one is probably the ugliest of all:

Another hobby progress was applying fresh mud on display base for new Necromunda gang - based on Valhallan models this time. I think they will use Delaque rules.
Once again I used mix of shiny resin, washes and powdered chalk. Apparently this stuff makes flat surface look like chocolate cake but I think it will be turn out fine when painted models are placed where they belong.
Also I could sprinkle the same mud on the vehicle so it fits whole piece bit better. I am sure some more mud will be applied on whole painted squad.

And the last thing for this post: photo of more-less finished gang transporter.
I am still trying to find proper background for taking photos in the tent other than t-shirt but so far there's nothing better.
More pics will be posted on my tutorials' site soon.

Now I am off for Necromunda game to kick asses of Van Saar nerds!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Embalmed yet I breathe!!!

Heya after long break!

I actually didn't think corpse of this site would be ever reanimated but here it is: embalmed yet it breathes hehehe...

But seriously: combination of not much to do during long hours in the office + bunch of stuff which doesn't fit boards I hang on caused the necromancy decision.

So for starters there's a hope soon I will get some more hobby time - the practice started last year is going really fine and I should finish it this year (with small Cthulhu's help).

Also the articles section of my other site is slowly growing and I am hoping to add at least one more walkthrough shortly.
So looks like that's all for the reanimation post - see you sometimes later.
And below - teaser of the coming article.


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