Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Damn hot summer

It's really hot here!
in fact the weather in Poland is almost always fucked: 
we get short, ultra hot and damp summer and long damn cold and windy winters. True Chaos wastes in the middle of Europe...

This damn weather makes paints dry slower and matt spray varnish becomes satin!
But despite all of these obstacles I managed to find enough power and  inner discipline to sit at the desk and paint. Few weeks ago really nice lady from US contacted me asking about painting 2 models for her wedding cake!

Since she and her fiance are Dungeons and Dragons players I was asked to paint their RPG characters: battle mage and elf scout. None of the models is my "type" of models but it was nice change to paint pair of elves after whole this zombie and Necromunda flood. The commission has just been accepted so tomorrow morning models are starting the long over the Big Pond to their new home in California.

Another comission I've undertaken some few weeks back is the Galleon: mecenary warjack from Privateer Press. As for PP stardards the models is REALLY big but it's still nothing compared to these goddamn garden gnomes I painted at the beginning of the year. Nothing can be painted to these terrorists...

The client has cool vision of the final effect he wants to get which coresponds really smoothly with my idea for painting such a beast: weathering, mud, rust, mud, chipped paint, mud. And some additional mud here and there. The guy likes my Gone Muddin' entry so it's nice opportunity to practice this effect on a large scale piece.

I got the model more-less assembled but it suffered some damages during the transport so I had to re-pin it properly. It wasn't big problem since the model is 95% resin made and this material is no match for my Dremel multitool (I still consider it one of the best hobby purchases ever). So at this stage you can see assembled model standing on one of the bases - I am preparing another one (the big gus has magnets under it's feet). I am waiting for some materials from the client before I slap some paint on the model: it's main color will be purple... Yeah, you read it correctly.
I can try to imagine it but want to see something painted the way client likes before I mix the paint. Until that - Galleon w.i.p. shot:

I'll try to take decent pic of the base itself before sending model back - maybe guys from Secret Weapons will find it useful.

And the last thing - not much hobby related but it's a very useful gadget:
few weeks back I replaced a pc mouse with trackball. Wasn't sure about this device (not much people use this gizmo) but I am definitely satisfied. It's surely recommended if you feel pain in wrist caused my mouse using. I think I will bring it to the office as well - it's also space saver when too much papers appear from nowhere and refuse to go away ^^

Take care!