Sunday, November 18, 2018

M4 Sherman T34 Calliope

Hey again,

It's been a while but real life duties once again did the job and pushed the hobby onto the side tracks. Trying to make things right again decision was made to work on the M4 Sherman model painted over 2 years ago.

There was nothing wrong with previous paintjob but I needed carrier for Calliope missle launcher battery which by bro delivered for the birthday.
Besides there were some other things to test like new paints, Vallejo mud and is oldie airbrush still reliable (it's totally fucked at this moment if anyone asks).

All in all I like the result, looking forward to see it in action - blasting hordes of advancing nazis straight back to Satan! Or wherever else they came from! Ka-boom!!!

Pictures are okish but kinda "yellow" (or maybe it's just the monitor). I might try to re-take them because some pics were taken during works reporting transformation of this into this:


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Great Unclean One

Hey all,

As mentioned before I was working on Great Unclean One model before moving back to Bolt Action stuff and here's the result.

Must say I am very glad to see the big fella painted and crossed off the list but the result you can see below is not what I've been initially expecting. Almost not all.

I've always loved this model - I remember seeing it in the flesh for the first time like 8-10 years ago (?) - that one was painted by Ana from Chest of Colors group. I was simply stunned both by sculpt and painting quality. IIRC that piece was contest model. On that moment I knew I'll get and paint that demon some day.

So I got the model like 1,5 year ago but couldn't find enough strength to start working on it 'till now. It's just fucking huge and packed with details. Sweet, nasty details...
Not mentioning the fact I cannot really see it performing on the game table since I am pretty far from any sort of fantasy gaming nowadays. Although it should be great candidate for mission objective in skirmish games or for RPG - to visualize the final battle between group of goodie adventurers and arch evil thing from the last chater of the campaign scenario.

I had some ideas for painting:
first I wanted to paint it pale, white-ish maybe, so the guts and dark blood contrast strongly with the flesh. Then I wanted to paint it "fleshy" - kinda like more-less healthy skin with lots of fresh, bleeding wounds. But in the end I chose old and quite boring "green zombie" scheme.
The reason is there're some vehicles for US army waiting for painting and I needed to test some unused greens and oil washes (black blisters).

It's good to have another "painting goals" crossed off the list, if would be even better to give the piece amount of attention it really deserves. Oh well - maybe in the next life.   

If there anyone unaware of true size of the model - comparsion shot.
I think anti-tank gun would be better choice than medium machine guns... ^^

And since I've failed to capitalize painted Sherman the time has come to repaint and upgrade it yet before next game...