Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Dug-in Firefly


Recent month was like a nightmare for me. Sadly for non-hobby related reasons.
But life goes on and no matter what shitstorm rages outside the window there's no reason to stop painting stuff. Actually sometimes I think the hobby is one of very few things which keeps me anchored to the reality.
I should probably start getting worried...

So what's today?
Most of my stuff (both related and non-related to hobby) has already been packed and prepared for moving so I don't even want to start a serious project. Instead I've managed to paint some random bits still staggering on the hobby desk.

First one is "recycling" job - it's actually terrain piece for Bolt Action game: dug-in Sherman IC Firefly. This one is or course based on dug-in Panther from Road to Berlin expansion. While packing bits box I've found spare Sherman hull and turret, which were just enough to assemble half on the tank.

The piece was made to practice using oils (lesson learnt: BIGGER CONTRAST!!!) and will be used as terrain piece, mission objective or maybe part of some independent force in the game, targeting anything at sight. Some pics were taken during works - maybe useful for anyone:

Off to moving out...