Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hard week

So I'm typing once again - this time for the last time on January and I must say passing week was definitely hard even though I didn't paint anything, yup - you read it correct: anything.
Which of course doesn't mean nothing was going on in the miniatures hobby!

So first of all - I got the tattoo :]
After 3 months of waiting for the appointment with the artist I finally got inked so Great Cthulhu shall never leave me!
The picture was made in Tat Studio in Gdansk (northern Poland) which it one of the best studios in the country. I decided to hit the 101% professionalists because tattoo is made for life abd I didn't want to risk screwing it by unexperienced artist.
After 4,5 of work the piece is over half done. According to Jarek (the tattooist) there're still ~4h of work. Great Ancient One will get some colors, maybe some more details and there'll be added the island Cthulhu is rising from.
The idea is based on this picture - I've seen it a long time ago but after I purchased album with graphics based on H.P.Lovecraft's novels last year and was it once again the decision was made - it was only the matter of time...
When whole project is done I'll try to write a report about it - I asked guys in the studio to take some pics while working so it might turn out nice :)

As for proper hobby - last week postman delivered Realm of Chaos book. It's rulebook for Chaos army from 5th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle but because Chaos was the first army I fell love into (about 10 years ago? yeah, probably...) I decided to add it to my collection of hobby stuff. After all $5,5 ain't serious expense.

What else? The client accepted Death Guard termies I painted so they've been sent away and thanks to my friend Mahon they got sweet professional photos. Hell, they look now better than I remembered!
Here are some pics if you're interested: termie armed with flamer, slightly converted squad leader (the client wanted to get combi plasmas and combi meltas and there were only 2 in the box), another slightly converted terminator and the picture of the whole rotting family.

And speaking of servants of Nurgle - the Ebay auction I started last week and Chaos Lorf has just been sold - still cannot believe people pay for such toys. But because I like painting chaotic minis and there're still some parts left in my bits box I think sooner or later another evil commander will be painted just for Ebay purposes - money makes the world go around...

And that's still not everything from the hobby area! I contacted a guy from who I purchased some OOP Rackham stuff and even more french goodies in coming to papa right now! Can't wait to see the postman (hopefully tomorrow) because in the parcel I should find some damn cool Mid Nor, Alchemists of Dirz (one or two Aberration clones) and Acheron minis. Santa will come VERY early this year!!!

Not everything spins arount minis so there's another news from the hobby - not related to miniatures: last week I also got Medal of Honor: Airborne PS3 game - I really like games based on WWII events so once again I got the opportunity to kill some nazis.

And the last news for the January: yesterday my cooperation with Scibor at Scibor Monstrous Miniatures has ended.

Seeya in February!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not much done

So another week is just passing by.
Unfortunately not much was done in the hobby area during this time.

I am still waiting for client's opinion about Nurgle Terminators squad I painted so there're no official photos. If I wait a week longer I will take some shots anyway - minis forced to waiting for photo-session are unhappy minis.

Good news is my Ebay account works fine aaaaand I managed to sell Darkson Designs' Zee Germanz!*
Speaking of Ebay - encouraged by last week half-success I decided to try selling another model from my collection. This time it's hopefully something much more bidder-friendly - converted Nurgle lord of Chaos from Warhammer 40k. If you'd like to see how's the auction going - just click here ;)

Last week I had to go to Univ for 3 days (worseluck - weekend days) so I had much less time to paint something than I'd wish but I still managed to create something - not mentioning chaos lord which was painted in 2-3 evenings. I managed to push forward works on small diorama for NQ contest. With a bit of luck I will finish the base next week. I also recieved PP model which will be turned into the pirate. I regret I didn't spend enough time working with greenstuff - I'm afraid the converting will be pretty hard task if I want to do it well and, hopefully - win anything.

There was also one more nice "hobby thing" which happened to me: yesterday mailman delivered model painted for me by Elvers for Chest of Colors Mini Exchange #3 - you can see the model here but I will surely take new pics of it.

That's it for now - see ya next Sunday!


*still waiting for the payment though...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busy busy week!!!

Yet another weekly hobby summary:

Past 7 days were pretty successful for me if speaking about hobby matter.
First of all I managed to contact with one of my painting Grand Masters - Jakob Rune Nielsen himself (!!!) and after exchanging some emails I'm quite sure he will be the one who paints the last of my Redemptionists - after I screw all but one gangers the painting commission shall be placed.

I also found a pretty successful source of OOP Rackham models. So far I painted only 1,5 minis from that company but there are still models I'd love to have in my collection - even if I won't paint them for a long time. Therefore box of Mid Nor Incubi and Hydra Warrios should be delivered on Monday.

Lasy weekend I also put the first auction on my (rather unused...) Ebay account. It's definitely no special paintjob (German Geneticists from Darkson Designs) but I have MUCH more minis to get rid of so I hope this will be good way to make some room in the glasscases.

I was also pleasentry surprised when I learnt my Dire Troll Mauler was published in No Quarter #28 magazine - it was my entry for Ghostly Visage Painting Challenge (it's the badass on a top of the page). Unfortunately if didn't win (was just put as honorable mention) but I have an idea for the next NQ contest and hope to finally win it. The basic construction of the base for my entry was built yesterday. I am taking pics at every step so if the final effect is nice - I will try to write an article about it.
And speaking about articles in No Quarter - I was also informed my text about creating display bases will be published in May/June so another small step was made into direction of the land of fame and huge money! :p

The last weekly achievement was finishing Death Guard Chaos Terminators for the client. The varnish is drying at the moment and I hope to send pics to review this evening. Official pics will be take after client accepts the paintjob.

That's it for this Sunday. See ya next week.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 log #2

Hello again,

I'm writing again so the blog hasn't died yet.
Last week was pretty successful at hobby matters:
First of all I chose colors for my Redemptionists gang (Necromunda). Moreover I even tested it on 2 gangers!

The plan is to make display base for the whole gang - that's why models are still unbased. I want to make sth like large mosaic base (jerusalem cross for example) which can be part of temple of Redemption in the Underhive.

What else?
My recipient recieved model I painted for Chest of Colors Miniature Exhange #3 (attached photo). The model is Boyar champion from Sciborminiatures. If you want to get mini painted all you have to do is registed to CofC site and wait for Mini Exchange #4 :)

I also managed to paint basic colors on 3 Chaos Terminators of Nurgle (commissioned models) and converted lord chaos - also from Warhammer 40000 which probably will be kicked out on Ebay.

Last week I've also been working on the artile which might appear in one of coming No Quarter magazines (Privateer Press)> I'm still waiting for the contact from guy responsible for NQ submissions.

And last but not least - on Thursday I recieved old Chaos armybook (1994)!!!
I purchased this thing for almost nothing in MINT condition - the box was still sealed!!!
One more evil grimoire to my collection!!!

That's it for now, hope to update the thread next Sunday.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So here I am...


My name is Piotr (aka demi_morgana). I've been in the miniatures hobby for many years (since the beginning of 1997 I think).
Since that time I painted lots of minis and played many different games. Unfortunately nowdays I cannot spend on hobby as much time as I'd like because of home duties, 2 jobs and postgraduate studies...
But last weekend I realised I don't have my own private space in the internet so I decided to give this blog a try.
I'll try to post here some of my new painitng creations and some other hobby stuff I do (articles, tutuorials, ideas for tasty drinks...) and I'll also try to post stuff unavailable on other sites/forums to which I am registered.

During my time spent on hobby I painted many minis as comissions so if by any chance you're interested in placing such commission - just let me know.