Monday, March 28, 2016

Copplestone's Savages (Necromunda Goliaths)

Looks like it's another blast from the past.
This time - gang of Savages once again from under Mark Copplestone's sculpting tool. The reaction for previous, post was a big surprise for me: didn't suppose so many people are still into those oldschool sculpts. Which is very motivating - especially because I still have large stringbag full of EM4's sci-fi line minis. And another gang in mind...*

Anyway I was asked for pics of other oldies from the collection so here they are.
Models were painted quite a long time, but I think they are still solid gaming unit. In fact they were my second Necromunda campaign gang before Scavengers-Orlocs were painted.

For painting I chose natural colors - I see these guys as nomads living in the ash wastes, fighting for each every scrap of clean food, water and ammo. And weapon of course! There's only one autogun in ths group.

As for gaming itself - it kinda dropped (hope that's the correct word) during the passing month. And the reason is grim, horrific and supernatural: KULT collective card game.
The game has been distributed in Poland in late 90's, not sure was it very popular but I sure knew some players. But that time I wasn't into card games at all so I missed my chance. Recently I spotted internet auction - guy was offerting boosters boxes for pretty affordable money so we go ourselves decks and joined eternal struggle for human souls.
I might have mixed feelings about card games**, but Kult's setting is just brilliant, really fits me. That's just it.

Hope you like the minis - also hope the next time I can bring something new.
And don't forget - reality is a lie... ;-)

*That will most probably be Genestealers: goddamn GW finally released something cool enough to catch me into the shopping trap. New plastics are sooo great I just can see mob based on them + more nasty models from time, when most minis was metal: hormagaunt pets and hive tyrant pulling all the strings. 
** Miniature wargems are just waaay better.


  1. Dude! it's Angry Anderson (circa 'Beyond Thunderdome')at the back with the shot gun. Now thats old skool!

    1. I still got that movie - on VCR, that's oldschool! ;-)
      And in my gang this guy's name is Pantera - badass shotgun sharpshooter.

  2. these look really great. Its a shame most of these minis aren't available from EM4 any more.

    1. I've just noticed that =/
      I'd contact Doug about it - maybe he can get new minis straight from the caster, just like in case of Moonraker minis?

  3. Wooow!! Those are cool! They all work great, but the whole band is awesome!

  4. Thanks dude!
    You can expect the battle report coming shortly...

  5. These are fucking awesome! These Copplestone sculpts are really great post apocalyptic minis & their really affordable too!

    I like the texture on your display board too, could you tell me the recipe?

    Cheers :)

  6. They are - Mark Copplestone did brilliant sculpting work! :)
    If you mean the board models are syanding on this is just fine sand sprinkled on white glue layer - that's it, these "rocks" is just cat litter I added to sand.
    FRESH cat litter, straight from the bag to make it clear ;)

  7. Wow, Photobucket is going all out reminding us not to use Photobucket. Nice paintwork.

    1. Heh, yeah:
      lots of us, painters, keep tons of warm feelings about Photobucket and it's policy...

      Maybe it's just high time to take new shots of these minis 🤔😉