Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Copplestone's Scavengers (Necromunda Orlocks)

Hey again, long time no see.

It's been a while since my last blog-spam has been released but life issues (learning + surprisingly much more work recently) managed to drag me off the painting desk. Yup, apparently that b!tch real life doesn't get along with hobby life.

But that makes me even more happy I finally managed to finish old project - another Necromunda gand, this time Orlocks based on supercool Copplestone's sculpts.
Apart from the leader (dude with red t-shirt) models are EM4's scavengers line. Even though they were released long time ago, painting these models provide ton of fun: they have lots of character and are packed with juicy details.
Besides I played many games (several Necromunda campaigns) using those beauties, so there's additional nostalgy factor in my case.

As for the paintjob - I tried to use natural tones and keep everything simple. Color for minis and bases were chosen to fit the battlefield - we play in post nuclear wastes after all.

Pics were taken late night - I think they turned out bit yellowish (got no idea where this damn hue came from, maybe it's the matter of my monitor? Or my sick yellow eyes?) but everything looks more-less like in the flesh. I'll try to get them re-done shortly.

Hope you (and the sculptor) like it!
Click the pics for close-up :)


  1. Brilliant, just brilliant, some of the very best (if not the best) copplestone gangers I've seen so far.
    I'll get back on those to get some ideas for future projects.
    Wonderful job here mate.

  2. Thanks mate, thanks a lot!
    I agree - these guys look really cool standing together. Sculptor did great job on them.

    In fact I sent him the pic - hope to get some feedback from the Master... ;-)

  3. I have always wanted to get these, and have held off. Your paint jobs got me rethinking this, very inspiring. Those are some gorgeous paint jobs.

  4. Cheers guys!
    I can definitely recommend those sculpts - painting them brings lots of joy and thank to all nice details painting doesn't get boring after dozen or so minis.

  5. Always loved these fellas. Especially the fella in the bowler hat and gas mask. I thought these were originally Grenadier sculpts?

  6. More-less: all those (from what I know): Grenadier, EM4 and Copplestonecastings are MArk Copplestone's sculpts.
    Models I painted are now easily available from EM4 or Mirlton.

  7. I picked these up from EM4 last year. This is really inspiring to get them painted up!

  8. Walking corpses .
    Nice paint job BTW. :P

  9. Brilliant work on some really nice minis :)

  10. Copplestone's Finest indeed! I got these from Grenadier when they were released and I've been a Copplestone fanboy ever since.

  11. Cheers!

    Mr Copplestote also likes the paintjob... 8-]

  12. Excellent stuff. I have a sealed Grenadier pack of the two dudes on the far left. I always planned on using them for a post apoc Necro campaign as well.

  13. Go for it!
    Aaand stay tuned for some more post-apo classics from me coming shotyly! ;-)