Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eeeew!!! There are 2 worms in my post!!!


Finally I can paint something for my very own display case.
And that's because mr Eando Kline has been finished and the model is on the way to it's owner right now. As for the commission: my version definitely differs from Derek Schubert's, and don't think I would ever try to compare myself with that guy, but I like the result achieved. So does the client which is all that matters here.

Painting this piece was fun - first because Eando got dedicated display plinth, so he can comfortably rest after coming back home from thrilling adventures*. Second - it's always fun to paint something other than zombies and mutants (on the other hand I cannot wait to finally come back to my zombie dragon project).
Anyway here's the guy - the gallery has been updated.

There's another gallery update coming with this post: Cankerworm. 
As mentioned before the model will be auctioned OR will be a prize in Battle for Hope Warmachine tourney on December 7th - 8th in Ft. Worth, Texas. I thought because the reason of the event is laudable, my model should be something more than just another gaming piece. Besides I got another opportunity to use one of remaining resin bases from not that far past, when Plinth Country was still alive.

The model turned out dark - that's probably the reason most pics taken turned out rather crappy. And that's also reason I took the pictures using different backgrounds. The juicy orange on oil drums was made using real rust powder, that stuff looks really nice straight from the box or mixed with powder chalk. All you have to remember about while working with powders is either to apply some turpentine to prevent powder from falling off, or to spray the piece with varnish. Here's the worm:

And the last thing for this time.
While I was finishing Eando I sent an email to the client with some work in progress shots. Waiting for the reply I found some spare junk, which was supposed to be used to upgrade my modular battlefield. The battlefield is more-less done (the construction part only that is) but it would be just a shame to waste such a nice pile of junk. 
So I thought it's time to make my painting desk bit more organised and shortly after that (and after some lovely drilling time) my very own paints rack was spawned. 

Which means there have been 2 pair of racks posted in the whole history of this blog. The thing is getting pure pr0n...

The rack was just pinned and glued. It's not supposed to be nice looking but maximum practical and fitting the limited space on my desk. I think I might give it some paintjob sometimes - black and yellow warning stripes a'la Necromunda seems to me good idea... On the other hand everything related to Necromunda is good idea ^^
If I ever decide to make another I will take some step-by-step piccies, there are some things I'd prefer to be be done slightly diffrent (and better - let's be fair) but that doesn't matter now - it's not a damn beauty contest.

Till the next log!

*And yeah, to compensate the client whole delay caused by my moving.

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