Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chronopia Myrmadon / Necromunda mule

Hey all,

It's been a while since I contributed anything to the hobby but I guess sometimes life issues just cannot get easily overcome. I think I got used to painting Bolt Action stuff which somehow brings nice results in quite short time so decision was made to work on something else - to take some rest from painting olive green on each and every model...

On the very bottom of my pile ov shame there was old Blackblood Goblin Myrmadon model:
I've never played Chronopia, this piece was part or stuff won in local painting contest long time ago, when I was still in high school. I've never liked it, personally I think the game was just some sort or mistake and whole the effort put into miniatures range could've been used for spawning more Warzone models. 

I thought the miniature could become cool piece for Necromunda game: there's always need for objective markers. Besides it could be decent pack animal - just like brahmins in Fallout.
So old paint was washed off and some stuff attached onto the back: oildrum, some wooden barrels, guns and ammo bags - basically spare sh!t from the hobby box.

Painting is nothing striking - models is supposed to fit gaming board and my gangs. We play in post-apo desert after all, so this determined choise of colors. Metal plates and the load provide nice contrast so yeah: me happy.
So without further introduction - the beast:

And because a month without related to Bolt Action is lost month: 
last night we played quite challenging match - 1200 pts strong bad nazis vs 600 pts US boys and their 600 pts strong alies: German democratic opposition.
The scenarion chosen was Double envelope, all in all it was draw but I must say I got seriously pissed several times. Like when allied Hetzer was knocked out in the very first turn, even before moving. My bro definitely underestimated skills of Panzer IV...

On the other hand my bazooka team turned out to be huge pain in the panzer-ass of my opponent so I think I next time I might field another one, maybe instead of sniper team.

The game was the first occasion for me to see results of dipping technique in the flesh. My brother had nothing in common with the hobby for like 15 years? And just for gaming purposes he gave dipping a try to paint German heer. I didn't expect much but results appeared more than satisfying:
1. for gaming purposes only (painting is fast, easy and paint is totally damage-proof),
2. for someone with almost no painting experiene at all.
I'll try to take some pics as soon as he get's more of the swarm finished.

Till the next time!


  1. Oooh yeah I do like that model, and your painting of it is just perfect. Hobby envy right here.

  2. Yeah, that'd fit right in with Fallout for sure! Great beast of burden :)

  3. That's one messed up cow! Excellent choice of colours - very natural.

  4. Cheers all, I am blushing like a virgin ;-)

    It was great to come back to ash wastes and paint something for post-apo gaming, sadly don't think there's any Necrmunda game ahead, Bolt Action is just better fun =(

  5. This model was sculpted literally in the next room to my own in old TG's office in Edinburgh:)
    Very nice painting too.

  6. Congrats, you lucky bastard...
    My whole knowledge about Warzone back days came from Mutant Chronicles printed in Magia i Miecz (also - your articles :) )

  7. Thanks dude, as for models:
    the older - the better! :)

  8. Such a great job on that beast. Looks terrific!

  9. Cheers mate!

    Next stop: Mercurian Matulator!
    (that old one of course...)

  10. Whoa. I have this beast lying in my corner for ages and never knew what to do with it. Making it a postapocalyptic beast of burden is a great idea. Unfortunately, it is gone now so I have to come up with something else :) I'll probably still do the same, it just looks too cool.

    1. Hehe, cheers dude!

      Let me know if you ever need it's goblin riders - I have them all and no use for those lil'bastards :)

  11. Demi, could you tell me me how you paint these bases, in detail? Thanks!

    1. Hey, it's quite simple: I've been using more less the same color choice for a while, only paint proposrions differ:
      - base is sand (clear)
      - then I cover it with slightly diluted brown: mostly charred brown, here it was probably something brighter,
      - when the base tone is totally dry I drybrush it first with medium frey and then bright grey or white OR it I want warmer effect: medium bone and bright bone instead of grey,
      - again - when colors are totally dry I glaze the base with diluted umber wash (it's light brown wash, supercool imo) or/and sprinkle some dry pigments on the base to get "dusty" look (quite sure I did it on myrmadon)
      - spray varnish and voila :)

      Hope that's what you were looking for.