Monday, February 5, 2018

Middlehammer 2500 pts Undead army


Recently I came back to painting oldie Undead models - those from the very beginning of my Warhammer adventure (mid 90's that is). 
While digging through the remains of the collection lots of warm memories woke up in my corrupted brain. Warm enough to make me start another long distance painting project.

Back days I've managed to assemble and paint 2500 pts Vampire Counts force (based on 5th WFB edition rules) but shortly after last model was finished my gaming group fallen apart (bloody bastards... ><) and whole thing found new home through Ebay miniatures adoption center.
Now I really regret that step, because the army contained some models hardly available now. Available for decent price that is.

Anyway after paitning Nagash I though it would be nice to see fully painted army of the restless dead once again especially after browsing oldie Undead army book.
The big plan is to bring 2500 pts army, based on tournament rules (no special characters, 50 pts magic items limit etc) to existence.
First thought was to give it shape and colors of Undead force from Dark Omen game (which was supercool), but I think I'll rather try something more colorful, something more into original Undead army book.

And yeah, I want to raise Undead force, not Vampire Counts, which means there'll be carrions, mummies and hopefully chariots. I've never fielded unit of mummies but always loved the idea of these shambling, flammable monstrocities.
And the pyramid standing in the middle of "medieval" Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Necromancer Town was sooo damn funny!

So without further introduction here's the basic shape of what I am hoping to see in the end.
Hoping, because part of models is yet to be hunted. 
Final shape of the army surely will be evolving during the progress but here's the starting list, including magic gizmos:

  1. Vampire Lord, Carstein Ring, Black Amulet, Blade of Ensorcelled Iron (495)
  2. Necromancer, Dispel MAgic Scroll (93)
  3. Skeleton warrior x22, inc. standard bearer and musician, Banner of Defiance (302)
    Wight Champion, heavy armour, Parrying Blade (60)
  4. Necromancer, skeleton steed, Dispel Magic Scroll (99)
  5. Mummy x10 (450)
  6. Carrion x4 (180)
  7. Chariot, scythed wheels (76)
  8. Ghoul x15 (120)
  9. Skeleton horseman x5, inc. standard bearer and musician, lance, light armout, shield, Doomrider Banner (305)
    Wight Champion, skeleton steed, lancem heavy armour, shield, Ring of Darkness (84)
  10. Screaming Skull Catapult (74)
  11. Wraith x4 (300)
And for good start I managed to paint pair of oldie carrions (90 points in total!).
I still have mixed feelings about this unit: gamewise is't ok, the drawing in WFRP book is cool but as for the sculpt - you gotta love old/middlehammer to field it I guess. Apparently do so...
I am still not sure about ghost riders wearing bright rags, but I think it provides nice contrast to rather boring mounts:

See you next time!


  1. Well, of course sculpt wise they are what they are , but I really like them, nice job.

  2. They look good - it’s nice to see undead in something different. These are almost like monks robes.

  3. Middlehammer nostaglia strikes you too. Undead was my first fully painted army, and it was quite similar to your list above, though I had zombies rather than ghouls. So looking forward to your adventure.

  4. Lovely work on the Carrion!

    It will be really interesting to see how your midhammer force comes together. Oddly I've been perusing my old 4th/5th edition rulebooks too!

  5. Cheers guys!

    @Steven: yeah, I've been was wondering for a while what was that sick idea behind concept of these models. I mean: I totally get reanimated birds of prey but who the f*&k is riding them?
    Midget-zombies riding dead pterodactyle???
    Coke must've been really great back days...

    @Forgey: thanks mate!
    Deaders were my first love in warhammer. Dead=good!
    I regret in 90's minis were extremly hard to get here.

    @Rich: this 4th/5th stuff is just way too fool just to be abandoned!

  6. These are very nice and I want to see more!

  7. Good work and good luck with the rest of the army!