Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lord of the End Times ready for battle!!!


Hey again!

We have another (really sunny and warm) Sunday so what can be better way to spend such day that sitting home, painting minis and updating blog? ;)
During last week there was a progress in my hobby industry to without useless introduction - let's start!

Last week I finished building the first model for my Necromunda fun-gang. I know power armours don't fit Underhive well but it's fun project (probably only...) and moreover - plastic is much easier to convert than bare metal.
So the guy you can see is either degenerated marine who managed to keep only arm and head armour OR (more fluff-wise) some cultist/ganger who found still working parts of power armour and thought he will make better use of them.


The whole "plague-gang thing" also became part of Tale of Gamers project. Once again Chest of Colors provides fun :)

Last week postman delivered 2 more members of the gang - oop metal plague marines. I really like these metal parts so they will be only slightly converted. As I wrote - I have a heart for these sculpts. Another idea for gang member is cultist turned into plaguebearer - I wanted to put rusted and severly damaged parts of power armour on the demon but the metal sculpt really doesn't want to cooperate with me - yet...
I also got another oldie plague marine but this one will become Chaos Champion and will be put on Ebay - hopefully soon.

The big achievement of the week was finishing the Nurgle Chaos Lord based on Archaon model. It took ~week to paint whole thing but it's ready. Initially the plan was to convert it into WH40K character but then I thought character for Warhammer Fantasy will be:
- easier to convert
- easier to sell (let's hope for it)
That's correct: model has been hanging on Ebay since last Friday and lets hope new owner will find the piece until next Sunday. If by any chance you'd like to see my Archaon in your collection - just click the link ;)


As for minis news from PP range - I learnt NQ pays for publishing articles so I hope to edit mine as much as I can to see it printed :) Too bad I didn't know about these requirements when I was starting writing so I wouldn't have to browse thru whole this thing again. Oh well - it's valuable lesson for the future.

I also got the theme of the next painting challenge: this time it's sth reallt in my taste although very challenging:
the task is turning non-cryxian model into thrall. It might seem easy but when it came to choosing models - shit got pretty thick although I already have one or two ideas for this project...

That's it for now - take care and seeya next weekend!!!

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