Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another week - another 2 minis less on The Unpainted Pile

plague juve

Heya all!

The time for every-Sunday hobby spaming has come so I lets do it fast - there's Twin Peaks on TV in 40 mins ;)

So first good news is Mr Archaon, called by some Lord of End Times, has found new home! That's great news because I was pretty worried about Ebay-powers of these large models but apparently I was wrong. That also means I can paint another mounted model - lord of Khorne or Slaanesh maybe - we'll see!

And since we're speaking about Nurgle - my Tale of Gamers project slowed down seriously but I managed to convert cultist based on ork from Assault on Black Reach (?) box - it has flamer implant and nasty terminator axe so I think you'll like it. After all everybody like flamers!
For this one I used oil drum from Tamiya - quality of the details is stunning as well as low (compared to GW) price. That makes me wonder what makes people to buy GW stuff in stores - I've realised long time ago than except for second handed stuff and auctions there's no reasonable way to get these minis.

Another achevement was choosing another gang member for the cult - it will be ghoul from Mantic Games - I got the free sample on Monday. I wasn't sure about these minis but when I opened the envelope I was shocked: quality of sculpt is just a dream!!! I actually still have to choose 2 more gangers so I might even use both ghouls recieved - they are brilliant! Can't remember when was the last time I got mini with so much character.

The last GW thing in this update is Plague Marine champion finished today - unfortunately pics are pretty weak and somehow I couldn't force myself to re-take them...
Anyway the figure is finished and because I already have this version of Plague Marine it was put on Ebay 15 mins ago - let's hope another mini will find new home and possibility of ripping Space Marines apart on battlefield!

plague juve

But there was more than just GW on my painting station last week!
I managed to paint model for NQ painting challenge - I turned vassal of Menoth into mechanithrall hehehe... It was a bit tricky but I can assure you there's no better fun than chopping off arms and head of ugly model ;)
Let's just hope the paintjob, conversion + crossed fingers will make this piece a winner. When I look at the photo I think model could be executed better (smoother paining on the skull for example) but I was informed guys from NQ like it anyway so think I can consider the thrall finished. Hope you like it!

Last week the mailman brought me NQ#29 - this was really cool but apparently someone responsible for shipping put wrong issue to the envelope so I got #29 instead of #30 in which my entry for Salty Dog was printed :(
Oh well - let's hope sooner of later I'll get the proper magazine.

Anything else? Actually yes!
Today I started assembling Rackham troll I got from the Mysterious Miniature Supplier ;) I only started because I realised it won't be easy - there's LOTS of gaps so I'm gonna remember this piece for a looong time...

I was also forced to change painting station and I am still getting used to it. It's less comfortable than previous one but I can close it so there's no chance any of my cats steals my brushes ever again ;)

Ok, Twin Peaks has started so I'm off - see ya next week!

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