Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Warzone pig party: tekron and kadavers

Heil Algeroth!!!

Pyrkon is over so we can go back to the blogging routine.
Just before going to the event I finished oldie tekron model. As it was written before those old, ugly farts can really appreciate a bit of attention and fresh paint.
Sculpt itself is just damn ugly but after the painting was done it was immediately promoted to badass boss for the campaign game.

No boss, no matter how bad, can operate without trusty servants:
especially master of necrotechnology and Dark Harmony.
I have most of oldie Warzone zombies but recently got 2 missing ones: kadavers. I've never have occasion to field them when I was still into the game - stats amd rules were nothing special and models are just crap. Horrid even for my classics standard. But such animated corpses they fit tekron quite well. Besides they are quite funny: one with brain exposed and other with skin tissue ripped off the back. Necro-funny ^^
Also I also tried new green / brown camo pattern but definitely prefer khaki (will use it on necromutants squad).

And the family picture.

Oh, and the last thing about Pyrkon painting contest: SÅ‚awol did just great job and managed to take great pics of all pieces displayed on the contest: if I remember correctly there were 65 entries!
Nurgle daemon beast (whatever) was just stunning - as well as others - check all the models.
Of course there was also group shot ov da winnerz: try to quess which of them is good ol' always positive as hell Demi ^^
Thanks all for great fun: organizers, judges and painters who dragged their precious toys to the spot. Hope to see at least some of them in 2016.


  1. Hi!

    Utterly fantastic work on the Dark Legion gubbins! The Kadavers are indeed awful sculpts but you've managed to make them look good!

    I do wish Warzone still had such character!

    All the best!

  2. Cheers dude, there's more "utter crap" ahead:
    mercurian maculator, immaculate furies - 4 different models and even more for later! ^^

  3. Bring them on Demi. I like the way you painted those brains.

  4. Thanks mate, painitng brains is always fun :)

    2 more toys are ready for pictures so soon Warzone pervies should be happy again...