Monday, October 31, 2016

Big boys like thick bushes

Yup, they definitely do:
thick, tall, providing proper cover against enemy soliders.
Since the last post I've still been waiting for Artizan US infantry and decided to spend that time to prepare battlefield for WW2 themed game.
A while back I gave a try to wire based tees but the result wasn't exactly was I was hoping for (here's for anyone interested). But I learnt the lesson and managed to bring up some more vegetation: set of trees, piece of hedge and single bush.

Making that is nothing innovative, the best thing I've learnt is preparing own sponge for the vegetation: grinding it, painting and so (quite a lot of this stuff goes for vegetation so it's nice to have self made, cheap alternative). As you  can see on the first pic the scale is scaled for 28mm scale gaming: base is solid, there's lot's of space to move minis around the trees, all's been sealed with spray varnish so neither sand or sponge falls off.

Below you can see final result - as mentioned before it's made for gaming so there's no trash on the ground. All in all it turned out the hardest part was finding proper wire for the trunks.

And here - US paras preparing death trap for zee nazis:

Before first tree was wired I tried new sponge on smaller obstacles - result is just fine for gaming purposes. And making it is easy as fuck, I mean apart from waiting for PVA  glue to dry making that takes easy evening, having beer and watching The Stain.
The big plan is to prepare several long lines of hedges so make roads in occupied France really deadly.

Yet tonight I've managed to boost monthly painting statistics by finishing 3 more Warzone necromutants.
Just like the last time I wanted to get the best result within the shortest time. New necro-trio is ok for gaming but as always when I am trying to paint moer than a single model the quality suffers. But they fit rest of the team nevertheless. 6 or 7 more and I am done with this unit.

And speaking about good old Warzone - we're finally managed to play another match: Dark Legion vs Capitol. Once again 1st edition rules were brought on the battlefield and again we tested updated cost of units and equipment my buddy (and one true foe) prepared.

Playing this game is always fun - brings back the memories. This was unique because the special guest star I brought: biogiant himself. I must say this fat bastard was fielded only because I wanted to see it in action at least once before placing the model behind protective glass od display cabinet.
I mean, come on! It's pretty tough and has 5 wounds but with such massive posture it's a bullet magnet from shooter standing at almost any place of the battlefield. It's damn slow and his shotgun is just crap. I didn't expect it to survive longer than 2 turns but it not only survived the match but also did some killing!
2 Capitol's free marines were cut down in close combat and one more taken out from shooting. So apparently I owe some apology to tekrons who brought it to existence.

I managed to take some pics from the game - I had to place biogiant on the bunker because there was no other free space in my deployment zone for almosty 4" round base.
I hope mercurian maculator will be much better candidate for big beast in my army ^^



  1. Thanks mate, cannot wait to test new stuff in the field :)

  2. Lovely terrain and boards, colour me green with envy.

  3. Great stuff with that terrain, mate!


  4. Thanks dude, really hope to finally play on green battlefield instead of Ash Wastes ;-)