Saturday, September 16, 2017

Zombie bust

Hey again,

At the end of previous post I mentioned there'll be zombie coming.
So here it is.

I must say it was great feeling to take a break from painting all this Bolt Action stuff (no matter how cool the game itself is).
As for choosing the model I know I wanted to paint something from fantasy range (let's be frank: demon or deader in my case) and while checking the unpainted resources I realised about last winter I got resin bust from Trovarion's range (you can also get the models and learn more about his whereabouts on Facebook site).

As for the sculpt - it's just fucking sweet: flawless. Model comes in 4 parts and you can paint it like straight from the box. Definitely worthy hobby-investment, Demi-appvoved.

The idea was to paint it more-less natural and believably. 
Flesh ain't THAT rotten so armour is not lumps of brown and orange textured rust. I imagine this dude as (pretty) freshly buried knight or noble, now called from it's old grave to serve Dark Master once more. Like wight from Warhammer Fantasy range. Something.
Photos taken straight on my painting station are bit too colorful for a self-respecting zombie, but every time I try using black background colors ger burnt and models is just blurry. I can smell bad mojo in the air. And poor photo-skills.

Anyway I had lots of fun painting this bust, hope to drag some more deaders from the pile ov shame sometimes to expand my restless legion. The piece will probably end up in my office, with some luck part of potential clients should get scared away and leave me alone doing my shit. Hope you like it. And always remember: dead = good...



  1. That's simply amazing. Both skin and metal left me jaw-dropping. Congrats!